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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2017

The Mole

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17 minutes ago, BowserBasher said:

Absolutely terrible for me. I swear that game needs friendly fire. I’m sure I was taken out by my team members way too many times. Yeah, team game is a no from me. 

Strangely enough, there is some friendly fire going on. Red Shells and Blue Shells don't go for your own team, Lightning, Bloopers and Piranha Plants completely ignore your own team as well.

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2 minutes ago, Clownferret said:

I loved the team format, even though my team were shit. MK League night is back on my radar.

Oh yeah, I agree. It adds an interesting dynamic, as well as giving lower placed players a shot at raising their average.

Expect to see it pop up now and again next year.

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