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Monster Hunter: Gift & Hunt Together Promotion

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I am getting my 3DS XL next week, and I own MH3 already. Got the download code offer ready from my own account, and also one from my mate that I could potentially use.

So how do I go about this? From what I can see, I have two options:


With my code - register my new XL to a new Club Nintendo account and redeem the code on that one. HOWEVER, when doing a system transfer, will the fact the eshop will be linked to my CN account now (and I want it to be anyway) mean I won't be able to redeem it? Not bothered about losing the 1000 points for the console, want the game downloaded!


With my mates code - system transfer to new xl, set up with my existing club nintendo account, use his code and download the game! However because I already have the game registered to my account (and already used this promotion myself) will it not allow me to to do it?


I'm not even sure that makes sense, I've tied myself in a knot trying to work out how to do it, if I can at all, anyone any ideas?!

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