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Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

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I stole a glass from him with grape juice in aswell.


Vote: Sheikah

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Vote Standings


Sheikah (3): Cube, Rummy, MadDog


Majority has been reached



October 17, 21:10 PM

The Portsman Estate

Main Hall


Broadcast Yourself




"It seems to me that this lady is responsible for making fools of us all. We must teach her a lesson she will not forget."




"Yeah, pops, dat crazy coot be messin' up our jams and juices!"




"Yay, we caught the scary old lady!"




"Oh now this is just bullying, you young whippersnappers are always complaining about your life and bullies and how it's a problem, but when push comes to shove you bully the elderly, I'll have you know that bullies were common in my heyday and I will not yield to some half-baked claims and lies and slanders and-"





"I believe in you. Why, the attitude and disrespect shown by our fellow party members is inexcusable! Were they law enforcers such as myself, they would realise the error of their ways"



"Oh, Edgey-poo!"

"Look into my eyes, Ms.Oldbag. You know you can trust me. Reach into my arms and




I got her! Quick, search her things! Find the bottles!"





"Alright, guys, you can stop. Yes, Sheikah was the last of us thieves."



"You did well, 'Townies'."


Sheikah has been found. He was Wendy Oldbag, and he was Guilty.


Broadcast Yourself


"So, Mia, can you finally tell us why you did it?"



"Sure. It's a party tradition in my hometown of Kurain village for somebody to hide something from the other guests, and have everybody search for it. I wanted to bring that tradition to our little group, and I did it this way, considering we were celebrating the outcome of the Mafia Case. An amusing game for all our wits, so to speak"



"I just went along because I promised one of my Fräuleins I'd bring her a bottle of grape juice from this party!"



"And I went along because I understand the value of light hearted activities as a way to overcome difficulties related to-"


"Ms.Oldbag just wanted to take a few bottles home with her."





"Ah, so that was it. Okay, ya got me, Jim, I had fun with this. I bet the juice will taste even better now. Ah, the other guests have returned."


"Yeah, pal. Athena is already back, Dud and Jayseven are healthy again, the whole gang is here!"


"Nice! The 14 of us can all have a taste of this fine grape juice at last. Though we should open up with just one shot, to make a toast."







"Wait, 'one shot'? Is that where the name of the game comes fro-"


The Game is over. The town has won.

-Cube (Winfred Kitaki)

-MadDog (Larry Butz)

-Rummy (Wocky Kitaki)

-The Peeps (Miles Edgeworth)


They earned that one shot


Post-game comments will come later. I understand players will want to make their critiques first.

Edited by Jonnas

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I told you it was Sheikah! My mistake for not putting a vote on the previous day - real life got in the way.


Targeted him all three breaks since I took over from Dedede - didn't work once! Were you untargetable when killing? Otherwise I should've stopped my own death!


In fact, he was the only person I targeted this game, my original character only had a day power!


Good game, even though I technically lost twice. At least I contributed by single-handedly taking out one of the mafia :)

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I'll let Jonnas comment for me.


I do want to say.. This game should've been over much sooner (or at least there should've been more action..). All those no lynches were boring guys.

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I reverse tracked the person killed three times, yet it only seemed to help on the final day (but mostly as an additional confirmation). Actually, two of them led me to think what someone else was the killer - after I posted "either Sheikah can kill and to an action or it's MadDog I kind of realist "wait, what if that actually is the case?"

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I wish I'd had more time to dedicate to the game but I had fun with it anyway. Thanks for putting it on @Jonnas and thanks for your contributions too @Sprout :)

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