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K A T Y B - O N A M I S S I O N



It took me a year to finally understand her, but I'm loving her album more and more upon each listen.


It's been coming REALLY high on a lot of critics end of year polls (think Guardian's no.2 album of the year, among others. Oh and she was nominated for the Mercury award too, like the only real award left in town), and I now see why. It's pretty special. Though it took me a long time to see why. It's so on-trend-yet-also-setting-trends-yet-drawing-from-years-of-UK-Funky/Garage/whatever.


But also the songs are down to earth and not about the 'fantasy of DA CLUB' in most dance music. It's much more honest. I just feel like wearing a vest and trainers and dancing in a club a la the one in Black Swan, not giving a shit about anyone else, when I listen to Katy B.


But yeah it kinda washed over me at first, but if you let it, it'll possess you.


This was jokingly directed by one of my tutors (who also did the iconic Just by Radiohead and The Scientist by Coldplay):




I like the atmosphere of this one. I can't place it.


This was her big hit early on I somehow missed out on:


This is the latest I've fallen in love with:

Ignore the horrible fan video.


And I guess Lights On was her biggest song but I don't really like it that much and you've probs all heard it anyway, so here's a really good remix.



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Yep definitely a highlight album for me this year.

But also a surprise.


Witches Brew is one of my favourite songs of the year too - it's brilliant.


What I like about her is that she has a very early Sugababe / Siobhan Donaghy sound which is obviously not intentional, but it's really apparent in tracks like Easy Please Me.


She is great and I'm pleased she has managed to get some great reviews for her album as it is thoroughly deserved.


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It's very early and I honestly thought for a moment you were telling me that the B stood for Bonamission

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