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Just had a look and it's £34.99 on the PS store so I'll just pick it up from Game the next time I'm in there.

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2 minutes ago, killthenet said:

Just had a look and it's £34.99 on the PS store so I'll just pick it up from Game the next time I'm in there.

Ah, a shame that. Think it's been as low as £9.99 in the past, or somewhere in that region. 

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No Man's Sky's NEXT update is big

All the details from next week's huge overhaul. 

No Man's Sky ambitious NEXT update is out next week, coming to PC, PS4 and, for the first time, Xbox One. It's been a year in the making and is, it's fair to say, big.

Right now, I've only had around 30 minutes with this latest version, so it's impossible to fully appreciate its scope - but, speaking as someone that's accrued hundreds of hours with the game and its three previous updates, it's already clear that NEXT marks a significant new chapter for No Man's Sky.

The first, most striking aspect of NEXT is, unsurprisingly, its visual overhaul - and, as the recent trailer will attest, it's genuinely remarkable just how different No Man's Sky looks. Its massively improved lighting, better atmospheric effects, and increased draw distances, alongside a gorgeous new cloud rendering system, improved textures, better water, an optional new third-person camera, and more, combine to create a much more subtle aesthetic.

Perhaps more than anything though, it's the newfound sense of scale that impresses, with the game now sporting a more "earth-like" planetary generation system. Mountains tower above undulating valleys, populated by looming trees, larger architectural "props", and notably improved fauna. Creatures feature more nuanced animations, improved AI, and a broader range of sounds, all of which help sell the illusion of life just that little bit harder.


But Hello Games' changes go beyond mere aesthetic tinkering, and it's surprising just how much has, in the last year, been tweaked and enriched. It'll require a lot more time to properly gauge the true impact of NEXT, but here are a few early observations: the entire opening of No Man's Sky has been once again reworked to make for a more accessible introduction to the game's sometimes opaque systems - which have only grown more complex through the previous three major updates.

Your first task is still to gather resources to repair your downed ship - and, to be clear, the fundamental loops that drive the game haven't changed, even if the depth of activities around them certainly have - but even in the early moments, there's ample evidence of the sheer breadth of NEXT's additions, such as the introduction of a refinery, which enables the creation of new resources out of those mined from planets.

Crucially, No Man's Sky's structural reworking gives much faster access to some of its more interesting tools. Now, not only do you get a ship in the opening hour, you're given access to the the likes of the terraformer - enabling you to shape the earth at will, useful for carving out spots for bases or escaping a planet's harsh environment - as well as access to base building. Notably too, freighters - the vast starships that essentially act as giant, portable bases - are no longer the domain of the super rich, but will arrive early on as a freebie.

That's important, as No Man's Sky places renewed emphasis on freighters; improved versions of these, with betters stats, can be found around the galaxy as play progresses, and freighters have been redesigned so that customisable areas (now basically a large hangar, waiting to be filled with rooms) are front and centre, giving a much greater sense of ownership and personalisation.


Additionally, your freighter is where you'll encounter the new frigate system. This wasn't a feature I saw myself during my playtime, but is described as something like Monster Hunter's Palico system. You can buy frigates - up to 50 in a fleet, which will be visible around your freighter - and each can have its own specialisations. Frigates are sent on procedurally generated missions which play out in real-time, and can be followed across the galaxy or simply left to complete their mission, reaping the rewards of a successful adventure.

Freighters are also home to the new procedurally-generated multiplayer quest system. Now, you're able to form wings and set out across the galaxy, working together to complete the likes of dogfighting missions and more. And speaking of multiplayer, it's impressive just how well integrated it is, feeing like a natural extension of the experience, rather than something awkwardly bolted onto the existing core.

Resource gathering no longer feels quite so much of a chore when you've up to three other friends in a party; creative collaboration on building projects and the likes is a joy, and simply exploring the galaxy with friends in tow makes for a much less lonely place. And there are plenty of well-considered touches too, such as being able to mark points of interest for others to see, and easily dropping resources straight into friends' inventories.

NEXT's additions go much further though: building has received a major overhaul, with a greater focus on construction using individual pieces (floors, walls, ceilings, etc.) to make more elaborate, more distinct rooms and layouts - and I was especially taken with the way room pieces now automatically carve out the landscape, meaning it's easy to build cosy planetary bases underground, straight into the rock.

And, of course, with restrictions lifted in terms of base size and placement - you can now build anywhere on a planet - there's much greater scope for creativity. What's more, you can finally have multiple bases, meaning that it's no longer necessary to undo all your previous work if you find an appealing new planet on your travels and want to establish a new home.


Even a relatively brief time with NEXT impresses, with its procession of subtle adjustments, welcome quality of life features, and bigger additions such as multiplayer - although it's hard to tell if the game's weighting has been shifted enough to move its focus away from the sometimes fiddly survival and resource gathering core loops that put off some at launch. Answers to these questions will come in time.

And speaking of things to come, Hello Games has one last surprise in the form of its post-launch plans for NEXT. With three massive updates under its belt, the team is keen to adopt a schedule of smaller, regular updates, to ensure a consistent run of new experiences. To that end, it's implementing something akin to a live events programme, in which players can work to achieve certain community goals in order to earn a second currency that can be spent in a new in-game rewards shop. This currency - and Hello is keen to stress that this is all free, and that there will be no micro-transactions - can be used to purchase the likes of emotes, customisation parts, and eventually unique ships and vehicles.

That's still not all though; this will be joined by a new Galaxy map system, enabling players to scrutinise No Man's Sky from afar. It's a way of highlighting just how much of a living, changing space it is, thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of the game's remarkably engaged community. It will show the likes of galactic hubs and just how far afield the surrounding systems have been explored, as well as player discoveries, and even community-provided points of interest - whether these be screenshots, stories, or poems.

It certainly seems that Hello Games' efforts over the last year have brought significantly more scope, scale, and depth to No Man's Sky's galaxy - and I can't wait to see and share more.


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Looks like this update is just what I needed to get back to the game.

Downloaded it, hope the patch will download over night and I can jump right into it tomorrow :D 

Will start from scratch in normal mode :peace: 

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1 hour ago, drahkon said:

Looks like this update is just what I needed to get back to the game.

Downloaded it, hope the patch will download over night and I can jump right into it tomorrow :D 

Will start from scratch in normal mode :peace: 

I'll be starting from scratch too. 

If anyone wants to add me on PSN it's: somme_uk

I'm hoping that this finally means your friends will show up on the new and vastly improved galactic map.

They've already launched the browser version which helps you find out where you are in the galaxy and easily share your location online. https://galacticatlas.nomanssky.com/

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Patch is up. 



Update 1.5, NEXT, introduces a full multiplayer experience, near-unlimited base building, command of freighter armadas, a graphical overhaul and more.

This update marks the two year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, and a lot has changed. Please see Atlas Rises, Pathfinder, and Foundation for previous major updates.

This is an important next step on our journey.


  • Team up with a small group of friends and explore the universe together, or be joined by random travellers.

  • Help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive.

  • Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies.

  • Group up to build communal bases, farms, and racetracks, and share your creations with all players online.

  • Explore the galaxy at your own pace, or progress together from the very start of the game and all the way through the story.

  • Progress together through the tutorial and story, or explore freely.

  • Invite your friends aboard your Freighter and take on challenging multiplayer missions from the Galactic Commission Station on your bridge.

  • Communicate with other players vocally using a headset, and / or converse using text chat on PC.

  • While wandering the galaxy solo, continue to experience chance encounters with strange floating orbs.

Community Engagement

In-Game Community Content

  • Soon after the release of No Man's Sky NEXT, Hello Games has planned its first season of weekly content and community events.

  • This will be free for all players, with no microtransactions. Take part in these community missions to unlock new rewards and customisations.

  • Players will also be able to interact with Xbox One Mixer streamers by helping or hindering their gameplay.

Galactic Atlas Website

  • NEXT marks the launch of a new website dedicated to the community, which we’re calling the Galactic Atlas.

  • The site features points of interest in the No Man’s Sky Euclid Galaxy, and will grow in functionality and expand over time, in part through your feedback.

  • Key Regional Hubs are marked, with discovery statistics and community events appearing soon.

Base Building

  • Bases can now be built anywhere on any planet, high in mountains or underwater.

  • Hundreds of new base parts have been added to unlock more creative possibilities.

  • Teleporters can now be built anywhere on the planet surface, and the teleporter menu has been reworked for ease of use.

  • Base complexity and size limits have been dramatically increased.

  • Players can own multiple bases, spread across regions, planets or star systems.

  • Sculpt the terrain around your base with the improved terrain manipulator.

Third Person

  • The game is fully playable in third or first person, both on-foot and in ship.

  • Ship controls in both views now allow for true low flight mode across the surface of planets.

  • Communicate with other players using expressive gestures available from the quick menu.

Character Customisation

  • Construct an Appearance Customiser in your base or freighter to personalise your appearance.

  • Play as a Gek, Vy’keen, Korvax or Traveller / Anomaly.

Freighter Enhancements

  • Assemble and upgrade a fleet of frigates, each specialised to excel in combat, exploration, trade, industry, or support. Command your frigates from the bridge of your freighter to complete real-time fleet missions.

  • Call on your fleet for assistance in space battles, or deploy them to help you explore a specific system.

  • Improved freighter base building allows for a truly custom capital ship.

Crafting and Resources

  • All core substances and resources have been reworked and rebalanced to increase consistency and realism.

  • Planetary resources have been expanded, with unique substances and items to find and refine based on the planet’s biome and weather, as well as stellar classification.

  • Deployable tech can be picked up and carried in your inventory.

  • Crafting is deeper with the addition of buildable refiners. Convert raw substances into more valuable materials for constructing advanced products and base parts.

  • Experiment with refiner recipes to discover all the possibilities!

Procedural Tech

  • Discover unique procedurally generated technology to upgrade your Exosuit, Multi-Tool and Starships.

Analysis Visor Enhancements

  • Quickly locate terrain resources and buried products with the improved analysis visor.

  • Set short-term goals by tagging the markers of points of interest.

  • Pinpoint your exact location on a planet with visible latitude and longitude coordinates.

Missions and Structure

  • The opening section of the game has been overhauled, introducing new story elements and an early taste of advanced gameplay features, as well as a new mission chain for players with bases.

  • Envoys in Space Stations offer rewards and tributes to high-ranking members of their Guilds

  • Mission types have been expanded, with photography, feeding, freighter attack and defence, archaeology, and specialised hunting missions now available.

Graphical Enhancements

  • Dramatically improved visuals bring more life than ever to planetary landscapes.

  • Experience a greater sense of planetary scale with massively improved draw distance.

  • Deep improvements to planetary terrain generation create more varied alien environments, featuring higher mountains and more navigable cave systems.

  • Planet surfaces now look more interesting and representative from orbit.

  • The universe is more diverse than ever with colour palette variety, dense forests and large trees, and abandoned and empty systems.

  • New dynamic tessellation enables detailed terrain height maps without sacrificing performance. Tessellation will be rolling out in parity to all platforms that can support it very soon.

  • Hazardous storms look more dramatic with new biome-specific particle effects.

  • Significantly more detail added to ship, NPC, and building textures.

  • Planetary rings of asteroids and improved space visuals make space more beautiful than ever.

  • Explore vast oceans of visually improved bodies of water with new continental terrain shapes.

  • Dynamic volumetric clouds create more realistic planetary atmospheres. Increased quality clouds will be rolling out in parity to all platforms very soon.

UI Overhaul

  • The HUD has been remixed to both improve readability and reduce intrusion on the gameplay area.

  • The visual location of messages is better prioritised to help emphasise critical information.

  • Quality of life improvements make the build menu and the quick menu more efficient.

  • Inventory stacks can now be split for a more streamlined experience.

  • Players with freighters can summon any of their personal starship fleet at any time.

  • Maintenance and repair interactions have had a visual and functional overhaul. Repairs now take place ‘in-world’, and can be carried out in incremental stages.

  • Players interested in salvage can repair damaged ships + Multi-Tools by gathering the right components and fixing damaged slots.

Space Station Marketplace

  • Purchase all your space exploration needs in the huge new Space Station Marketplace.

  • Exploration, Fauna and Flora

  • Find and excavate buried ruins with the Terrain Manipulator to unearth locked ancient treasures.

  • Use the Terrain Manipulator to locate buried technology modules and turn the salvaged components into new base parts with the Blueprint Analyser.

  • Some creature types will herd together, grazing and fleeing from danger as a group.

  • Creatures now respond more enthusiastically to being fed, recognising you as a friend and alerting nearby creatures to the food source.

  • Creature movements now appear more natural and intelligent, with improved AI and entirely revamped animations.

  • Sentinel behaviours and animations have been improved. Players can stand their ground in combat, or take advantage of the time between reinforcement waves to escape and find a place to avoid Drone scans and searches.

  • Find Navigation Data and use it in the overhauled Signal Booster to locate planetary structures.

  • Survive the threat of new hazardous flora and fauna. Be careful if you touch the eggs...


  • Creature voices are now more diverse, and NPC vocals have been updated to match their new set of animations.

  • New foley for the player character is audible throughout the game.

  • Ship sounds and combat audio have been improved.

  • The game soundtrack is expanded with several new music tracks composed by Paul Weir.

Patch Notes

Third Person

• Third person camera for walking, jetpacking, swimming and in-ship flight

• New player models

• Completely reworked animation system

• New animations for players, as well as NPCs and creatures

• System and animations for gestures

• Character customisation

• Player character turns to look at points of interest

• New get in / out of vehicle effect

• Interactions show the player character where appropriate

• Warping in ship is in third person

• Resized various deployable tech to better fit third person mode


• Real time missions

• Scheduled missions

• Multiplayer missions

• Completely overhauled tutorial

• New mission types - photography, feeding, freighter combat, archaeology, and specialised hunting missions

• Guild envoy missions


• Bases can be built anywhere

• Players can own multiple bases

• Hundreds of new base parts

• Increased base complexity / size limits

• Joint base building

• Improved teleporting and selection between teleport destinations

• Improved terrain editor modes and options to be more intuitive

• Toned down saturation intensity of palette choices for colouring base building parts

• Base terrain editing now stops when you hit the limit rather than overwriting old edits

• Bases can now be deleted

• Improved system for placing base building parts

• Increased base building radius and made it expandable

• Disabled base auto uploading, and added manual controls

• Enabled downloading more than one external base from other players


• Frigate fleets feature - including missions, upgrade system, system combat and exploration assistance

• Overhauled base building inside player freighters

• Reworked and added procedural textures to freighter bridge hologram planet

• Redesigned path from freighter hangar to bridge

• Improved speed of airlock doors opening on freighters

Crafting and Resources

• Reworked and rebalanced all core substances and resources

• Deployable tech can now be picked up

• Added refiner based crafting system

• Added Craftable ammunition

• Improved damage falloff on mining beam


• Additional markers visible in analysis visor

• Points of interest can be tagged from analysis visor

• Latitude / longitude displayed on analysis visor

• Improved HUD layout

• HUD lines dynamically hidden with the corresponding UI elements

• Improved notification layout

• Improved build menu

• Improved quick menu

• Inventory stack splitting

• New repair interface

• All player owned ships can now be summoned

• Added system for repairing damaged inventory slots

• Backpack showing in your inventory will now match customised character backpack

• Backpack bars display hazard protection and life support

• In-ship map now highlights enemies

• Improved docking indicators when flying

• Completely reworked shop UI

• Nanites no longer take up inventory slots

• Scanning ships shows their slot count

• Save slots are now sorted by timestamp

• Galaxy map can show multiple markers for each system

• Added dynamic suit protection inventory icon

• Inventory full notifications now take into account cargo slots

• Fixed camera voxel to star voxel in Galactic map

• Can pin base building recipes on the HUD

• Added danger icons to tentacle plants

• Improved tech and product pinning, with more detailed guides to obtaining the build requirements

• Improved compass

• Improved HUD marker icons for objects of interest

• Added multiplayer text chat on PC

Graphics and Planet Generation

• Improved fog and increased draw distance

• New terrain generation system for improved navigability and more varied earth-like and alien landscapes

• Reduced situations where cave props can be spawned above ground

• Improved particle systems fading out over distance

• Added support for extremely large biome props

• Improved and increased variety of clouds and cloud shadows seen from space

• Improved planet surface rendering from space

• Improved terrain lods and visuals when flying in from space

• Improved colour selection during planet generation

• Improved sky and fog colour selection

• Tightened triplanar texture blend areas

• New colour mapping system to create more varied and atmospheric visuals

• Improved tree density

• Tree size variation

• Added empty systems, with no current inhabitants

• Added abandoned systems, with derelict space stations

• Improved storm visuals

• Improved textures for ship, NPCs, and buildings

• Added planetary ring system

• Increased asteroids density in space

• Improved space visuals

• Added support for larger bodies of water

• Character shadows for first person gameplay

• Adjusted TAA settings to reduce shadow blurring on terrain

• Added particle effect when flying above water

• Splash particle effects

• Inventory and pause menu now uses depth of field to blur in-game camera

• Balanced intensity of lights in the Atlas station

• Updated model of hologram backpack in suit upgrade chamber

• Improved water surface and foam shaders

• Improved water reflections to better match terrain

• Improved imposter visuals and lighting to better match nearby objects

• Switched object and terrain fading to use Blue Noise to give smoother transitions

• Improved compression on some textures generated in-game

• Improved terrain texture blending and selection

• Improved sand and cave colour selection

• Improved beach blending and visuals

• Brightened cave interiors, especially at night

• Improved storm effect fading as you enter buildings

• Added gun model for ships

• New high quality tree models and textures

• Fixed an issue with landing pad UVs

• Improved drone, quad and walker models

• New drone texture effects

• Added more varied underwater and underground objects

• Improved appearance of Gravitino Balls

• Major improvements to biome object placement

• Improved crystal placement

• Improved marker distances for gameplay props

• Added terrain objects which cannot be destroyed by player ships

• Improved colours, brightness, saturation of creature textures

• Tweaked rock textures

• Improved scale of underground objects

• Tweaked poison blob particle effects

• Improved cave biome glowing plant lights

• Optimised cave biome prop performance

• Improved bushes and underwater plants

• Improved asteroid texture balance

• Improved abandoned slimey diffuse colours

• Improved under-foot dust effects

• Improved heavy air in caves

• Improved scale of gameplay plants

• Improved toxic grass diffuse texture

• Tweaked mountain fragments on certain biomes

• Improved vertex displacement on flags to make them wave nicer

• Improved smoke and damage effects on ships and distress beacons

• Modified frequency of wordstones, crates, underground props and damaged machinery

• Improved rare gem collection effect

• Improved ship trail effects

• New engine effect for ships

Space Stations and Buildings

• Overhauled space station interior

• New space station marketplace

• New style for stairs in space station

• Redesigned look of teleporter in space station

• Added variation to building interior layouts and props

• Added a small ramp to the drop pod for easier access

• Improved building frequency

• Added LOD system for base building parts to increase draw distances and complexities

Exploration, Fauna and Flora

• New underground ruins building type

• Buried technology modules and blueprint analysis

• Overhauled signal booster and navigation data input

• Procedurally generated technology

• Procedurally generated products

• Improved creature pathfinding

• Improved creature response to feeding

• Herd behaviour for creatures

• Improved scales and maximum sizes of creatures

• Improved sentinel drone behaviour, proximity indicator and escape gameplay

• Improved matching of creature body parts to their role

• Coprite improvements

• New hazardous fauna

• New hazardous flora

• Improved scan ranges for biome specific plants

• Added new armoured drone type

• Must use the terrain editor to mine resource deposits

• Improved Colossus speed and fuel tanks / consumption

• Different ship classes use different amounts of launch fuel

• New name generation system for planets / ships / weapons / creatures

• Increased variety in creature descriptions

• Nada + Polo's tasks are now tracked in the Mission Log

• Fancier descriptions for planetary weather conditions

• Changed starting Exosuit inventory size

• Increased the number of Exosuit cargo slots available to purchase

• Increased crafted item stack size in the Exosuit to 5

Controls and Combat

• Climbing traversal more challenging and rewarding

• Added ability to slide down cliffs

• Player movement is more dynamic

• Air resistance simulation for jetpack navigation

• Multi-tool manual holstering / unholstering

• Ship weapons can be used against ground targets

• Splash damage added to ship weapons when used against ground targets

• Improved low level flight, with destruction of terrain objects with which you collide

• Fixed jitter on physics debris pieces

• Stopped player colliding with tiny rocks on scorched biomes

• Crit points on sentinel drones and quads

• Combat scope module for the Multi-Tool

• Personal forcefield module for the Multi-Tool

• New grenade types

• Improved weapon alternative mode, also with better HUD display

• Sentinel drones can repair quads and walkers in battle

• Improved sentinel quadruped behaviour, pouncing, evade

• Improved walker behaviour with different attack modes

• Extra armour plating added to sentinels arriving in combat

• Fixed placement of off-planet markers and improved pulse drive flight towards marked destinations


• Updated creature vocals

• New third person foley for player and NPCs

• Additional loading music and a new track when starting normal mode

• Revised ship engine sounds

• Added low flying ship sounds

• Revised underwater sounds

• Improved combat audio and overhauled Quad and Walker audio

• New NPC vocals

• New Frigate audio

Stability / Balancing / Fixes

• Fixed a number of issues with atmospherics and water rendering on the horizon

• Fixed text clipping issues in some languages

• Fixed certain cases where opening the settings menu silently changed resolution

• Fixes for several uncommon out of memory crashes

• Fixed transition between lighting when flying to space

• Fixed and improved a number of situations for flattening terrain around buildings

• Fixed cases where terrain tiles could be missing or slow to appear while flying around or into planet

• Fixed crashed freighters having underground treasure too low to mine down to

• Prevented dead planets ever having atmospheres

• Prevented some story-critical buildings being placed underwater

• Fixed lighting issues with double sided leaf shaders

• Fixed repetitive tiling textures on some foliage leaves

• Fixed issues with loading some particularly large saves

• Fix for superconductive lock bug

• Voice chat quality and reliability improvements

• Fixed scan events for players who have managed to go off-grid

• Fix for edited terrain regions repeatedly regenerating themselves unnecessarily

• Fixed rocks showing up as the wrong colour on frozen biomes

• Fix occasional hang in asynchronous IO

• Fixes for non-instance LODs

• Added geometry streaming system

• Made numerous memory savings to improve overall stability

• Made the damaged machinery turn off the sparks and smoke effect when you have finished the interaction

• Rebalanced AI ship damage

• Balanced ship to ground target damage

• High performance(1440p) and High Quality(2160p) rendering modes added for Xbox One X

• Made numerous grass and foliage rendering optimisations

• Optimised per-frame renderer memory usage

• Optimised various engine components using async compute

• Various optimisations

• Various miscellaneous bug fixes


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Had a quick look at the game. My base is gone(temporarily I hope) as well as pretty much every upgrade I have made and installed to suit, ship and weapon. Given how much time I've spent on it and the cash I've earned I don't want to start over, but I feel a little bit discouraged to find all the upgrades again.

Anycase, at least want to get the base back up. Where do I get Chromatic metal?

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Sorry @somme

I was just having a quick go before heading out. :D Multiplayer works great, though, doesn't it?


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1 hour ago, drahkon said:

Sorry @somme

I was just having a quick go before heading out. :D Multiplayer works great, though, doesn't it?


Haha, yeah that was great. Wondered where you'd gone. It did feel strangely lonely after you left! 

Getting quite a lot of crashes on my PS4 Pro... but they normally sort out those bugs by the first weekend.

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I hope they sort the bugs out soon. I haven't had any crashes, but so far I've had one of my ships disappear from my freighter twice and I've had to restart to get it to reappear. I think it disappears every time I move the freighter. Wouldn't be much of an issue if I wasn't using it as storage. The first time it happened, I landed my other ship in the slot it should have been in, causing them both to spawn in the same slot when I reloaded. Took off with one ship, only for it to embed itself in the wall of my freighter with no way out. Ended up reloading and taking off in the other ship, which fortunately worked fine.

I've also got a glitch where my freighter is fully fuelled, but can't warp as it says I have no warp fuel. Apparently it's due to the warp drive being in the technology tab, meaning the game doesn't recognise it. So I'm stuck in my current system until it's fixed.

The game is much better than when it was released, but it's still a buggy mess and a little bit empty.

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I downloaded the update yesterday and got a quick go in on it before the PlayStation network decided to go down and throw me out the game and yeah, it's a bit overwhelming loading up my previous save file and finding everything has changed again.

Bit annoyed that all my upgrades were made redundant. Even though I was able to get a bunch of nanite clusters for dismantling them, I've still got to go and purchase and then build a set of new upgrades for everything with new materials, some of which I don't know recipes for. It's put a big downer on jumping back in again as to get back to the level of gear I was at looks like it'll take ages.

Not sure if I should just start a new save and relearn things from the beginning to offset that but don't really feel like I should have to. If they couldn't find a way to carry things over then let us have legacy saves that keep the previous tech and if you want to play all the new stuff, start a new file or something.

Still, it looks like it's taken a massive step forward in most departments. Having a third person viewpoint is a nice novelty, even if some animations are a bit weird. Visually, the game does look a lot better but the frame rate drops so frequently now with the change that it stutters in places (I'm playing on an O.G. PS4). I'd already gotten to try the improved story on the last update so I'll have to see what else they've added but it was a step in the right direction, even if there was too much back and forth for me to stick with it.

I'm interested to see how it all coalesce with more time with it but I'm not sure how much I'll play the new update. All the changes have rubbed me slightly the wrong way and even though I've gotten to grips with some of them, they don't feel like an improvement, rather an overcomplication. We'll see how it fares.

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So the photo mode is pretty good.

My freighter, LS00-Bebop:



My hauler, Bal-Bas-Bow:



The ship I bought because it looked funny, Pest:



Me, in front of my main ship (Viper II) on my first colonised planet, which I aptly named "Witch's Tit":



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Nice screenshots, @Goafer. There wasn't a photo-mode when I first played this, so it's nice to know that it's there waiting for me when I jump back in. 

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So i didn't expect i'd loose 90% of my upgrades! what do i do with the clusters/components i got from them? i'm so weak again.

Not keen on third person view in my current ship a hauler, i can't quite put my finger on it, the camera might be too close?

I wonder if i should have just started again now, i'm totally lost and no idea what to do about it

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3 minutes ago, Agent Gibbs said:

So i didn't expect i'd loose 90% of my upgrades! what do i do with the clusters/components i got from them? i'm so weak again.

Not keen on third person view in my current ship a hauler, i can't quite put my finger on it, the camera might be too close?

I wonder if i should have just started again now, i'm totally lost and no idea what to do about it

I'm planning to just completely start over. It seems to make more sense to treat this almost as a reboot, so start over, I say!

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24 minutes ago, Agent Gibbs said:

So i didn't expect i'd loose 90% of my upgrades! what do i do with the clusters/components i got from them? i'm so weak again.

Not keen on third person view in my current ship a hauler, i can't quite put my finger on it, the camera might be too close?

I wonder if i should have just started again now, i'm totally lost and no idea what to do about it

I sold mine and made a fortune. You can convert them to technology modules as well, which can be useful in crafting. They're easily obtainable later from merchants if you'd rather sell everything now and bask in excess cash.

I carried on my save, as I had a decent ship and plenty of cash. I personally think it's worth carrying on your save and just treating it like a new game, but with a bit of a headstart. You still find a sort of tutorial mission after a few system jumps.

I don't like the third person view either. It seems to floaty and doesn't seem like it's actually attached to your character. The ship one is better.

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I started over.. and then my new save got corrupted. Don't do any freighter/frigate missions for the time being. There's a weird bug which corrupts your save though they're working on it and have been releasing bug patches every few days. First few weeks are normally a bit buggy. I wasn't that bothered really - it's all just so much better I don't mind starting over somewhere completely new.

I've stuck to first person for the ship as I thought third felt weird. But I'm a sucker for third-person on foot. I'd normally choose first but there's something about seeing your character in this. Makes it feel more like a sci-fi story for some reason.

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No Man's Sky is getting the VR treatment. It's not a separate mode, it's the full game full universe in VR. And for free! :)

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It's crazy to learn that they are still improving and add new things to the game. Won't surprised me if people are still gonna play this game on PS5. 

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