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Bayonetta 1+2


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Buried in the onslaught of Bayonetta 3 news which just dropped, it was just announced that a physical edition of the first Bayonetta will also be coming later this year:

EDIT: According to Business Wire, this seems to have a release date of September 30th in North America, but based on the above tweet I'm not sure if that also applies over here. 

EDIT 2: okay, looks like it's coming to Japan on September 30th too. I'd imagine it's the same story for the rest of the world then? Which makes how vague the above Nintendo UK tweet is a little confusing. 

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A physical Switch release for the original Bayonetta?

Only about five years too late... I sold my Special Edition a while ago, so now I just have the original game in digital form.

Ah well, I still have the physical version of both games on the Wii U... for now.

Anyway, good news for anyone who wants to own all three Bayonetta games physically on the Switch.

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