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What Have You Bought?


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What network are you on? I got mine in December for £200 upfront on a £17 a month contract, upgraded to all you can eat data and then put in a complaint about poor network performance and got £5 off.


I'm with T-Mobile. I could have got it cheaper on vodafone, but that was only 500mb data.

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£57.08 plus about £5 postage. From here: http://biowarestore.com/n7-tech-jacket.html


(You may need to change region/currency).


It's a bit cheaper if you order from the US store, but it takes 10-35 days and the tracking doesn't update until it arrives. I really hate being so unsure as to when it will arrive. Plus you may be hit by customs charges anyway.


I need a new coat anyway and I find it near impossible to find one I like.

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Dead Island- Game of the Year edition - £15

I got this from Tesco. Such a brilliant game. Hardly been off it when I'm on my 360. Well, between this and Final Fantasy XIII...which reminds me...



Final Fantasy XIII-2 - £10#

I also saw this in Tesco but I'm not sure if I posted this before. Ah well. Anyways, I bought this. I haven't played it yet though because I want to finish XIII before I do.

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Sofa bed for our second living room / spare bedroom type room -





New King size bed for our room -




New Shower -



New Fridge / Freezer -



Fencing like this for our back garden (7 Panels)




Double oven (not this one, but similar)



and hired someone to plaster my kitchen



And that's the end of my spending this month

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