Nintendo NX - Prediction Thread

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Post your predictions for the NX, no discussions & no arguing, just 1 post covering the following.


For example (this isn't my prediction)


Name: Nintendo Home (Home Console) & Nintendo Portable (Handheld)


Graphical capability: equal to Xbox One (Home Console) & PSP Vita (Handheld)


Controller style: Cross between Vita & Gamepad.


The gimmick: place 10 amiibos on the console to power it up.


Hard drive size:

Launch lineup:


No. of Bundles available at launch:




Release date:

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Name: Nintendo X (terrible I know, but I really can't think of anything that it might be)


Graphical Capability: On a par with the Xbox One & PS Vita (really can't argue with Lostmario on that one, has to be that level)


Controller Style: Choice between Gamepad and Pro Control for home console, handheld will be akin to the gamepad, but with sticks and buttons embedded in the screen like the patent we saw.


The Gimmick: A real focus on online gaming/cloud computing. Won't be as immediately obvious a gimmick as the Wii & Wii U were.


Hard Drive Size 128GB & 256GB SSD Home console, 32GB Portable (with external HDD for home & SD-card expansion available for both)


Launch Line-Up:New 3D Mario Game, Zelda Wii U port, Amiibo Party Game (in similar style to Nintendo Land), firmware will feature a PS Home style hubworld that takes a cue from Tomodatchi Life and connects with your Miitomo smartphone app.


I also expect something from EA, so probably the FIFA 17, it's a relationship Nintendo desperately need to repair, it was one of the main reasons the Wii U failed.


No. Of Bundles At Launch 128GB & 256GB SKU's, both come with the Amiibo Game, the larger of the two coming with Mario bundled in. Similar options with the portable.


Price: £300 & £375 for the home variants, £225 for the portable, £250 perhaps with pack-in game.


Release Date: November 2016 for both home & portable.

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Name: Nintendo XS -eXtra System - (Home Console) Nintendo XP - eXtra Portable - (Handheld)


Graphical capability: Superior to Xbox One/PS4 on parity with a reasonably high-end PC (Home Console) Wii U in portable form (Handheld)


Controller style: Home console has an enhanced GC controller with additional triggers, possibly similar to the patent as well(?) Portable console is a smaller gamepad with improved form factor.


The gimmick: Home console base unit can function independently as a device which will play all future Nintendo games in addition to backwards compatability with Wii U software - can still pair your old game pad with it or the new handheld as an option - while everything else will be easily downloadable on the newly improved Virtual Console which will have - hopefully - every major release from NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, GB/C/A, DS, 3DS(?) you can choose which platform you want to play them on, all previous purchases linked to NNID carry over, return of MD and TG-16 games(?) new VC categories through Sega partnership including Saturn and Dreamcast.


Hard drive size: 1TB SSD home console 128GB built in memory portable console

Launch lineup: Zelda Wii U/NXS (NXS version will be superior), Metroid X (home console) Super Metroid DX (portable console), Super Mario Universe (home console) Advance Wars: X (portable console), some crappy Ubisoft filler title which will fail to meet expectations in some way - it's tradition! -, Resident Evil main title, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition (port for both consoles) amiibo title.


No. of Bundles available at launch: Bundles of home console or portable with Metroid games, bundles of both with mario and zelda, mega bundle with both consoles and all nintendo games.


Price: £199.99 Home console, with a game £129.99 Portable console, with a game, £429.99 for Both consoles with All Nintendo games, other bundles somewhere inbetween.


Release date: November 18th 2016


I'll be amazed if any of this comes true but, I thought it's worth guessing just to see. : peace:

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Name: Something a bit too Japanese to sound dignified in English.


Graphical capability: Console: Slightly more powerful than the PS4. Handheld: Slightly more powerful than the Vita.


Controller style: Up to contemporary standards (d-pad, two analog sticks with buttons, 3 "pause" buttons (one being a home button), 4 face buttons, two shoulder buttons, two hybrid triggers (like the GameCube Controller). It will work with communicate with the console with Bluetooth or a USB cable, have a built in battery, and all that good stuff. It will have both a microphone and a speaker, but no headset ports. It will feature an accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as NFC capability and a cheap camera.


The Handheld will have the same capabilities, as well as a touch screen for backwards compatibility with DS and 3DS games, but the screen will be a high enough resolution to accommodate both 3DS screens on just the one screen.


Wii remotes will still be able to work with the console and will be part of the NX API, but will mostly just be used for backwards compatibility.


The gimmick: Something involving synchronization between the handheld and console. It will be used in a few first party games, but nobody else will care.


Hard drive size: Instead of a hard drive, it will have 128GB EMMC at launch and a 512GB SKU will release a year later. It will support external hard drives the same way the Wii U does. The handheld will have the


Launch lineup: A new 3D Mario game will be the focus. There will also be a few 3rd party titles, mostly multiplatform games being released the same year. Many of these will not run very well on the handheld and will be considered the worst versions of the game. One the console they'll run decently, but not as well as the PS4, PC, and XBox One versions as the port will have been rushed. The new Zelda will be released for it if the console launches in 2016. If it launches in 2017, Retro's new game will either be a launch title or come out late Q1 the following year. There's a possibility it will be a new Zelda game using the same engine as the Wii U Zelda title, but upgraded for the new console. The tone of the game will feel very different from Zelda Wii U.


No. of Bundles available at launch: Just the console and handheld possibly bundled with a simple game.


Price: 349 USD For the console. 249 USD for the handheld.


Release date: Q4 2016 or more likely Q4 2017.

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Name: Hyper Nintendo entertainment System


Graphical capability: for a Home console between PS4 and Xbox One (closer to PS4) & Handheld a more powerful version of the Vita (slightly more system memory for multitasking)


Controller style: Home Console uses 'Standard Controller with a hybrid between the PS4 touch pad and the recently patented form fitted touch screen controller


The gimmick: The handheld can dock with the console to share data between - saves -street pass and others and Handheld plays lower res versions of some Console games equally Home console plays upres'd versions of some handheld games utilising nOS


Hard drive size: 2.5" laptop 128gb SSD like the PS4 is very easy to remove (cost saving and allows customisation)

Launch lineup: Zelda (WiiU and Nx simultaneous launch), 3D Mario, then lots of thrid party games - Mass Effect Andromeda, Call of Duty, Fallout 4 GOTY


No. of Bundles available at launch: Whatever GAME decide to make up (if they are in business) plus HNES and Zelda or HNES and Mario,HNES and big third party game - with special edition HNES colouring - Premium HNES in NES colouring with Zelda & Mario


Price: Ridiculous £349 (with a game) for Home Console - £220 for Handheld


Release date: November 20th 2016 for both (sneaky Nintendo have been doing an Apple)

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Name: God knows. :heh: Let's just pray it doesn't feature the word Wii at all.


Graphical capability: Really doesn't matter. We've gone far beyond the point where this was an issue, it's 99% about the artistry now, and Nintendo have no problems in that department at all.


Controller style: Traditional controller for the home console. Handheld to feature the same layout but with circle pads instead of analog sticks and a touch screen.

Handheld can also be used as the controller (or secondary controller) for the home console to make use of the touchscreen.


The gimmick: All games/services are stored and run on the home console, which can then be streamed to the handheld via Wi-Fi. Streetpass and gameplay data accumulated on the handheld can be synchronized either by cloud or local wireless when in proximity to the home console.

So yeah, the home console will be the main system that is required to play, and the handheld will just be a nicer looking (and hopefully) much smaller Wii U GamePad, that is essentially useless without the home console, but everyone will want it anyway in order to play NX games on the go/toilet. :laughing:


Hard drive size: 500GB expandable by USB port.


Launch lineup: Zelda (yeah, the Wii U game :hehe:), Super Mario 3D World 2 (with online co-op and playable Wario & Waluigi :D) a new Animal Crossing, and a new Diddy Kong Racing or F-Zero.

Why not ey? Let's go nuts. :grin:


No. of Bundles available at launch: 2. One with the home console, controller and handheld device, and one with just the home console and controller.


Price: £300 for the home console/handheld bundle, £200 for the home console only version.


Release date: December 2016.

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I'm gonna say The Nintendo. They are going to make it a callback from the 80s when people would describe playing videogames as simply playing Nintendo.


Graphical Capability:

Hmmm tough to call. In terms of the console, I suppose it depends if they want to capture 3rd parties or not. Honestly i'm quite happy with the Wii U's graphical output so keeping it above that is fine. Anything above will be a bonus.


For the handheld I want at least the same as the Vita. Switching between playing the 3DS and Vita is a big awakening in terms of how rough 3DS games look these days. They need to up that resolution.


Controller Style:

While I would prefer a traditional controller, I can't see them getting rid of the touchscreen. A smaller, more sleeky Wii U controller will probably be on the cards ( see RedShells design for details :D ) This will also double as a handheld.


The Gimmick:

It has good online....I kid, I kid. I think the gimmick will be the controller will double as a handheld device. You start a game on the console and then carry on playing it via the handheld controller.


Hard Drive Size:

500GB with the option to upgrade.


Launch lineup:


  • Mario Galaxy 3.
    It's been too long since we had a 3D Mario for a Nintendo console launch and they really need to start this new console off with a bang.
  • Retros new game.
    They've been quiet for far too long and hopefully they have been working on a game that will appeal to the western audience.
  • Diddy Kong Racing.
    I think Nintendo pumped everything they could out of Mario Kart with the Wii U version, so now is the time for Diddy to shine. They've been rumours about the return of this franchise for a while, with characters from eShop games making up the lineup. Please be true.
  • Zelda Wii U/NX.
    Yeah, I still think this is gonna be a cross platform game.
  • Pikmin 4.
    Miyamoto said last year that the game is getting made. If the NX is to be released this year then I think that this will launch with the console.

No. of Bundles available at launch:

Probably just the one. I can't see them faffing about with various SKUs, especially as the cheaper Wii U model didn't do that well in the West. Keep it simple and offer a single SKu and let the retail stores sort out any bundles they want to offer.



Touch to call seeing as we don't know what the thing actually is yet. I'm gonna say £199 for the console. Nintendo got burned pretty bad by the Wii U and 3DS being expensive pieces of kit. With the NX launching mid gen, they will need an attractive price to get people to buy another console.


Release Date:

Early November 2016 for the US and Japan. Late November/early December 2016 for us Europeans.

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Name Nintendo NX Home & Nintendo NX Go


Graphical Capability NX Home similar to PS4, though possibly slightly better, with NX Go somewhere between Wii and Wii U.


Controller Style An improved Wii U Pro Controller with NFC Reader, Gyroscope and Microphone with ZL and ZR becoming proper triggers with a satisfying digital click. It will be therefore be compatible with NES, SNES, N64 and GC games as well as Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, amongst others :heh: Wii Remotes will still connect to the system for Wii VC games but will not be focused on for new games.


The Gimmick Nintendo NX Go will have all of the features of the standard NX Home Controller with necessary modifications, such as circle pads instead of analogue sticks and a form of sliding shoulder buttons for analogue input. The portable will only have one screen and be usable as a controller for the NX Home system with the touch screen allowing for compatibility with Wii U software as well as providing a more tactile way of operating Miiverse. Data and Information will be quickly and easily synced between the home console and handheld simply by placing the NX Go on top of the NX Home system for a few seconds.


Hard Drive Size 320GB for NX Home, 64GB for NX Go


Launch Lineup Super Mario Galaxy 3, Wii U Zelda, Pikmin 4 and some rushed 3rd party software that is in some way inferior to PS4 and XBOX One versions. NX Go will launch with Nintendo Land Go with new attractions and Amiibo support.


No. of Bundles Available at Launch NX Home will have one bundle consisting of the 320GB console and 1 controller. NX Go will be sold solo.


Price £279 for NX Home and £159 for NX Go


Release date March 2017

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[*]Diddy Kong Racing.

I think Nintendo pumped everything they could out of Mario Kart with the Wii U version, so now is the time for Diddy to shine. They've been rumours about the return of this franchise for a while, with characters from eShop games making up the lineup. Please be true.


Whether this rumour turns out to be legit or not, this is honestly one of the best ideas I've ever heard with regards to Diddy Kong Racing.

Nintendo have got a smorgasbord of characters that only feature in eShop games, it'd be a great way to advertise their existence. You know, outside of Smash assist trophies/trophies.

It'd get me super intrigued that's for sure.

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Yeah, that's a great idea. Could feature Yooka-Laylee characters too, would be a great way of honouring their connection to Rare and the original game whilst giving Nintendo fans a nice exclusive.

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Name: Nintendo (N)7, Nintendo Portable.


Graphical capability: PS4 (Home Console) & Just under Wii u (Handheld)


Controller style: traditional controller like the pro controller. Game pad will work. Handheld will work. I think the touchscreen will still be used a lot, Ho-e the handheld or game pad will be seen as the alternative, but actually that's not nintendos style, so maybe the main controller will have a screen too...


The gimmick: All handheld games work on main console. Most console games work on handheld. Scales. But some home console games will be ONLY N7 as they're too big. some games will have different components on home console and handheld.


Hard drive size: 500g


Launch lineup: Mario Galaxy 3 - n7 exclusive. Metroid Prime 4. Zelda Wii u. Smash Bros Champiosnhip edition. Pokmeon or Animal Crossing to really show off the greatness of a game working over two devices. Monster Hunter 5. Same, great showcase of handheld and home console game.


No. of Bundles available at launch: 3. Home console. Portable. Or both.


Price: £250, £150, £350


Release date: October 2016

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I think the predictions for both home and handheld consoles with a bundle for both is a good shout.


So based on this, I'll make a prediction.


Name: Nintendo Home & Nintendo Portable


Graphical capability: Home console - PS4 level, Portable - Vita/WiiU level


Controller style:


Home - I think they'll do the controller we saw on that patent in the NX Discussion Thread (with a couple minor adjustments)...



These aren't in scale with each other...



The Pad:

Clickable analogue sticks. The shoulder buttons are set up like the Pro Controller, so there's 4 buttons but no analogue triggers unfortunately. No + or - buttons, just the "home" button (labelled "Nintendo" here).

It'll have gyro, NFC, speakers, a USB charge slot and microphone jack.



The Portable:

Similar size to the New 3DS XL, but not clamshell in design. Two Circle pads as opposed to analogue sticks but they will be clickable (they'll depress slightly). The shoulder buttons will be set up like they are on the New 3DS XL as opposed to the Home controller, so still 4 buttons. Touch interface like the Home controller.

Card slot for the games on the top, headphone jack on the bottom, NFC and speakers. Will have gyro too of course.


The gimmick: 3D, multi-touch touch-screen and both consoles will be compatible with each other in some respects (save data, profiles, cross-platform play on some games etc)... Portable can be used as Home console controller.

The handheld games work on the home console, most console games work on handheld, but they scale. Some home console games will be only home console as they're too big, or certain features/game modes will be missing when playing on the portable.


Hard drive size: 500gb


Launch lineup: A 3D Mario (Galaxy successor), Retro's game, Pikmin 4, Zelda WiiU port, Amiibo game, a Nintendogs type game, a Brain Age type game, a F2P game and a decent Virtual Console.


No. of Bundles available at launch: 3; Home & Portable bundle, Home console, Portable console.


Price: Home - £249.99, Portable - £149.99, Both - £349.99

If they're not aggressive enough with the pricing it'll not do well. They'll sell at a loss and make their money on games.


Release date: Nov 2016

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@lostmario having started the thread, have you any predictions on it at all?


Yeah, I just forgot to post them


Name: Nintendo Home (Home Console) & Nintendo Portable (Handheld)

I'm sticking with the names from the example. I think they will use Home & Portable to clearly differentiate the difference between the 2 systems of the new brand but with something in between Nintendo **** Home / Portable.


Graphical capability: For the Home Console inbetween Xbox One & PS4, it won't be as powerful as the PS4.


For the handheld, its depends on the battery life they are aiming for. I'd say equal to PS Vita.


Controller style: The Nintendo ***** Portable will be the default controller, so I'm going with a cross between the Gamepad and the Vita. It won't be backwards compatible with Wii Remotes but you'll be able to use the gamepad & Pro Controller as additional controllers.


The gimmick: The default controller for the home console is the handheld.


You buy the game on the home console, once installed its available to download on your handheld as well.


All retail games are on discs. Handheld digital only.


The home console is the Hub for the handheld.


Hard drive size: 1TB


Launch lineup: Super Mario 3D World 2, Zelda Wii U Port, Pikmin 4, Metroid Prime: Beginnings


No. of Bundles available at launch: 2




Nintendo **** Home & Portable £350

Nintendo **** Portable £150


You can't buy the home console without the Portable device, it is the gimmick after all.


A redesigned pro controller will be available at launch for £30


Release date:


November 18th 2016

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I was going to say the handheld would be digital only, but I don't think Nintendo would be brave enough to do that yet. Retail is probably still too big for them, plus how does it work if you buy the disk, download it to the handheld then sell the disk?

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Name: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short) (Home Console) & NES Portable (Handheld)


Graphical capability: Slightly better than PS4 and X1 (Home Console) Slightly better than Vita (Handheld)


Controller style: Likely to have multiple configerations like the WiiU had at launch, the machine will likely be compatible with the WiiU and Wii controllers and will come with one redisgned Classic controller with a small screen that has touch.


The gimmick: The NES portable is the console, like the Neo Geo X it will be placed inside the home console docking unit which will give it access to a "home configeration" joining the graphics cards together similar to an SLI and unlocking the expanded memory and controller options. The new Nintendo Network account will allow cross buy for any compatible games and allow you to sign into any new Nintendo device with the same interface, trophies/achievements also seem likely this time.


Hard drive size: likely smallish SD card in the portable but a 500gb ssd/flash memory built into the machine with the option of adding external USB drives and cards.


Launch lineup: An upgraded port of the WiiU Zelda game and Mario Maker, a new Mario themed game (not a 3d one), Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star Online 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest Online, an "exclusive" game from UBI, Rise of the Tombraider, Call of Duty and ports of the other big cross platform titles on other consoles


No. of Bundles available at launch: 2, one that comes with the NES and portable and the controller and one that ships with the same but with a larger hard drive, a NES branded version of the wii and WiiU controllers and a half baked early backers deal.


Price: £350 for the basic, £450 for premium


Release date: September 2017

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Named Nintendo Flow Home System; Nintendo Flow Personal System; Nintendo Flow GX Advance (an upgrade/add-on).


Graphics to be comparable to Xbox One; however, graphics are boosted to 1080p 60fps using the (costly) GX Advance upgrade add on. Flow Personal comparable to Vita, also sees some boost from being connected to GX add on. Developers are encouraged to develop base level game and GX Advance level game.


Controller style: Flow Portable acts as the home console controller but also available seperately. Has a large 6inch capacitive touchscreen; potentially with pressure sensing and some heptic feed back for 'feeling' virtual buttons. Camera will unlock the Portable for users by facial recognition.


The concept/gimmick is Your Nintendo Everywhere, all your services, freinds, "streetpass" contacts synced across all your devices. Though, not all games work on both. Saves stats etc always available to your Flow Personal System and seemlessly sync to nearby Home consoles (you don't loose progress, your earn stats etc if you're playing on a mates machine).


Hard drive size: Flow Home has a 128Gb SSD drive, Flow Home has 32Gb SSD storage. Both are expandable. Cloud back up of 1Gb available to all.


Launch lineup consists of a Mario party platformer - much like NSMB and Zelda "Wii U", has an exclusive FPS which is a new IP. Mario Kart Flow is launch window. 20ish games, including multiplatform from third parties. Nintendo aims to release one first party title every month in the the first year; though not all are big guns.


No. of Bundles available at launch: Flow Home bundled with Flow Personal; Flow Personal available seperately.


Price:Flow Home with one Flow Personal £279.99; solo Personal £129.99


Release date:Q4 2016.

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Number 1 prediction: The next hardware we see from Nintendo will be a portable and that it'll run alongside the 3DS for a year or so.


This is me at my most cynical. If I set my expectations on the low end, I can be surprised if it's surpassed.


Name: Nintendo DX



[*]A quad core ARM Cortex-A. Either with a core or co-processor which is locked for OS and baked in apps like Miiverse and Internet Browser usage.

[*]Probably a single core mobile GPU solution. Resulting in a jump of graphics performance but below that of the current mobile phones and tablets.

[*]Retains the dual screens of the DS and 3DS but now both are widescreen and have a higher resolution but still not 720p.

[*]The 3D screen comes from from the New Nintendo 3DS, including the motion tracking camera.

[*]Touchscreen is still resistive.

[*]Uses cartridges. Each game released has a day one digital release too but no emphasis is made and the prices are almost double that of retail. This is for fear of losing the little space still dedicated to Nintendo games.


Controller style: Same control layout as the New Nintendo 3DS.


The gimmick:

[*]More emphasis put onto Miiverse (including being able to share gameplay clips).

[*]Amiibos work without an adapter.

[*]Changeable cover plates (not compatible with New Nintendo 3DS ones)


Storage size: Comes with a 8GB Micro SD card.

Launch lineup: Mario Maker DX (a port of Mario Maker from the Wii U), New Super Mario Bros DX (a sequel to NSMB 2), Pikmin DX (a new Pikmin title). A small number of third party games such as Asphalt DX (a port of Asphalt 9), Assassin's Creed Chronicles Complete (All three games packaged up), Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Child of Light, Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete. Also a virtual console library will exist and include N64 and GBA games though it'll be sparsely populated at launch. No existing purchases carry over.


No. of Bundles available at launch: 2 bundles at launch. 1 in black, 1 in white. Both come with a game packed in.


Price: £240


Release date: March 2017

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I was going to say the handheld would be digital only, but I don't think Nintendo would be brave enough to do that yet. Retail is probably still too big for them, plus how does it work if you buy the disk, download it to the handheld then sell the disk?


I didn't think of what would happen if you sold or traded the game in, hmmm..

I can see them releasing retail titles that play on both though, dropping Blu Ray for cartridges / cards perhaps?

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I didn't think of what would happen if you sold or traded the game in, hmmm..

I can see them releasing retail titles that play on both though, dropping Blu Ray for cartridges / cards perhaps?


Yeah it makes the most sense for a one game for both console scenario (2hich would be amazing), but I worry, and this is based on zero technical knowledge, about how cart imitations would impact on 3rd parties and the general size and power needed for most games.

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