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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2017

The Mole

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OK, the votes are in, let's begin this lengthy post.

First of all, here are the results for the Hero votes.

Each Vote for the Hero of Light will add 5 points to that person's GP3 score. On the other hand, each vote for the Hero of Darkness will subtract 5 points from that person's GP3 score. So here are the votes.

VdUksbw.png          pYNEIK0.png

Oh, I'm not telling who voted for who. It's up to that person whether they want to keep it secret or not.

As you can see, it was remarkably close on both accounts. It's not completely clear who came on top of either category, but trust me, someone did. So let me make it clearer.


With 2 votes and no Darkness votes, congratulations to @Kaepora_Gaebora! You're a stand-up bloke who everyone would love to have on their team, if only to use you as a shield...

Other people who ended up in this category are @RedShell and @Dcubed. Way to go!


Sorry @martinist, not one person on your team thought you were an asset. If we were playing Four Swords, you'd be that jerk who takes all 4 of the damn Treasure Chests and then throws Purple Link down a hole for giggles.

Other jerky people who weren't as bad but still got caught were @punio75 and @BowserBasher.

Anyway, time for some insignificant categories.

Heroes of Neutrality

@Clownferret and @S.C.G just couldn't decide whether they wanted to be a jerk or a saint. They ended up with the same amount of votes on both side, effectively cancelling out their scores.

Heroes of Insignificance

 @Nicktendo and I were so ignored, we got absolutely no votes what-so-ever. Yay?

With that in mind, here are the results.

Black numbers indicate Points earned through placings. Blue numbers indicate points gained through team wins. Green numbers indicate points gained from Hero of Light status. Purple numbers indicate points lost from Hero of Darkness status.




And here's the table.


A combination of new/re-entries and those delicious bonus points have shaken things up quite a bit. Of particular note is @BowserBasher, who has dropped to being on level peggings with @viceview51. As well as @RedShell storming ahead after my absolutely atrocious showing this week and @martinist overtaking @punio75. @Nicktendo has made a remarkable catch-up to second place and could cause a serious upset before the League ends. @Dcubed also managed to make some significant ground to overtaking someone.

We're halfway through my December Death Themes, so here's next week's theme.

Next League Night: 14th December 8pm


Group 1 @BowserBasher is host






Next week's theme doesn't really need an explanation, it speaks for itself. From vehicle setup to rule combinations, nothing about this makes any damn sense!

Sign up now!

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Quick highlight at @Dcubed's expense. (He's on the left)

Anyway, here's the results.

wRFBai6.png          CcJ0u2Y.png



And here's the current League Table.


Not much to say here this week. Except that @RedShell wins the "Didn't make a damn bit of difference" award this week. But given his high average, that's quite remarkable.

So next week is the grand finale, to both my December Death Themes and 2017's League. The results look pretty much decided. Nothing short of an utter madman could disrupt this flow. Wait... Who's running the League right now? Ah... Well, isn't that a shame?

Last League Night: 21st December 8pm


Room 1 @BowserBasher is host






No, the picture hasn't glitched up, there will be 1 GP this week. But with a big massive twist.

You think you know the tracks in Mario Kart 8 by now? Well, we will see about that. This week's gimmick no-one asked for is Backwards Racing. Everyone will be reversing throughout the entire night. You go forward, you come last. I will know. Don't even try it.

And you thought 50cc was slow.

Here's a little maneuver that you will need in order to get through this.

Pulling this off is simple, just hold the brake and accelerate button at the same time and turn, you'll spin on the spot.

Another key thing to remember is that holding X lets you look behind you. No doubt important when driving backwards. You'll also need to think carefully about items, not every item is going to help you here.

The tracks are all possible to do backwards without ever going off course, I made sure of that.

Remember the golden rule: All progress must be done backwards. I will check MKTV afterwards, I've got nothing better to do.

Sign up Now!

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Wrong Rainbow Road
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