Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

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3 hours ago, gaggle64 said:

Recently finished my first play through of Blue Lions, after 80 hours I cant play any more of that game and simultaneously desperately want to.

Same. I want to do a Maddening run but seems like a big time commitment. Didn't want to risk getting burned out.

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Finally continued this after doing some other games the last few months.

Reminder, church route spoilers.

I left the game after completing Ferdinand's and Lysithea's paralogue. I'm so happy I recruited her, both for the paralogue and for being a powerhouse (and obviously a nice replacement for Hubert). But I didn't manage to save all the villagers, and I didn't feel like replaying it with Astral Chain coming out at that time. But now I did.

Ferdinand & Lysithea paralogue

The map itself wasn't hard, but saving all the villagers was for me. Before this mission, I made some changes to my roster, changing some of them to suboptimal classes to teach them new things, plus I still had the new characters which were still not great. Bernie is a Paladin now, but obviously pretty weak as one. Dorothea is a sword class now. Ferdinand was that heavy armour class now. So I was missing an effective Paladin, though Ferdinand was pretty tanky, but also very slow, so it was hard getting to some villagers in time. Petra was great, and could be left alone, Byleth obviously as well, but I had to send almost all of my force to the top right for the most far out villager. Cyril was absolutely useless. Shamir still had to grow. Bernie and Ferdie (I'm shipping them by the way, they've been doing stable work together since pretty much the beginning) were less effective but still had to carry the team. Anyway it worked out in the end.

After an auxiliary mission, it was time for the main mission of chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Taking of Fort Merceus

Got another shot at the Death Knight! And a dark seal! Then that fucker just flees! Goddammit.

The bottom was pretty hectic with constant reinforcements and ballistas, making it hard to keep the squishy characters alive like Flayn and Lysithea. First attempt I wanted yto have a 2 teams, one going clockwise, and one counter clockwise, disabling all the reinforcements. After the initial mishaps (I have no qualms at using the divine pulse anymore), I decided to just have most of the team go to the bottom part of the map, with Byleth pretty much soloing the right side, though with Dorothea as backup. This worked fine.. Until I experience for the first time that fucker just packs up and leaves, with no way of having any of my units catch up with him, as his exit is to the left of the map. I really wanted to get him. And I think at this point I finally could, at least with Byleth. I obviously didn't know there would be a time limit, and my goal was to clear out everything before heading towards the middle where he was. So yeah. He left. I resetted.

New attempt.. Sort of the same, except I had Petra solo the right side instead, she would also be able to get the chests. Byleth would come with the main team. The goal was for Byleth to quickly circle around towards the left exit, dealing with the reinforcement gates along the way. Main army would stay behind the bottom gate and deal with the reinforcements and ballistas while a small team with Byleth continued onwars as soon as possible. This ehh, didn't really work out. I kept experimenting with this, and was able to do this faster and better.. But the Death Knight seemed to leave earlier as well, so I still wasn't able to catch up to him. I had no idea what triggered it. I suspected triggering his nearby henchmen would trigger him leaving, so on other attempts I tried to carefully deal with everything without triggering those henchmen, but ultimately the Death Knight left anyway, so that wasn't it.

Still I tried it some more, and I got to the point where Byleth could catch him on his way out. Problem was.. I only got one shot at him, the other units were tied up with other stuff. Still it was good to conform my suspicions that Byleth could indeed take him on, albeit with a little help. She did considerable damage and could take a hit. So I gave this tactic one last attempt.. But still only barely caught up with him on his way to the exit. Again only one shot (as he doesn't stop to attack himself when he's on his way out). For this special occasion I used that Sublime Heaven combat art. To my surprise.. She critted, and one-shotted the Death Knight. After many attempts and experimenting, it was finally over.

Or was it?

It was slightly satisfying, but I suspected not as satisfying as clearing out everything. You miss out on a lot of exp this way. With my tactic, I did actually manage to get the chests, but still. And did I really want that dark seal? You need 2.. And I gave the first one I got (eventhough I wasn't able to defeat him, I managed to steal one with Petra in an earlier mission) to Hubert. So I thought about it.. And replayed the mission again. Normally. More or less the same tactic as before, except without rushing anything. Got all the chests, all the umbral from the monsters, and in the end, several characters were a level higher than when I completed the mission by defeating the Death Knight.

All in all I spent a whole lot of time on this mission.

The last few missions did some good for my characters though, and I've realized stuff that I could be doing better in future runs, like planning ahead. I have some characters that are stuck in a class because they lack the skills to get in an advanced class. It's very cool Three Houses threw away some conventions and lets you mix and match certain classes and abilities, but then they screw it up by requiring certain skills for certain classes. Seteth by default is a lance using wyvern rider. He maxed out his class. But can't promote to Wyvern Lord because he doesn't he's lacking axe skills. So that's what I'm going to do better next time.


For now, this is my team.

Byleth - Sword Master
I'll probably keep this class, as enlightened one feels like a step back now? Although healing is a nice extra, but I have 3 healers already currently. She just feels great now, does a lot of damage, and avoids a lot of it.

Bernie - Paladin
I want to make her a Bow Knight I think, that's why she's currently a Paladin. Hard at first, but she's starting to become effective as she can one-shot weak enemies like mages with a lance as well. Almost maxed her class, so I can finally turn hher into a Bow Knight (she could pass the certification a long time ago, but I want to max out other classes as much as possible).

Ferdinand - Armoured Knight
He's in a tough spot. He's effective as a armoured knight, I did witness him surviving a hit from that Death Knight in the last mission, so he is tanky, but I think I want him to be a Great Knight. That's why he's an armoured Knigjht now, as he was missing the heavy armour skills, but also the axe skills it seems. He maxed out this class, but can't promot to a better one. I'm considering making him a warrior temporarily, in order to have him gain some strength, and more importantly, axe skills, but this is probably going to be hard, and there's not much time left.

Caspar - Warmaster
Weak early game, he's starting to become a powerhouse, and I was surprised he was the second one to promote to a master class. Starting to crit a lot, and does major damage that way. He's one of few characters to be able to one-shot a moster's shield at this point for me.

Linhardt - Warlock
I always treated him as a healer, having Hubert and now Lysithea for the damage dealing magic. Problem is Flayn is a much better healer. Still it's nice to have more healing options. But he maxed out most other available magic classes, so he's a warlock now. I'm considering turning him into a Dark Knight, but he doesn't have horse riding skills..

Flayne - Bishop
Weak but great healer. Similar to Linhardt.. I'm thinking of turning her into a Holy Knight, but she also currently lacks the horse riding skills. I'm now considering to finally take Ferdie and Bernie off of Stable duty, and put them there instead. Feels appropriate, but also a bit incestuous? But they feel a bit like nice pair of counterparts.

Lysithea - Gremory
While Bernie was the first to be able to promote to a master class, she's the first to actually do so. Since she's so popular and has a reputation, I don't even need to mention she's an absolute powerhouse. Absolutely decimates everything.

Dorothea - Swordmaster
Used to be an effective mage, but since I want to promote here to Mortal Savant, I changed her to a sword wielding class. She has a high sword skill level, but not much strength, so she does little damage with regular physical attacks, plus obviously having been a mage she can't take a physical hit. That said, she can one-shot a lot of enemies with the combat art hex-blade.. Though that of course burns up a lot of swords. And enemy mages pose no threat at all.

Petra - Assassin
One of my powerhouses. I gave her a cursed sword and she's critting left and right. Armoured Knights don't get a hit in. She's fantastic, even without the cursed sword.

Shamir - Sniper
Was a bit weak, but is starting to become effective. She's one of my wildcards.. I'm still considering turning her into a pegasus rider, as a flying sniper sounds like the ideal hit and run character. Unlike other characters though, she actually has the necessary skills. She has already unlocked the Pegasus rider class, but I want to max sniper first.

I'm not using Cyril, Seteth or Catherine. I wanted to train Cyril to become a Wyvern rider, but he was much to weak whenever I brought him along. But last mission I realized I've been using the adjudant function incorrectly. I always just paired characters with characters that I feel appropriate, for role playing, like Seteth protecting Flayne, but this doesn't necessarily give them enough benefits. I forgot to do this last mission, and Cyril was paired with Byleth by default, and suddenly he gained a lot of exp and one or two levels. Maxed out his class, and he's now actually a Wyvern Rider despite his neglible actual battle experience. I feel I could turn him around and actually make him useful now, though I'm not sure I want to anymore.

Anyway, onwards to chapter 18.

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Honestly who keeps that many clothes on in the sauna? Some waifu fans will be deeply disappointed by that!

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4 hours ago, Vileplume2000 said:

Honestly who keeps that many clothes on in the sauna? Some waifu fans will be deeply disappointed by that!


I think that might actually be the traditional Japanese way, because there's a similar scene in Dragon Quest XI.  I wasn't disappointed because it was only two blokes, but it did strike me as a bit odd!

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