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The points go up as your power level goes up.

Each rank has an equivalent power level, so someone who is S+ will start at a higher power level than someone who is S, A, B or C (not sure if the +/- has any effect) and play tougher opposition. 

The G&K is apparently some French Youtubers. Also Cst is a German channel. I had to Google it a while ago as it was bugging me. 

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I had the opposite experience with the servers today and last night. Not a single disconnect or even any real latency issues. I think I won almost every single one of my matches to King apart from one. The only bad part to this Splatfest has been that again, far more people chose the same side, so most of my games where team front vs team front.

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I've had a terrible time as well.

Maybe 5 games vs Back Roll? Unable to find games even vs Front Roll, connection errors, drop outs galore.

An absolute grind which having got so far I had to finish off. I will either not bother next time or stop at champion.

I'd never questioned whether I would pay for Nintendo Online, but if I'm expected to pay for that experience I won't be bothering

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What a surprise! :heh:

Well, I've still managed to get some "perfect" gear made using all of my losing Sea Snails. :D

Still loving Splatfests, but it would be so much better with a slightly different scoring system I reckon. Instead of 2 pts for 400p inked and then the victory points, they should make it based purely on how much turf you covered. So keep the +2 for 400p, but then increase it to +4 for 800p, +6 for 1200p, +8 for 1600p etc... That way all of those games when you've outperformed everyone else on your team (and even the enemy team :indeed:) wouldn't be such a kick in the tentacles. :laughing:

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Hello, this month I'd like to have the vaguest choice in Splatfest ever!

Also, fuck you if you like your Breakfast hot. You weirdo!

And what if I don't eat Breakfast? I'm fashionable and have a busy schedule! Brunch is more my thing.

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Damnit Dcubed, stop pointing out how stupid this choice is!
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30 minutes ago, Hero-of-Time said:

A good old British fried breakfast can't be beat. It has bacon in it so it instantly wins.

Yeah, but it's warm. Ewwww! Also, I hate Bacon.

After I come back from Smash Shenanigans this afternoon, I'll start on the scheduling post for possible group games.

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5 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

I always thought you were strange and this confirms it. :D 

5 hours ago, drahkon said:

You are weird.

Gee whiz, thanks for clearing that up, Totally Wonderful Advisory TwinS!

Bacon is yucky.

Anyway, here comes some scheduling postage.

N-Europe Splatfest!

Breakfast Brawl

So then, the next Splatfest theme is up and I'm getting this post done nice and early so you lot have more time to react and get your affairs in order for the next incredibly important debate.

Should Breakfast be Warm or Cold?

You can boot up Splatoon 2 and choose a side now, get your shirt and maybe fill it up with skills, etc.

But let's face it, Splatfest is better when N-Europe peeps work together, so let's organise that now.

Splatfest begins this Saturday at 3pm and continues until Sunday at 3pm.

  1. First of all, declare what side you're on, as well as what time you think you'll be available to play at.
  2. If we can get 4 people on the same side at around the same time window, you're golden, if not... Well, maybe next time...
  3. Why the hell did I bother numbering this list?

So without further ado...

Team Microwaved Crumpet



Team Cold Leftover Pizza


I'll update this post sometime Thursday. So talk it out amongst yourselves. Go on, make yourself useful!


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Team cold. Though I'm not eating left over pizza (I also generaly make sure there's no pizza left).

I'll probably be playing on Saturday night, maybe Saturday evening. Both afternoons are unlikely. That said, I don't plan a week ahead, so it may all change.

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Ha, finally a Splatfest I can actually join since I have no plans (yet) next weekend. I love warm breakfast but it takes too much time to prepare. Therefore I usually eat cold breakfast. I will refrain from choosing a side yet since I guess we should get as many people on the same team?

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