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Splatoon 2


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26 minutes ago, DuD said:

That's cool, just doing some salmon run at the moment. 

I had too much pizza. But I'm ready. But I can't communicate tonight after I boot up my Switch (I use my mom's Ipad, as my phone's too old and can't display this site).

So you need to tell me what we'll be doing before I turn off my computer.

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4 minutes ago, DuD said:

I only just saw this, was waiting for a notification on the switch to say you were online.

I've quit now, got loads of goodies from salmon run and got to S in tower control.

Let me know when when you want to make another attempt at meeting up. I'm definitely online Monday and Thursday evening (Thursday after the Mario Kart league). Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday I'm probably watching films.

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I can't believe how much of a train wreck the tournament at EGX was. Just when I think it couldn't get any worse, I hear something even more ridiculous.

To start with, select Nintendo Player UK groups were given the chance to host qualification rounds a few months back. Nintendo failed to supply any equipment or support for these qualifiers, most had to be done through local wireless with lots of disconnection issues. A few had it so bad, they resorted to single player speedrun challenges to decide their winners.

Next, the winners of the qualifiers were told Nintendo would pay for all transport to EGX. Fast forward to one week before EGX, people get emails off Nintendo saying they need to buy their own transport and Nintendo will reimburse at a later date. A lot of people can't afford last minute train tickets to Birmingham, costing £100+. 

Finally, the tournament gets to the semi finals stage. Suddenly the organisers ban people from using their own Switch consoles. The stock Nintendo consoles have to be used, to prevent any possible 'cheating'. Various items aren't unlocked. The game isn't patched to the latest version, the games meta is completely different. Sub abilities are banned.


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Not a man of your word I see..

1 minute ago, Glen-i said:

I'm gonna have to bow out, fatigue has hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm finding it hard to concentrate. Have fun.


7 hours ago, Glen-i said:

Well, no matter what happens, I'd be up for some Splatoon after Mario Kart.

I'll wait 5 minutes for DuD's response, but it looks like Salmon Run. After that, you can open up a room (or I will). I won't be posting here while playing tonight though. After those 5 minutes, give me some time to migrate from handheld to docked.

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