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Xpert 11 Season 3: 10 year anniversary edition

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Don't worry I will be taking at least a draw if not more from Winston "FACT"


I will be getting the Wenger 3rd place trophy "FACT"


We are the team to beat there is nobody to touch us when we play well me and Arora know we are the best "FACT"


He is fired up but you can't blame him pleasure is all yours "FACT"


If none of this comes to light don't quote me "FACT"

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@\[b\]Haden @dan\-likes\-trees\[/b\]


Welcome to the NE shield of justice

We are the nastiest dirtiest Xpert of justice


These dogs are hungry



I'm waking up to 4-4-2 and dust

I wipe mytactics and I sweat my rust

I'm breathing in the marking

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the 4-5-1 bus

This is it, the CL final


I'm waking up, I feel it in my playmaker

Enough to make my tactics go

Welcome to the new 4-4-2 to the marker

Welcome to the 4-3-3to the new playmaker

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive

I raise my formation, don my clothes

It's a revolution, I suppose

We'll paint it red to fit right in


I'm breaking in, marking in then sending a playmaker out on the prison bus

This is it, the apocalypse


I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones

Enough to…

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Haden United 2-2 AVFC


United lined up against AVFC as both teams looked to secure a vital win in the race for 3rd place. Both teams have favored 3-5-2 formations recently and stuck to their guns in this game. It was Chafik who broke the deadlock with a great opening goal that he poked in to give AVFC the lead. United changed things up at half time bringing on Dale and Curmi. This combo made the difference as Dale swung in a corner that Curmi whacked home. It was a real back and forth game but Dale was now causing all sorts of problems, he curled in a lovely cross that Mena headed home to give United the lead. However AVFC who had been pinned right back had one last rabbit to pull out the hat. Deep into injury time Cambiasso looped in a cross and it was that man Chafik again who nodded in a header to make it 2-2. The United team were crestfallen but the AVFC fans were ecstatic. For both teams this was not an ideal result, it makes United's quest for 3rd place unlikely and kills off any chances AVFC have. It was a great game though the real winners may be the spectators.

Cubic County 2-0 Leeds Re-United


County strolled to an easy win against a Leeds side that seem to be heading towards the end of their time as a club. County played 4-4-2 and while they did not make a lot of chances (4) they had Wiston on hand to score two headed goals, after these went in the game was over. However sadly for County their defender Lassiter received a really nasty injury near the end of the game that he is still recovering from. County haven't quite kept up their early season promise but this was a solid victory for them.


Winston Warriors 0-0 Angry Greeks

Carrying on the theme of a draw that suited no-one the Warriors and Greeks again battled to a stalemate. Sadly this was not their usual 3-3 thriller but instead a nervy 0-0 draw. Warriors went with a 4-5-1 formation hoping to dominate the midfield and make enough chances to score even with a weakened attack. The Greeks on the other hand seemed contented to lose the midfield battle and hope to score when they had a rare chance with a 3 man attack. In the first half their were no chances at all but things did pick up in the 2nd as both managers made changes to boost their team. It was Warriors who made most of the running creating 5 good chances but the Greeks goalie Haraszti was equal to every chance, Winston's midfield limited the Greeks to 1 chance which they were unable to convert. Both teams may look at this as a lost moment when they could have changed the course of the league but of course Warriors will feel the more aggrieved that this was not the moment they won the league.



Hull Federer Alliance 0-3 Haden United


This was a nice win for United against Hull who have long since given up the ghost. In the end United made 9 chances to 0 and got an early penalty that Falzon scored to settle the nerves. Sadly Haysbert pulled up with an injury after just 10 minutes in what would have been a good no pressure game for him. However another 2 goals eased United to the win and thanks to other results they reached 3rd place, they may still have a shot at this target but will face tougher challenges in their final two games than this one.

Angry Greeks 3-0 Cubic County


For the Greeks they cannot afford to make any mistakes so they wanted a clean victory at home against County. Playing 4-4-2 as were County the Greeks wanted to play a balanced game to be assured of victory. They were the better team in the first half but did not score. However after County defender Brace had to be taken off with an injury the Greeks sensed their moment. Westman hit in a close range shot and then Vardar was brought on, he helped finish the game with two lovely passes to Cederholm who made it two and then three nil. After a nervy start the Greeks eased to victory in this one, all they can do now is hope the Warriors slip up in their final games and keep winning their own games.


AVFC 0-4 Winston Warriors


This was perceived as a big test for the Warriors in their run in but they demolished AVFC in a remarkable game. Both teams played 3-5-2 but from the outset this was an utterly one sided affair. The Warriors outmatched AVFC in every part of the pitch and when Preece swung in a cross for Svedberg to head in it was a just reward for Warriors play. It was Warriors midfield that was the engine behind this game with Jaume scoring twice and Wimmer providing a lovely assist. AVFC could do nothing to stop the tide and in the end the Warriors scored 4 with 10 chances to 3. This was a huge match for the Warriors who now only have to beat the managerless Hull and gain a draw against Haden United to win the title unless the Angry Greeks reverse a large goal difference. For AVFC this puts their 3rd place credentials in doubt and will have cause a large loss of morale among the team.

Team of the week: Winston Warriors again win this award, they will have wanted a win against the Greeks but responded with a trashing of AVFC to put them one good result away from their 2nd title.

Player of the week: Szabolcs Haraszti, Angry Greeks, the Greeks title defence may be hanging by a thread but it would be over if it wasn't for the heroic saves of their keeper Szabolcs Haraszti.

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Congrats to Winson a two time winner of the top trophy!



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I cannot stress how painful it was for Winston to lose the league last season. The draw at Cubic. The last minute equaliser. Losing on goal difference. Harsh, cruel, painful lessons were learnt. This season Winston returned, strong, indefiable; unbeaten, only 5 goals conceded from 12 games. The club would like to congratulate Nikos on a race well run, as strong and fierce rival as we could have asked to do battle with.




So now we look to the future. Exeter's setup look not unlike Winston's. The Phlanax record looks crazy. Winston look their match, but the Phlanax youth look truely insane. We will have to spend; we are proven masters in the market; Theofylaktos Tsirogiannis proves our transfer prowess; in the Xpert for an astonishing 12/12 games played; captain of the xpert for half of them. He is undisputeably the league's best player.




But most of all, Winston know how to sit atop the perch, season long, head protruded, proud and expectant, ready for the crown. It's in the name. Winston know how to Win.



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