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Secret of Mana Remake (PS4/Vita)

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Bought it regrettably. 

My advice, don’t use the remastered soundtrack (they tried way too hard to jazz it up and added more instruments and notes) and the voice acting is...not great. Only a little bit in but Randi is very flat. 

I’m probably one of the few that won’t slate the graphics though. They’re simple and safe and different from the original 2D, but perfectly serviceable 

I didn’t realize it from the screenshots but the minimap is actually the original graphics. I figured it was just a comparison photo stuck in for press photos originally. 


On the other hand the shopkeepers dance has been fantastically preserved through the remastering. Enjoy this low quality gif. 




edit, fuck me why can’t I figure out how to embed a fucking gif anymore?! Will BBcodes work?! I’m old and crotchety and miss vbulletin. 


nope...don’t care. Off to play and drink. 

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