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Splatoon 2


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3 minutes ago, DuD said:

I was playing against a level 56 earlier in the week in ranked :o

They must have been playing 24/7 since the update

Crazy stuff. They're either a robot or they made extensive use of that meal ticket exploit before it got patched out.

I still think XP gain needs some serious tweaking in Splatoon 2 now, they should at the very least massively up the rate during Splatfests. Playing the ARMS Splatfest equivalent Party Crash feels super rewarding (especially during the x3 events) as you earn soooo much XP from it. :D

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5 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

Next N-Europe Splat-Up: Tonight 9:15pm

Players:  @Glen-i, @Sméagol, @RedShell, @dazzybee, @DuD, @Nicktendo, @Blade, @david.dakota

Guys, I've opened a Private Room now. Password is 4444.

I need some sanity after that utter mess of a Mario Kart League night!

Dakota is ALWAYS late... always. Without fail. I’ve been through this painful process many many times 

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