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What Have You Bought?


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KoTOR 1 & 2 (Windows 7 compatible)

The Bourne Trilogy Steelbook

Serenity Steelbook.


The Serenity steelbook is to add to this collection:




It's also a really nice version to take to the next LFCC if any Firefly castmembers are there next year (for autographs). I think I may also buy the HD-DVD version for the hell of it.

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In the last month or so, I've managed to buy quite a lot of things...


3 t-shirts from Oniell. (bluewater shopping centre)

Davidoff Champion 50ml (bluewater shopping centre)

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men 100ml (I think, will check) (bluewater shopping centre)

Davidoff Cool Water 125ml (20 quid...bargain) (Belgium)

Another t-shirt, from Jack & Jones - (Belgium)

2 2-day tickets for Alton Towers in October!

A hotel room for the night for my best friend's wedding, which we went to a few weeks ago.

A skipping rope which I ordered yesterday, as I broke the other one.

House of the Dead 2/3 for Wii (bluewater shopping centre I think, or Cardiff)

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for Wii (bluewater shopping centre or Cardiff)

The Libertines - self titled album (Cardiff)

Arcade Fire - Funeral (Cardiff)

Doves - Some Cities (Cardiff)

Death in Vegas - Scorpio Rising (Cardiff)


Pretty sure that's it. A lot of this stuff, like the albums and the games were in deals, so the albums only came to a tenner, as did the games (I think). The t-shirts were about 15 quid each, which is pretty good. Most expensive things were the smellies.

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