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The new anime and manga thread! [Use Spoiler Tags!]

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1 hour ago, bob said:

I've been intending to watch this after watching the original last year.

Where did you watch it? Is it on one of the streaming services?

I watched it on blu-ray this time, I've started to slowly immortalise some of my favourite series by putting them on my shelves :p

From what I can see it looks like it's still up on Funimation, but isn't on Crunchyroll yet? Which is odd considering the acquisition and so many dubs coming over to Crunchyroll since then, but I'm still waiting for shows like Yu Yu Hakusho to migrate over too ::shrug:

Actually, this is a good chance to share something I've found really cool and helpful over the years: I recommend because.moe/uk, which is an anime search engine specifically designed for finding where certain shows you're looking for are available (I've linked the UK site specifically, but they also have versions for the US, Canada, and Australia). It's best to click on the streaming service logos it shows just to double check they're still there (as oftentimes they'll keep the show's page despite the show leaving the service, such as for FMA:B having a Crunchyroll logo next to it, which messes the results up a little bit at times), but it's otherwise one of the more useful anime-watching tools I'd recommend :peace:

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