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As someone who's had plus for years and recently got gamepass, I don't think Ronnie's points are totally invalid, if a bit abrasively made..

23 hours ago, Cube said:

Other than a few EA games (Jedi Fallen Order, Titanfall 2) and Control (which was on Plus with all DLC), Days Gone is better than anything on Game Pass.

This just ain't true - even just in terms of indie games, you've got Ori, Celeste, Edith Fitch, Undertale, Spiritfarer, just for starters which are easily better games before you get to the bigger studio titles.

https://www.gamepassta.com/metacritic?5ec8d577_page=1 It really is a ridiculous list and, though it's apples and pears, its, at least for the consumer, a way better platter than what sony offer.

As Sheikah says though you don't actually end up playing many of them, and moreover, it's hard to see where it'll all go in future. Theres a bit of a weird vibe the last couple of years of gamers feeling entitled to endless free stuff and free games - I suppose as a result of gamepass and Epic Games weekly freebies. I guess that's why Sony released a bunch of free games last month on PSN (cracking deal!).

I do think it's a fair point to bring up - obviously it's microsoft's money but it's definitely going to have a knock on effect on studios and studio staff - if your game isn't on gamepass you've got a massive chunk of your audience who increasingly think paying more than 20 quid for a game is weird. Curious to see how that all pans out in future as gamepass (presumably) gets bigger and bigger

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Gave Zombie Army 4: Dead War a quick go last night and I gotta say: It's not bad, definitely better than Remnant: From the Ashes. And yet my mates won't play the former with me :blank:

Anyways, Dead War is pretty much everything I thought the Zombie Mode in Call of Duty games was before I played them...just a sequence of zombies attacking you from several spots instead of some cryptic Easter Egg crap.
Will definitely finish Dead War's campaign and maybe play the occasional round of Horde Mode. :)

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