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What Have You Bought?


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I've ordered from Nintendo a few times and with games I've always got them on or before release. The only issue I had was with the Switch when it didn't arrive until the day after but I think it was a more complicated situation than with a game release as they didn't want anyone to receive the console early. They're a little more relaxed when it comes to a games release.

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Finally got round to buying some headphones that aren't cheap.  I am a little worried they'll fall off my odd-shaped head but heard good things about them and my friend recommended them.

Was going to get them on Amazon as I have a voucher but they were £150 on there and some Chrome extension I have said they were £85 at a different place and I'm a little worried its going to be the wired ones but it says wireless so lets just assume Amazon were overcharging? 

Plus I paid the £3 for a tacky colour because that's me:


And now a case:



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GoPro Hero 5 Session:




Just looking at the footage now, so I can't comment on the image quality yet, but it's a fantastic little camera so far. Bit fiddly having to use the app to set it up and frame the shots, but pretty good otherwise. Build quality is really good.

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As well as:


[Not the one pictured I believe]


Dude not included. Shipping was too much.


All for a secret costume project that no one will ever guess what it is until I reveal it.


And three of these:


The Jareth wig I have lying on the back of the sofa is starting to piss me off at its current location.

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Had a bit of spare money left over, so decided to pre-purchase all my pre-orders on Shopto.





Did also raid the PSN Summer sale, and bought


Also bought The Witness as well

And finally, not as such a purchase.  More a prize from a competition i entered


And that's about it for the year, bar Destiny 2, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Horizon's DLC.

Oh, and i also bought some new jeans, a few new t-shirts and a pair of shoes out of my birthday monies.

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A fuck load of beer! Sorry wrong topic...


Google pixel and free Daydream VR. Pixel was on sale and my iPhone 6s needed replaced sadly. (18months in and it constantly restarts or closes apps immediately). Ironically haven't switched my SIM over yet and it's literally just a media player at this exact moment. 

Oh, in a week or two I'll be paying off the last 3k of my truck. 6 year loan paid off in 3.5. 

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6 hours ago, Ike said:

I've never seen that boxart for Sonic 3, apparently it's the Chinese/Hong Kong version?

And now I want to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Yup. It has the Japanese cartridge shape so won't fit directly in my console, but it does fit in S&K.

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