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NINTENDO @ E3: Penguins Approaching. It's Just a Box!

Fused King

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To think, in little over a week we will finally know just what the WiiU is all about!!!


Don't forget that we're guaranteed to see PIKMIN 3 in HD!


Reggie, we love you!



I think deep down, Reggie really has a deep-rooted hate for Geoff.

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As a guy who watches E3 more for the laughs than the games, I'm just hoping we get some more hilariously awkward shit. Here's 2 examples of the worst conferences for games, but the best for laughs:



How could you miss the king of embarrassing E3s!?



Nothing will top this classic, nothing! Anyone that tries will just be sucked.

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How could you miss the king of embarrassing E3s!?



Nothing will top this classic, nothing! Anyone that tries will just be sucked.


That conference wasn't embarrassing! It was so fucking funny I'm convinced it was intentional.


As I said earlier in this topic though, I hope Tak Fujii is around this E3.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Metroid HD





allegedly posted by an ex-Retro developer....:blank:




Pretty stunning if so.... No sign of Fox then :p


Imagine how Fox's fur would look with that much crips-ness to it :o

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I know this gets brought up a lot... but regarding missing franchises on the Wii...


What exactly were Nintendo thinking, by not bringing Luigi's Mansion 2 and Mario Tennis to the Wii, and instead subsequently making them part of the 3DS library?


You couldn't get two games more suited for the console/in-line with Nintendo's more intuitive gameplay strategy.


To me it almost indicates that they didn't have enough belief in the console or in motion controls... and yet it's what they're continuing to move forward with!


Likewise both games would have made perfect Wii U launch titles, but no.

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Here's the deal - I work in more than one part-time job and one of them may have me work on the evening during Nintendo's conference. I'm gonna try to participate in some extreme sports throughout the week so that I can get fucked up so I've got an excuse to take that shitting day off that the Queen kindly provided for us. If I make it out of those extreme activities in one piece then that glitch is just plain dick. Really not resting happily at the minute.

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Konami's 'conference' is going to be pre-recorded again like last year. Their E3 2010 performance really hit them hard!


EDIT: Actually, while I'm here I might as well make some serious predictions for E3 rather than the joke predictions I keep making.


I'm only going to do the big three, so in order of who starts when..



Opens up with Halo 4 or Black Ops 2.

It's a tough call, although Halo is an exclusive, Call of Duty sells more and they usually open up with real time footage of it so they can dress it up as if it were an exclusive. But they might try to use Halo 4 to snap up COD's market share more aggressively.


No mention of their next-gen console.

Although I've got the feeling that I might be wrong about this one (they were the first to reveal a current gen console after all), they're still focussing on the multimedia aspect of the console to maximise sales. I would be surprised if they don't go for the 'cheap PC' look of the 360 by announcing Internet Explorer for it. It's hilarious how they still wont offer an internet browser.


Still bigging up the Kinect, but abandon any hopes for a 'hardcore' image.

For the last few years they've been insisting on showing 'hardcore' games like shooters etc using Kinect and from the looks of it, it's just not working out. Cue the third round of annual sports and fitness releases..


Exclusives run thin. We've already seen this, but I think it's about time people start realising the coffin has been nailed and that if the hardware is pretty much equal, it's more profitable to go multi-platform.



Vita becomes more of an extension to the PS3

With the Wii U possibly shaping up to be the only next-gen console at E3 this year, Sony can easily still hit at the competition by offering new tools allowing the Vita to be used like a tablet for PS3 games. They have been able to do this with the PSP already any way, but the new touch controls on the Vita easily makes things more accessible.


Vita dominates most of the time, and rightly so

Pretty much every one is aware of the current sales problems of the Vita, and Sony's reluctance to announce a price cut thus far and the lack of any recent promotions to entice people to pick one up in the West is hint enough that something big is being announced for it.


No price cut, new bundle that includes one of the higher capacity memory cards possibly at the current going price of the Vita, maybe a little more. Black Ops 2 announced, possibly an exclusive and released the same day as console versions. Monster Hunter Portable 4, with Sony acquiring publishing rights for USA and Europe to guarantee it comes out in these areas, considering we all know what Capcom is like. More HD ports of RPG's announced and focus on the new support from publishers like Sega who now seem to be capable of running Dreamcast ports on the Vita.


Streaming services for both PS3 and Vita

Hero-of-Time already posted about this in the 'Other Consoles' section and I think that it would be a good pre-emptive move by Sony for doing so. No other console manufacturer has expressed interest as of yet, but there's enough interest in streaming services going around that it seems foolish to not acknowledge it.



Wii U name sticks, main console changed, image of controller that was leaked is legit

Can handle 1080p games, but may possible use dynamic frame buffer technology like PS3 so that the resolution is constantly changing and is very rarely displaying in true 1080p. Graphical performance slightly better than current consoles, but history will repeat whenever the PS4 and the next Xbox is announced.


Nintendo sticking to only allowing one tablet controller to be fully functional at a time for a Wii U console, others can be used but any functions involving the screen will be disabled for those. NFC announced, as we pretty much already know. They might announce those little VMU-esque things, but I think it might be more likely that you can tie 3DS's to the Wii U and install an application that allows you to spot pass with that. If they do announce the VMU-esque thing that's been rumoured, it's a totally optional extra for those who don't own a 3DS and will need to be purchased separately.


Sonic reboot announced, Luigi's Mansion 2 possibly being moved to Wii U instead of the 3DS. Possibly every big multi-platform title this winter being available on release day to ensure there's enough games available throughout the inevitable drought. I'm still hoping on Phantasy Star Online 2 being announced, the new Tales of game possibly being announced for it too.


No 3DS revision yet, but have some of these games

I can see a second drought happening here. I imagine there will be a lot of focus on third party titles going on here as Nintendo prepare to go quiet for a while as they prepare for the Wii U launch. If Nintendo don't offer to publish Monster Hunter on behalf of Capcom, I can see it being a no show. Animal Crossing gets dated, Nintendo announce new but minimal effort titles that will be coming soon (New Super Mario Bros 2 does nothing but reaffirm my belief in this), but announce some big titles that we can expect early next year or later such as Super Smash Bros and possibly Metroid.

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I really agree with some points made by Jose. Surely Nintendo are gonna let you carry over your VC games from the Wii to the WiiU, right? If not it will be a massive slap in the face.


While Nintendo do have a system to transfer Virtual Console games (once I proved my old Wii was stolen, it took them ten minutes), I suspect that it would be done similar to the DSi/3DS - you'll need to have both consoles on and download an app for each to transfer them.

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While Nintendo do have a system to transfer Virtual Console games (once I proved my old Wii was stolen, it took them ten minutes), I suspect that it would be done similar to the DSi/3DS - you'll need to have both consoles on and download an app for each to transfer them.


That's not bad then. I hope you're right...

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I'm secretly hoping Nintendo announces a firmware update at E3 that introduces/forces "proper" accounts for the Wii/DSi/3DS. Really they should do it before they start offering retail games for Digital Downloads so if NSMB2 is first then they have until August.


Purchases are already loosely linked to your Club Nintendo but it's optional, hopefully it won't be too hard to implement.

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The old lord of N-Europe is one of those people.


Indeed he is. :D


Is he the one on the left? I thought he was pretty funny and was trying his best to start a convo. He also loves Viva Pinata, which is always a good thing. The guy on the right looked to be nursing a hangover and the one in the middle looked like a stoner. :)

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