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On 29/11/2019 at 12:09 PM, S.C.G said:

I just had another look through this weeks New Releases and eShop Discounts and these are the titles which stood out to me...

Celeste                                 50% off
Freedom Planet                  50% off
Raiden V: Director's Cut    50% off
Syberia 1 & 2                       60% off

Not strictly all Indies but all well worth checking out I'd say. :smile:

(says me, who owns most of them and has only actually properly played one out of these titles, when it was out on the Wii U) :heh:

(Quoting these for the new page seeing as the sale is still on)

24 minutes ago, S.C.G said:

More eShop titles I've spotted while actually having a look on the eShop...

Super Hydorah                   50% off
Cursed Castilla EX             50% off
Earth Atlantis                      50% off

I spotted others as well but these were the ones which stood out to me and ones which either don't have or probably won't get boxed versions.

It's amazing which games you spot when looking on the eShop, I usually find totally different ones when I'm reading through the latest eShop releases then when it comes to browsing through them, other titles just seem to stick out more on the storefront... as in, 'Oh THAT game! I forgot that title was even out on the eShop'

It's a nice surprise in a way. :)

You can currently get all of those three games for a little bit over £20 which doesn't seem too bad to me. :D

Bleh... now I'm thinking about getting those Konami collections while they are 50% off as well...

They probably won't ever release a physical collection with all of these Konami games on... right?

Konami doesn't really release games any more in any case so I'm sure it would be unlikely. :p

Gah... I'm so close to purchasing these three Konami anniversary collections digitally...

I don't think I can do it though, I'm going to wait.... these are on sale until December 4th anyway.

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Super Bomberman R about 11 dollars, is it worth it (if I remember correctly, they gave some updates)?

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Yeah, if you haven't got it and like Metroid style games, you should defo consider picking that up.

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On 02/12/2019 at 1:27 PM, Hero-of-Time said:

One of my favourite games of this generation is getting a 50% off reduction across all platforms.


Aaaand bought, been waiting for a sale.



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1 hour ago, Ike said:

Aaaand bought, been waiting for a sale.

Yep, I got it as well. 

And another into the backlog, see you in 20... 20....1.

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