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Games clear out (Xbox 360, PC)


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Need some cash for Christmas so I'm popping this lot up. Offers welcome! Discounts for bundles :)


Xbox 360


Batman - Arkham City (No Catwoman code) - £25

Bad Company 2 - £8

Gears of War 2 - £5

Kane and Lynch - £5

Mass Effect - £5

Prince of Persia - £5




Rainbow Six - Vegas 2 - £5

Chronicles of Riddick - £8

Assassin's Creed, Director's Cut - £5

HAWX - £5

Supreme Commander - £5

Spore - £5


All prices inc. P&P.

Thanks for looking :)

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That's fine. Dropping you a PM now.


Stickers are off. Only mentioned the 48hr code because it mentions it including one on the front of the box. No joke, I actually had someone give me bad feedback on AV Forums because I didn't tell them that the 48hr code had been used...

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