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Splatoon 2


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34 minutes ago, Vileplume2000 said:

That's strange since I got a couple of book vs book games! Played about 10 games yesterday and 3 or 4 were book vs book.

Very strange indeed then.

I played some more games last night and it was pretty much the same story as before, film vs film most of the time. ::shrug: Mind you, when I did encounter book teams they were always really good (like proper organised teams, rather than randoms) so even if film does have the majority vote I wouldn’t be surprised if book wins overall and I’ll be back to my usual losing streak in Splatfest. :grin: 

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I really like Splatoon (I play ranked regularly), but they need to do something more with splatfests rather than make them longer. Their current format is just a chore and for me, the worst part of the game. 

I picked team film in the end, and then played Sexy Brutale instead.

I don't have Arms, but their equivalent to splatfest sounds far more varied and interesting.

They could give out ability chunks etc like the prizes in Salmon Run.. give extra points for using certain weapons.. introduce ranked modes.. there's loads they could do.


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