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Barbie fan with 32JJ boobs using hypnotherapy ‘to be stupid’


A model, who is obsessed with Barbie, is now undergoing hypnotherapy to make her brainless.


Blondie Bennett, who has 32JJ boobs, has spent thousands on looking like a plastic doll and have been consistently using spray tans, Botox and lip fillers to give her a more artificial appearance, the Daily Star reported.


A source said that the Bennett has shelled out 25-thousand-pounds till now on five boob jobs and lifting her up to a bra-busting 32JJ. Bennett said that she wants to become a “plastic sex doll.”


She said added that she thinks Barbie has the best life ever and she loves to shop and make herself look pretty.


Bennett said that she’s had 20 session and she’s already starting to feel ditzy and confused all the time, asserting that she recently went to pick a pal up at the airport and couldn’t remember if she needed to go to departures or arrivals.


She previously had also got lost for three hours while she was driving to her mum’s house – the house where she grew up.




Brilliant! This world is too funny sometimes.

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It's kind of morbid how that article is written as a complete joke but the man was apparently seriously harmed...


But this line did still make me laugh:


"The man declined to mention whether he collected any rupees following the incident"

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