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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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1 hour ago, Glen-i said:

Also, you mad man, did you do that XV quest by yourself!? I know Prowlers are broken and all, but geez.

Hehehe. :hehe: I’d like to say that I did, but no. Turns out it wasn’t a requirement to unlock that weapon, when I checked the armoury after our online session, the maxed out Silverwind Star was suddenly on the list! So it must have been the quest you guys helped me with. :cool: 

1 hour ago, Glen-i said:

At least you don't have to break Raging Brachy's horn to get your best weapon for fighting multiple monsters in one quest...

Yeah, Sword and Shield has it rough sometimes.

If you ever want some assistance just let me know. Likewise @S.C.G, I seem to recall you were still needing to collect some items too, I’d be happy to help out. :) 

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