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My HTC One X on O2 has finally received Jelly Bean *shakes fist at o2".


Feels a bit different. Definitely faster, what was green is now blue. Google speak is fun, I like the gallery "events" bit and the new keyboard is better. All seems very polished and nice.


Need to go have a look to see what the actual updates for Jelly Bean include and what HTC ones there were too as I noticed sense updated to "4+".


An amusing bug in the text-to-speech system: Search for "What is a giraffe?" in Google Now.


What happens? What happens!?


Seen as I just got updated I tried this. LOL WTF was that about an iPad.


I also asked her to do a barrel roll and she done it : peace:

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Android guys,


Having a problem with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It keeps on saying 'Touchwiz has stopped working' and you can't touch anything on the homescreen. The buttons in the bottom bar still work.


TouchWiz is Samsung's own launcher. Need to stick with the same launcher as the tablet is used by someone in the company who won't be able to change.


Any ideas?

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Can you get to settings somehow, using the notification bar? and then kill the touchwiz task and restart the tablet?


Did that, it just came up with the same error again.


I ended up removing all the stuff from his homescreen (widgets etc) and it seems to be working fine (or at least, he hasn't told me it isn't working).


Some people on Google think it is a RAM issue however I cleared RAM and it came up with the error and there was loads free beforehand too.

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