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Random ability mafia [sign-ups??]

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Ok, so I didn´t get any response in the riot mafia thread (remember, I´m also talking about a non-mafia variant), but I´m going to carry on with another simple idea I had. I´m in the mood to host, and if you're in the mood to play, then sign up. Or do people still need their break? (Also, I´m sick of seeing those Pokemon games at the top every time, but that aside).


The game: Random ability mafia.


It´s simple. Voting works as usual, the mafia works as usual. Regarding abilities: each day you can add an ability to the ability pool. During the night, all abilities in the pool will be randomly distributed. Abilities / actions are therefore not tied to alignment. There is some strategy involved in which abilities are chosen during the day.


Up for discussion:

If you want you can discuss pre-game if you want to have a pre-determined list of abilities you can choose for the pool each day, or if you want to discuss during the game each day what kind of abilities are allowed and added. In the first case, you need to request abilities here in the sign-ups thread. In both cases, I want to keep things simple, so you can try to request exotic abilities, but I´m going to be less liberal than the Riot mafia. That said, people can chime in on each other´s requests, so don´t necessarily have to make decisions on my own.


So, if you want to play, sign up, and let me know if you want a pre-determined list or not, and if you do, request some abilities.


[01] Cube

[02] Rummy

[03] The Peeps

[04] Jimbob






The game: Random Ability Mafia


- Mafia as usual.

- Voting as usual.

- During the day, each player can add one ability to the pool.

- During the night, all players are randomly assigned the abilities from this pool.

- If there are more abilities in the pool than players (someone is lynched for example), a lucky player gets 2 abilities.

- If there are less abilities in the pool than players (someone fails to add an ability to the pool during the day), some unlucky player doesn´t get any ability.

- One mafia member gets the kill ability in addition to their randomly distributed ability.

- Like the Riot mafia, every ability (including similar ones) can be added only once (so no 5 alignment investigations).


If needed, I´ll implement a veto system where people can vote against the adding of certain abilities, although I suspect it won´t be necessary.


[01] The Peeps

[02] Sheikah

[03] DuD

[04] Cube

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By default I´ll use the 2nd option, I suspect that will do more for discussion anyway.

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Replying to your other thread has been lost somewhere on my to-do lists, though I'd read the posts.


As for options, for this I think maybe I'm preferring the latter too, as it gives both discussion and possibly leaves the game a bit more fluid and adaptable.

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Me too. It's the playground so feel free to just make a new thread with mentions etc, probs get a better response. Eye up participants in DuD's recent? Though may be more ideal to start in the new year for activity etc - xmas might be a bit of a dead land, and I think a game like this needs a bit of good activity/commitment really #opinions

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Things are:


- I want to save the "harass people with mentions" option for "special occasions".

- I wanted this to be a quick game during the holidays. I know this is generally a slow period, but on the other hand, many members who used to be "core players" seem to be too busy now, so I thought the holiday period would actually be an advantage.


For now I'll leave this open to say week 2 of January, but I'll see if I can work on something better in the meantime. I'll be busy myself for 10 days at the end of January though.

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