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A lot of people speculating that the massive amount of awards Smash got in TGS 2019 was the moment Disney started to take the idea of Sora in Smash more seriously. And then Sakurai met one of the heads of Disney at said awards by chance and suggested it.

Isn't that funny? A similar happenstance event to how Kingdom Hearts was conceived in the first place.

Anyway, can't download the update until tomorrow.

Sakurai has some serious clout behind him. I wonder if any other developer could inspire such confidence from third parties. I doubt it.

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Welp, one last chance to make this joke.

PS All-Stars's roster has more than twice the characters pictured above, and it's still an utter joke in comparison!

And that's why I think Sakurai's reputation was the key difference between the two. Companies trust him with their IP's. And he's more than earned that trust throughout the 3 latest Smash entries. And to think that rep all started with his close friend, Hideo Kojima, asking him to put Snake in, and then Sega jumping on board once they found out third parties were allowed in Smash.

Who knows when, but there will come a time when he has to stop running the Smash team, and I'm fairly certain there'll be a drop off in third party interest in response to that.

Anyway, Sora Character Night is this Saturday, reserve your spot on the online thread if you're interested.

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Ummm... This is oddly specific!


The more reptiles in Smash, the better.

EDIT: I'm suddenly reminded of that newspaper article that actually mentioned that K.Rool got into Smash.

How the hell has that croc got more media coverage in 3 years then in the entirety of the 90's?

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On 10/12/2020 at 5:28 PM, Hero-of-Time said:


It's time.

Couldn't help but notice this when I was going back for another post I'm making.

Wonder how he feels about that now.

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When Fighters Pass 1 ended, I asked you lot how you ranked the three main aspects of it: Characters, Stages, and Music.

Well, it's been a week now. Time to rank Fighters Pass 2!

Here's a link to the last time I asked people this, so if you want, you can go back and remind yourself of what you said last time. And you can transplant them to make a big list of 11 if you fancy it or changed your mind

Oh, and if you haven't got Fighters Pass 2, it might be worth mentioning that, so people know that your opinion is based on fighting against each character.


11. Joker - Don't get me wrong, Joker is fun. The Rebellion Gauge and Arsene are fun to play with. But I just don't gel with the nimble, weaker characters. I have the same problems with Sheik and Greninja. I like spinning around with the gun in mid-air though and finishing a match with his Final Smash is really satisfying.

10. Byleth - If Joker is like Sheik, then Byleth is closer to Ganondorf. And I suck with Ganondorf. Despite that, Byleth continues the trend of more interesting Fire Emblem Characters that Robin started. They also have the best Smash personality out of them, surprisingly. I laugh whenever they get Star K.O'd and scream "My battle ends heeeeerrrre!" Great in free-for-all's, not so much in one-on-one's.

9. Min Min - There's no denying that Min Min brings a unique play style to Smash, the main ARMS mechanic works really well here. So despite the fact that I'm utterly woeful with her, I have to put her above the previous 2 because of this. I'm always for wacky fighting styles in Smash.

8. Kazuya - Considering how much I like playing as Ryu and Terry, I was quite surprised at how stiff Mr. Tekken was to play as. He might be a bit too technical for me, and I main Shulk, so you know that's a problem. I still can't remember which diagonal direction corresponds to which attack. Add some command inputs on top of that, and I'm back at the age old fighting game problem of not being able to remember all those moves. It just makes me feel clumsy playing as him.

7. Sephiroth - Wahey! More villains! Quite the famous one too! His stupid long range is balanced out nicely with his endlag. He feels quite intimidating to fight, but not so OP, that it's not fun to do so. I also like his Side B, clicking at people never gets old!

6. Pyra/Mythra - Quite a few plus points with these 2. They're more interesting than Rex would've been, their old-school Zelda switching makes them quite adaptable and because of that, Mythra is the first nimble character that has reasonable options to score some KO's! Mythra is crazy fast, to boot! Overwhelming opponents with her is a lot of fun!

5. Steve - By far, the most technically impressive character in Smash! He's also easily the most unique. Characters come to Smash to play Smash. Steve, on the other hand, came to Smash to play Minecraft. There's quite the learning curve with him, but he can be absolutely devastating in the right hands. Loads of fun! His sucky aesthetic is also quite funny!

4. Terry - Terry makes me smile, his silly Engrish is a constant source of entertainment and like Ryu and Ken, pulling off the button inputs is an interesting mechanic in Smash. Especially his Super Special Moves, because not much feels better than successfully asking someone if they're OK and then punching them in the face. BUSTA WOLF!

3. Sora - Just when you think Microsoft was gonna hog all the "impossible" picks to themselves, here comes a kid in clown shoes to blindside you! An odd mix of Rosalina's floatyness and Bayonetta's combo-centric gameplay. He's a lot of fun to use and is quite easy to do well with, thanks to the amazing air game he has. The costumes are nice and varied too! Just fantastic all round.

2. Hero - You haven't lived until you've had a Hero menu fight. Seriously, they're so stupid and that's why I like him. Ridiculously versatile with what you can do which opens up so many strategies. Plus, Hero makes the hardcore competitive Smash player really mad because of the RNG he sports and that's just great. I'd probably play better with him if I could resist the urge to select Kamikazee whenever it appears...

1. Banjo & Kazooie - OK, sure. I know I'm usually not one to let nostalgia cloud my judgement, but come on! Banjo was the impossible Smash character once Microsoft bought Rare, and yet it happened and they feel completely in place here. Banjo's voice makes me smile, so I'm glad they blatantly reused the N64 sound clips and it's nice to finally have an official HD Banjo model that doesn't look ugly as sin. They're the Brawl character we almost got and it'll take something truly amazing to outdo that reveal.


11. Northern Cave - All spectacle, no substance. That background is nice and all, but there's no obstacles here at all. It's a bit plain.

10. Hollow Bastion - Same problem as Northern Cave, but at least the background changes when the match is almost over. That stained glass art Kingdom Hearts has is still really nice.

9. Yggdrasil's Altar - It's a traveling stage, except it's not really. Apart from the occasional Mimics, there's not much going on here. Nothing wrong with a simple stage, of course, but I do like my chaos. Background is gorgeous though, a crazy amount of work went into that. I went into Training Mode just to watch it a bit.

8. Cloud Sea of Alrest - Another pretty simple stage, The size of the stage does subtly change though, so it's not totally static. This only beat Yggdrasil's Altar because of Azurda commentating on things that happen during the match. There's a lot of dialogue there.

7. Spiral Mountain - The spinning stage is a neat mechanic for Smash which subtly changes the layout of the stage. Pretty neat. And the attention to detail in the background is impressive. Not too crazy, but it still feels somewhat unique. Just don't ask how the bridge manages to vanish.

6. Garreg Mach Monastery - This makes perfect sense for a traveling stage. But what's interesting here is that every stop is a walk-off. That conveniently gels well with Byleth. I like the Marketplace area and the fact that every time you go inside, you break the ceiling. Pity the poor guy who has to fix that. Plus they managed to sneak that Gatekeeper everyone was making memes about in there. I laughed at that.

5. Mishima Dojo - For a flat stage, the breakable walls and ceiling make things a lot more interesting as the stage constantly changes as it breaks apart and reappears quickly. Surprisingly dynamic stage here.

4. Minecraft World - 4 different layouts help to keep this fresh, but they all have permanently breakable blocks, which makes it interesting as the stage steadily gets reduced to it's base layout. It's a cool idea!

3. Spring Stadium - Man, those jump panels are great! So much comedy from those alone! Even the items bounce around! The two ceiling beams can make for some surprise survivals as well, which always keeps things interesting.

2. Mementos - I was pleasantly surprised by this stage. The shifting walls and ceiling make you change your strategy on the fly and the train that travels along the bottom provides a lot of entertainment. But the best thing about this stage is the aesthetic. Using the awesome Persona 5 UI as inspiration was... Inspired. It looks great! Especially when it changes colour depending on what song is playing. Very stylish and very fun.

1. King of Fighters Stadium - 3 words... Invisible, breakable walls. It's such a small thing, but it changes so much about the stage. 8 player matches are insane here! A stage that feels truly unique in the massive selection Smash has. Massive kudos here


11. ARMS - I don't like the soundtrack in ARMS. It has one decent song, the main theme. The rest is all really forgettable.

10. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Soundtrack - This is a good case of why it's not always a good idea to rely on straight rips. FE: Three Houses has a good soundtrack, but the songs here mostly don't work in Smash. And just to prove my point, the only remix it has is my favourite song here. I suppose you can use other FE songs, but I like to make sure no song is on more than one stage, so all the Three Houses music is on the corresponding stage. A shame... But hey, at least Tetris 99 technically got 3 songs in Smash now.

9. Persona Series - Similar to Three Houses in that there's mostly rips. Persona has a pretty unique soundtrack as far as Smash goes though, and it fits better. I'm not super keen on Persona songs though. All that said, Aria of the Soul is an amazing song and it has an amazing Smash remix!

8. Tekken Series - 39 songs is pretty great, but I don't like most of them. 6 songs stand out to me here. That said, it is saved by Yodeling in Meadow Hill. But it also loses points for not having High-School Love, it probably would've placed higher if that masterpiece was in here.

7. Minecraft Series - 7 songs is not a lot, but at least they're mostly remixes (even if it's out of necessity). Halland/Dalarna is low key one of the 5 best remixes in Fighters Pass 2.

6. SNK selection - Technically, this batch has a lot of songs that I don't like that much, but on the other hand... 50 SONGS! You're bound to find something you like here. It's also really nice that it's not limited to Fatal Fury/King of Fighters. There's some other games sneaking some songs there and they're my favourites here. Special shout out goes to the Psycho Soldier remix, which is a joy to hear.

5. Dragon Quest Series - I know, it's all rips, and it's all synthesised. But Dragon Quest's music is pretty iconic. Adventure and Wagon Wheel's March are triumphant tunes that I adore. The only dud I'd say this has is Dragon Quest XI's world map theme, which just doesn't hold up compared to the rest. It's also a shame that it's limited to 4 DQ games.

4. Kingdom Hearts - Much like Dragon Quest, it's all rips. But at least Disney had the respect to not lump Smash with inferior versions of songs. The big thing holding this selection back is that it's all songs from the original game. Even if you have to avoid songs from other Disney franchises, there's plenty of great songs from all the other games! Still, at least the best song, Destati, is there!

3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - This game got a few songs in the base game, but they weren't what I would've picked. Thankfully, this pack fixed that problem. You really can't go wrong with ACE. That medley in particular is really great! Some would say that Xenoblade X getting shafted is a bad thing, I see that as a blessing in disguise.

2. Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children - No-one's gonna disagree that the paltry offering FF7 had in the base game was flat-out insulting. They weren't even that good as far that soundtrack goes. Thankfully, Sephiroth saved us from despair with a finally good selection of tracks. Even some Smash remixes in there as well. Nice to see Square finally buck up their ideas. Also, Advent Children is there with an alternative One-Winged Angel, and two tracks of random noise for some reason...

1. Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie - This could have easily fallen into the trap of using mostly rips, but nope, loads of remixes. And they're all great! And Smash finally gets its first Western composer in Grant Kirkhope. I love almost every song here. The Freezeezy Peak rip is a bit out of place in Smash, but that's all the negatives I can say. Spiral Mountain and Mad Monster Mansion are the highlights here.

All in all, it's hard for me to say which Fighters Pass is better. The second one has the better batting average with characters, but it's stages are not as fun as the first pass. The music is hard for me to decide which one comes out on top.

I'm happy with both of them though!

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Oh yeah, I remember the ranking. I'll update mine as well. I'll keep my previous thoughts in italics:

  Characters (Hide contents)

11.Pyra/Mythra - *siiigh* I do not like these two. I do not like them one bit. I don't like to use either of them. I don't like that one of the elements of Pass 2 was a Nintendo franchise that already had a character in the roster. I absolutely hate their designs. Spiffy&Miffy stand as legit candidates for my most disliked characters in all of Ultimate.

10.Joker - Look, I don't care much for Persona. Sure, this was a shocking, bombastic reveal... but that's it. The character itself isn't that hot, either, especially with his stupid projectiles that bypass projectile counters (as if Palutena wasn't bad enough). At least his Final Smash is dope, probably the best, and his win screen changing with the music in his own stage is a nice touch, too.

9.Banjo - I'm not a Banjo guy, never played his games in the N64, but boy did I feel happy for his fans when he got revealed. Wholesome trailer, that was. The character itself is a tad too projectile-focused for my liking, but I do like his cartoony animations, as well as Wonderwing. The win screen where he and Kazooie play the victory theme is wonderful, too.

8.Sora - His inclusion mirrors my thoughts on Banjo, really. I'm more happy for his fans that anything else. I'm only putting him higher because he's more fun to use as a character. I ultimately still felt happier with Banjo's reveal than Sora's.

7.Steve - I'm not a Minecraft guy, but holy shit, what a crazy character. I did feel that we needed another bizarre, WTF kind of character like Mr.G&W, and there he came. Now, I don't like using him, but I gotta respect the moveset and his entire implementation

6.Byleth - Some say we have a too much Fire Emblem representation, I say we have very little GOOD representation from that series (4 characters with similar playstyles and little reference to their original games? Lucina being an echo? No Hector, Lyn or Ephraim? CORRIN?!?), but Byleth managed to satisfy, actually bringing FE's weapon variety to Smash. Quite the achievement, too, considering Byleth him/herself is the least interesting part from that game. I do like slow-but-powerful characters, and Byleth is super fun in that regard.

These days, I've been using him less, but I still think he's fun, and I'm still happy with his moveset... Even if I find myself sometimes wishing he'd be a Pokémon Trainer type of character, commanding the House leaders :heh: But that wouldn't be a fair assessment of him.

5.Min-Min - I was happy to see an ARMS character make it, that's a franchise that deserved to be thrown a bone. The character herself is really fun too, changing up gameplay considerably, really forcing one to think more tactically with a shorter moveset. Sad that it wasn't Twintelle, but Min-Min is nevertheless an excellent addition to the roster.

4.Kazuya - Tekken, baby! Get ready for the next battle! It can be a smidge frustrating to catch the opponent, but his laser makes his moveset come together. Really like the moves he has in common with Tekken, and how satisfying the sound effects are. My main gripe is that... I don't actually like Kazuya as a character. Had this been Jin Kazama, he would've been Top 3 for sure.

3.Sephiroth - Mother of God, what a get, one of the most iconic villains of all time. Legitimately the hypest moment of Pass 2. Dude just styles all over, and while I don't jive with his moveset much, it's still pretty great. (He is pretty OP though, plz nerf)

2.Hero - Hell yeah, Dragon Quest! I'm sure this forum has more knowledgeable DQ fans than I, but I was ecstatic to see this respectable series making it to Smash. While I wanted Erdrick, what we got... was Erdrick, yeah! Plus 3 other guys, which is cool, I like using Eight for casual chill bouts (and seeing DQ1 Erdrick in the Final Smash is good enough for me). And of course, what a character to use, his Down B makes this some of the most fun you can have in Smash! It's practically a whole new mode!

1.Terry Bogard - You knew this was my favourite. I legitimately think Terry is a true gaming icon, and seeing Sakurai do him (and SNK) justice was just wonderful. He got all of his classic moves in (even creating a Back-B just for him), the ability to pull off BUSTAH WORF relatively easily... this character is heaven to play (and totally one of my trio of mains). I think what I liked the most about Terry was how readily the smash community accepted him, and collectively joined the Terry Bogard fanclub. Makes me happy, seeing justice being made for best boy.

(Fun fact, I'm currently undecided on whether Hero or Terry should be my third main.)

  Stages (Hide contents)

11.Spiral Mountain - Like I said, not a Banjo-Kazooie fan. The spinning mechanic is half-neat and half-dizzying, and that's really all it has. No, I don't care for the numerous lost souls that Banjo-Kazooie apparently had all along.

10.Yggdrasill's Altar - As far as a DQ stage could go, this is pretty tame. I personally wanted a battle screen, where DQ monsters would often appear. What we got is not bad, either, what with the chests and changing layouts, just... not as good as the rest.

9.Mishima Dojo - I love the detail on the breakable walls, and it is fun in battle royals, but the stage is otherwise unimpressive. The aesthetic is too dark, too, and the excessive amount of dust and debris doesn't help. I swear, I liked it better in Tekken 3.

8.Spring Stadium - Cute stage, fun stage. I just think it's bland, visually

7.Mementos - Cool layout, cool hazards, cool cat noises, and cool synergy with the music. No complaints here, the aesthetics were easily the best part of the Persona DLC.

6.Northern Cave - I love the look of the reimagined FFVII ending, and even more, I love how this stage plays in a competitive environment. It's a layout that we needed. The background can feel like too much visual noise at times, but that's my only gripe.

5.Hollow Bastion - It's a lot like Northern Cave (even the competitive value), except I have no connection to Kingdom Hearts. But I can see a fully realized dungeon in the background, alongside beautiful waterfalls, and near the end we see varied, eye-catching murals for a change of pace. I can appreciate all of that. Furthermore, the colours and contrast are much more pleasant on the eyes.

4.Minecraft World - I'm surprised with how much I enjoy this one. I like the random layouts, I like the block aesthetic, the occasional background events... It's a really fun, versatile stage.

3.Cloud Sea of Alrest - As much as I disliked Spiffy&Miffy, I actually kind of love this stage. It's the Skies of Arcadia stage we never got, and I like it. Plus, fighting on top of a giant dragon (that moves his neck!) is always going to be awesome. God, I wish Grima from Awakening had been a stage!

2.Garreg Mach Monastery - Remember what I said about Fire Emblem lacking GOOD representation? Look no further than the crappy stages FE has had up to this point: generic battlefield with statues (?!?) and lava; an Arena Ferox that bears no resemblance to the actual place in Awakening (where is all this clockwork machinery coming from?); and a generic Coliseum (technically accurate to the series... but super bland. Also, why the clockwork machinery again?). Finally, we see a stage representing an actual place, with actual set pieces, and actual character cameos. Call me biased all you want, this was the best part of the Three Houses DLC.

1.King of Fighters - Breakable walls, KOF cameos and SNK music, oh my! I get excited every time I see the likes of King, Yuri and Blue Mary cheering in the background. Even guys like Rock or Yamazaki, they're great to see. Plus, let's face it, this is the only DLC stage with a mechanic so good, we want to see it retroactively applied to other walk-off stages.

  Music (Hide contents)

11.ARMS - The soundtrack has basically one tune that got remixed several times. It's repetitive, and this needed more new mixes (specifically, the kind that actually feels transformative).

10.Dragon Quest - I guess this one's here by default. As much as I like Adventure and War Cry, them not being the best versions of themselves hurts the score (haha, puns).

9.Kingdom Hearts - I like Yoko Shimomura, but I don't find KH music memorable. It's great to hear, but I forget it right after. Coupled with no remixes and that one track that's locked behind another game, this is as far as those 9 tracks get by themselves.

8.Xenoblade 2 - I enjoyed this soundtrack a lot. I think there are very few remixes, but that's ok, this is already pretty good.

7.Three Houses - A shame there's only one remix, but the Three Houses score is pretty delicious on its own. Also, Fódlan Winds, 'nuff said.

6.Banjo-Kazooie - Jolly tunes, varied genres, lots of good remixes, and zero complaints from me. I wish we could use some of these tracks in other stages.

5.Minecraft - I was very surprised at the variety, and even more at how much I enjoyed all of it. The scary track, the silly track, the soothing track... Yeah, if nothing else, Minecraft music fits like a glove with all of these Nintendo universes.

4.Persona - Persona music is super slick, not gonna lie. Mass Destruction has been part of my videogame playlist for years prior to Ultimate. Plus, this and Donkey Kong seem to be the only series in which Sakurai allows for any jazz.

3.SNK - Psycho Soldier. London March. Pasta. Let's go to Seoul. Oh, and 46 others. Really feels like SNK wanted to play catch-up when it came to representation. The only regret is the lack of jazzy tunes (even Stormy Saxophone got somehow de-jazzified), but with this selection, who can complain?

2.Tekken - Move over, SNK. Tekken brought their A-game with all the hard hitters from each entry, and even a remix that somehow improved "Moonsiders", already a sublime track. I can think of some omissions, but that's minor stuff.

1.Final Fantasy - I am a basic bitch, but my God, we needed One Winged Angel in this game. The remixes of Aeris' Theme and Cosmo Canyon are sublime, too. Really, excellent fix for the gap that Final Fantasy had. I wish we also had music from the rest of the series, but... this was already pretty good.

Overall, I enjoyed the first pass a lot more than the second one. The first one felt like a whole new world came with each character, while the second one felt like it was covering gaps, to the point that half of the characters belonged to franchises that were already in Smash.

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I didn't get FP2, so half of these opinions are based solely on playing against the 2nd set of characters and stealing their abilities as Kirby. :p Previous rankings in italics:


11. Steve - Wrong on every level. :mad: I don't care how bloody popular Minecraft is, aesthetically it is absolute garbage and therefore completely out of place in a highly polished game like Smash Bros. Ultimate. On the plus side, whenever I'd encounter the character online I had fun continuously destroying his little workbench thing. :laughing:

10. Byleth - Too Much Fire Emblem! Seriously though, there was simply no need for another Fire Emblem character, not when the Fighters Pass was such a golden opportunity to further expand the Smash Ultimate roster with still unrepresented video game franchises. Fun to play as, sure. But the same (or similar) moveset could have been used for a more deserving character I reckon.

9. Sephiroth - No history with this character and I really don't think Smash needed another Final Fantasy rep (unless it was a Chocobo :grin:) while there were still completely untapped franchises out there.  

8. Pyra/Mythra - Nothing in particular against these characters but again, Xenoblade was already featured in Smash, so I would've preferred a new 3rd party (or a less recognisable/safe Nintendo) choice instead.

7. Sora -  Not familiar with this one, but I get that it was a big deal for many people and also a significant challenge for the Smash Bros. team to acquire. Having said that, from my perspective this is basically a third (non-Chocobo) Final Fantasy character which Smash didn't need. :heh:

6. Joker - I have no history with the Persona series (outside of a spinoff that I played briefly on PS+ one time) so yeah, this character also meant nothing to me. But at the very least he is a true newcomer to Smash, so fair enough.

5. Min-Min - A sensible 1st party choice for once! Obviously a natural fit for Smash and from a previously unrepresented game to boot! She's probably the most unique of all the DLC characters too.

4. Terry - Finally, a character I'm at least familiar with! Would've far preferred the SNK rep to be Mai Shiranui, but what can I say... I'm not a good boy. ;) 

3. Kazuya - Wouldn't have been my personal pick for a Tekken rep (I'd have chosen Law or Hwoarang, even Panda :hehe:) but it's cool to see the series join Smash regardless. His Final Smash and 10-Hit combo probably still need a serious nerf though! :laughing:

2. Hero - Although Dragon Quest isn't a series I've ever been massively into, I have played a few of the games here and there, and I definitely understood the desire for DQ representation in Smash, it's a huge deal after all. Not overly fussed personally, but at the same time I can't/wouldn't complain about this choice.

1. Banjo & Kazooie - This was a solid choice for the Fighters Pass. Lots of people wanted them and they have history with Nintendo, so yeah, a great addition to the roster. The best reveal trailer too. :D


11. Minecraft World - *vomits profusely*

10. Garreg Mach Monastery - Too Much Fire Emblem.

9.  Northern Cave - A lot going on in the background of this stage, but to be honest I just find it distracting.

8. Mementos - Pretty boring stage I think, in both layout and presentation. The occasional cat meows are actually the best thing about it.

7. Hollow Bastion - I imagine this is really cool if you're familiar with the source material, but I'm not, so it ain't. :heh:

6. King of Fighters Stadium - +1 point for the breakable walls. But loses 2 points for not featuring Mai. :laughing:

5. Mishima Dojo - Definitely prefer this stage's take on the breakable walls thing, them being visible before impact helps make it all the more spectacular.

4. Spring Stadium - Spring-loaded edges, item delivery drones and the possibility of getting meteor smashed off the ceiling! :D Good stuff.

3. Spiral Mountain - It looks nice and it spins around, not bad.

2. Cloud Sea of Alrest - It looks really nice, and it has a dragon thingy that can completely mess up your recovery just by turning its head. :grin:

1. Yggdrasil's Altar -  It looks really, really nice. I love the little treasure chests that appear too, and how they can sometimes be traps. And anyone that's played my custom stages knows just how much I like stage elements that can be unpredictable, or "fight back". :hehe:


11. Minecraft - Admittedly not as much of a mess as its visuals, but not far off. Completely generic and uninspiring all the same though.

10. Kingdom Hearts - Nothing really stands out for me with these tracks, pretty forgettable.

9. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Soundtrack - Too Much Fire Emblem.™ :heh:

8. Final Fantasy - Weak sauce. Considering how much amazing music there is in the Final Fantasy series, what they ended up with in Ultimate is so disappointing. :blank: Where the goddamn Chocobo theme at!? :mad:

7. Dragon Quest Series - Fantastic music, but crappy implementation.

6. ARMS - Somewhat repetitive but I quite like the ARMS soundtrack. Simply cannot forgive the omission of this though. :shakehead

5. SNK selection - Quantity over quality really, still some great stuff in there though.

4. Banjo-Kazooie & Tooie - Upbeat and fun, lots of remixes as well which is always appreciated.

3. Xenoblade 2 - Some phenomenal tracks in this set! :o Almost makes me want to check out Xenoblade 2, which after getting so severely burnt with Chronicles X, is no mean feat. :heh:

2. Persona Series - Wow! Amazing. Absolutely amazing! :bowdown: The first track alone is enough to win it. I just love funky Acid Jazz! :bouncy::yay: There are some major duds in there too, but the good stuff is just way too good. Could only be topped by the miracle of Ulala somehow getting in on the Vol.2 Fighters Pass for some Space Channel 5 goodness. Or...

1. Tekken - Surprise surprise, a long-running fighting game series has excellent hype generating music that fits Smash Bros. like a glove. :cool: A generous amount of tracks too.

Looking back now I'm really glad I didn't purchase the 2nd Fighters Pass. And while it is a bit of a shame to not have the complete version of Ultimate, I'm happy with the base game and some of the DLC at least.

Speaking of... shout out to the only DLC announcement (other than Stage Builder) for me to ever get excited about during a Smash Ultimate Direct, the Goemon Mii costume! :D


Gutted that it was only a Mii costume (no music track either, which is just crazy!), but I guess understandable given the current (and very unfortunate) circumstances of the Goemon series. :sad:
The Bomberman and Cuphead costume reveals were cool moments too, but seeing "Goemon" finally arrive in Smash Bros. made this old fart very happy indeed. :)

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It is done! 11 minutes!

First of all, thanks to @Dcubed for stitching the four videos together and adding some... interesting quirks to it. And for that thumbnail. That is art!

OK, let's take my time and get this right.

The Soras are:

@Glen-i as KH1 Sora (Red Shorts, yellow shoes, stupid grin in UI that you just want to slap)
@Ike as KH2 Sora (Mostly black outfit, has yellow straps around thighs and a red pouch, looks over his shoulder in UI, it's the outfit in the above thumbnail)
@Dcubed as Dream Drop Distance Sora (Equal parts red and black outfit, looks to the left in UI)
@BowserBasher as Timeless River Sora (Monochrome, sticks out like a sore thumb)
@S.C.G as KH3 Ultimate Form Sora (Mostly white outfit, black tiger stripe shorts for some reason, looks straight ahead in UI)

Also featuring:

@Ugh first aid as Rosalina & Luma
@Sprout as Sephiroth, Kirby, and Cloud
@RedShell as Cuphead and Duck Hunt Duo

It was a hilarious night, and while this may be the last time I make a video for a character based night, it won't be the last video I make in Smash Ultimate. I'll probably restrict myself to only saving videos that I know have hilarity in them to save my sanity.

Anyway, a more standard Smash session at 8pm, this Saturday if anyone is interested.

EDIT: LOL! If you go to the actual YouTube page for that, it's been automatically tagged as having footage from Kingdom Hearts III. (It certainly does not)
Like I said, it's official canon now!

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Top-notch video @Glen-i & @Dcubed! :bowdown: That Sudden Death montage. :laughing:

Great comedic timing and nice use of camera angles too. I'm always impressed by stuff like that, knowing how cumbersome the editing feature is in Ultimate. Just the fact that you need to manually convert replays to video was enough to put me off ever really using it. :zzz: No rewind either, which obviously doesn't help. And worst of all, no custom stages allowed.

I do hope they keep the feature in Smash Bros. going forward though, just with a lot of improvements. :hehe:

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2 hours ago, RedShell said:

Top-notch video @Glen-i & @Dcubed! :bowdown: That Sudden Death montage. :laughing:

Great comedic timing and nice use of camera angles too. I'm always impressed by stuff like that, knowing how cumbersome the editing feature is in Ultimate. Just the fact that you need to manually convert replays to video was enough to put me off ever really using it. :zzz: No rewind either, which obviously doesn't help. And worst of all, no custom stages allowed.

I do hope they keep the feature in Smash Bros. going forward though, just with a lot of improvements. :hehe:

This is why most of mine end up being from the standard camera view. I don’t mind the converting to video part but the fact that you can’t pause or rewind that makes it annoying. If you want certain parts in the video using different views, you have to either get it all done in one go changing the view as you go along or make multiple replays. To make that 11 minute video must have taken either a lot of planning for the angles to be done in one shot, or many many converted replays. 

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30 minutes ago, BowserBasher said:

To make that 11 minute video must have taken either a lot of planning for the angles to be done in one shot, or many many converted replays. 


While I'm doing the initial conversion, I'm actually keeping a close eye on any moments that I feel need extra attention with a dedicated angle, write down when they happen, where they happen, who they happen to, and any notes telling me if there's a Final Smash beforehand that will reset the view.

Then I convert it again without the UI, which means I have to manually keep time, and prepare the camera in the correct place before hand (But not before a Final Smash happens because that resets the camera, annoyingly).

Because there's no way to rewind replays, any shot that involves me having to move the camera is a nightmare! I try to avoid that whenever possible. That moment when @S.C.G wouldn't stop throwing the barrel down took more then a few attempts!

The pitfalls of how replays work really. It only saves the button inputs, so it takes up a lot less space then a proper match video would. Still, I'm glad Edit Video is a thing. Helps me make a more professional looking video all in-game. It's really fun, if a bit cumbersome. I hope it sticks around for future games (with improvements, obviously)

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On 1/9/2019 at 3:33 PM, FalcoLombardi said:

For some reason I recently became interested in Nier Automata. Anyone think that those main characters have a chance of making it in as a DLC character? There's the Platinum and Square Enix connection. And I'm hoping that a port of that game is coming to the Switch soon.


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Matches will consist of two-stock bouts lasting five minutes, with items and Final Smash meters turned off. Stages will be limited to Omega and Battlefield versions only, with stage hazards also turned off.

How very dull, I think I'll stick to our Saturday Smash games where anything can happen, and usually does.

But good luck to anyone that does have a go.

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