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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

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A search revealed there is no thread for this despite us having one for the initial entry in the series. As @londragon posted in his weekly updates in the 3DS eShop Thread, Senran Kagura 2 is out this weekend.


Summary: The game follows the Hanzo & Hebijo Shinobi Academies as they battle for good and evil respectively. This time however there is a greater evil at work, as the tyrannous tycoon behind the Hebijo Academy is hell-bent on raining terror across all of Japan by utilising a destructive army of summoned demons. This great danger thrusts the girls together and forces them to unite and work as one in a way the series has never seen before.


Developer: Tamsoft

Genre(s): Beat-'Em-Up

Rating: M

Price: €29.99 / £24.99




Cubed3 Review: 8/10


Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is a very competent brawler, with numerous refinements over its predecessor and a lot more content, making it the better game overall, by far. Just because it has big jugs all over the place, moving hypnotically before the eyes of those in control, doesn't mean that the underlying experience isn't enjoyable in its own right, although arguably bosoms are a big draw and the brawler in itself does not revolutionise anything enough to make it an absolute go-to for the genre. Nevertheless, it's still right up there among the finest. The environments are a bit more interesting and varied this time around than before, game modes are in abundance, and the icing on the cake is by far the multiplayer mode, local or over the Internet, which allows two players to play co-operatively. All-in-all, a great romp that improves upon its predecessor on many levels, making it feel more fleshed out and, undoubtedly, a guilty but shameless pleasure to lots of guys out there as the many ways to dress and stare at the pretty girls on offer will add to the overall enjoyment!


@Grazza @khilafah, come on in. : peace:

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