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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2017

The Mole

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7 minutes ago, BowserBasher said:

Not sure. Since we didn’t get second GP results start again. 

Yeah, redo the GP. Sorry @punio75

EDIT: Well there you go! You still won a race. Funny how things work out!

DOUBLE EDIT: And then I come last, that's what I get for being nice...

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Righto! Here's the League table!


Everyone give a big welcome to @Blade, @Sméagol and @Vileplume2000 can fake a happy welcome if they want, no-one will think less of you. I know @Nicktendo has been absent 3 weeks on the trot, (I think he was graffiti tagging Canada or something) but he said he'd be in this week, so I won't bother taking him off the table for now. 

@RedShell barely maintains his lead, but lost his 4 week Top 3 streak. A whole month is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Just try not to punch any babies in the face. My lead over the rest of the league also shortened. @punio75 and @martinist swap places again, make up your mind already!

Here's a useless tidbit, @BowserBasher, despite taking part this week, had no change to his average score what-so-ever.

Anyway, here's the next theme. Let's face it, this week, there's only one Switch game people are talking about and I'd be mental to not base this week's theme on it.

Next League Night: 2nd November 8pm


Room 1: @BowserBasher is host






That's right, it's...


This week's theme reflects the hectic gameplay of the classic board game that no-one ever wants to play. Well, hopefully, this night won't take 5 hours to finish.

Each GP represents different stages of the game, building up money, going around properties, buying them at a high speed and then that inevitable moment when some jerk puts hotels on Mayfair and it all devolves into a fight to survive. Just don't be an idiot and buy the railways.

If I have to explain the vehicle and character choice, then you're not paying attention.

Sign up now!

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On 30/10/2017 at 11:26 PM, DazzeL said:

I might be able to make it online to jump in this week.


Does anyone use any voice chat apps to talk whilst screwing each other over?

I’ve used Discord with @The Mole before. Works quite well too. I’ve asked before if there’s any one interested in setting up some chat whilst we do it. Stupid Nintendo not even getting the online app set up for it yet. 

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