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Tales of Zestiria ( PS3 )


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I just gave up on it. Didn't like the combat, the guide I bought was shit, and the story is far from wanting me to carrying on just to complete it, as I definitivily don't want to try for the platinum, mostly because of said combat and the weapon/armour fusing system.


Never thought I was going to say it, but I had more fun with Xillia 2 :p


Considering buying Tales of the Abyss, my favourite game in the series, for 3DS if my backlog clears up in January. Played it originally on PS2.

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I played and platted ToZ on PS4, and while I had some issues with it, I overall loved it. :heart: It doesn't beat Symphonia or Xillia (which is my personal favorite), but it's a good entry in the series.


The story was overall okay, it doesn't have as many unsuspected moments as ToS had, but it's still nice. I especially found many characters (Edna, Rose, Zaveid) very likeable. :)


What struck me the most was the soundtrack -

especially in the 4 elemental main temples and near the endgame, when you beat Tiamat

- they made some really nice stuff there. ;)


Anyway, about the combat: It is similar to Graces in the way that both your normal attacks as well as special attacks are called "artes" and that your normal attacks are working via an attack tree. I liked this combat system in Graces and I still do in Zestiria. :D The armatisation is a very nice Feature too, which gives you a real feel of power (there have been many battles in the late-game for me which were really hard at first, but on the other hand really easy with armatisation). And the armatized character designs are quite cool too, in my opinion.


One of the main changes in ToZ, which others stated before, is the skill- and fusing-system of your equipment. While it at first seems very overwhemling, it actually isn't that bad - in a way that you can just ignore it, if you want to. On my first playthrough I never cared about these skills, and I just fused every possible weapon, just caring about the core stats. But on my second playthrough I used Normins to especially farm certain skills for certain tasks/ trophies, and that worked very well. I farmed some really overpowered equipment like this. :awesome:


One of my main issues about the game was the fact that leveling has become redundant, as your stats don't increase at all. You can only increase your stats via herbs and orbs (which are both main- and sidequest related).

My other main issue is the camera. I only play Tales of games together with my friend, and the camera in multiplayer is pure shit. Really, you spent most of your time adjusting the camera... :blank: After some hours I got into it - to both fight and adjust at the same time. In singleplayer I had no camera issues though.


Overall I can recommand it, like every Tales of game, to be true. :heh:

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I keep meaning to get Tales of the Abyss for 3DS. Is it as good as Symphonia?


Abyss is a solid entry, storyline not as good on the whole as Symphonia (although there are some twists that you don't see immediately)


It's a good game, sometimes doesn't seem to translate well to the smaller screen. I love Guy in it though.

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