Horizon: Zero Dawn

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I feel slightly the opposite of you @Blade in terms of the story, as I thought that it started off quite slow and ordinary to begin with. I felt that the story developed really well throughout and I simply loved that final scene:



Beautiful scene, imo.

I agree though that the strong points were definitely the battles. I loved all the setting up before a big fight and then just seeing the carnage ensue! Didn't get around to playing the DLC for some reason, but it looked beautiful, so I should get on that.

I thought that there might have been a follow-up to this, but it seems to have gone a bit quiet in that regard. Would love to go back into this world!

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It was a bit all over the place but Aloy's personal journey and her quest to discover her origins was the stuff that really made a connection, even when some of the lore & world building got a little too thick for my tastes. I'd love for more focus on Aloy and the characters she meets in the next game as a driving force.

I've no doubt they're already making a sequel, it's sold way too well, though it'll take years to put a new big open world game together. Bet you my boots they announce a sequel the same day they announce a PS5.  

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Posted (edited)

That's me got the platinum trophy today after spent a week playing it. Easily one of the best games for PS4 because I have a great time playing it and the landscapes, settlements etc are drop-dead gorgeous. Meridian is my fave fictional city ever because it got unique architecture and are really huge. I'm little annoyed that Aloy don't have the same override skill as Sylens because I'll love to summon an overriden machine to assist me in a battle or using snapmaw as a boat ride etc. 

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