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Favourite levels and/or sections

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Lylat Wars:


This level was great. I loved the all-range mode levels but I always felt there should've been more enemies. I loved just flying around taking them out in dogfights and feeling like I was in an actual space battle.


I used to fail this mission on purpose. So epic. There are so many great moments in Lylat Wars. Area 6 is the very definition of epic from start to finish.


THIS town + THAT scene


I don't remember that scene but I do remember that I loved that whole chapter. :heh:

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The bit where you hold your position in that house with Luis Sera in Resident Evil 4 is a fantastic set piece. You really are just trying to survive against some serious odds.


I have to agree with that :hehe: For me, it was one of the highlights of a fantastic game.. very intense :yay:

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While defending the house with Luis was awesome, I much preferred that bit where you're constantly dodging Salazar's right-hand man (that Predator look-alike), heart-pumping stuff.


And then there are the fights with Krauser (the knife fight and the actual boss battle). Best boss fights in the entire game (and that's saying something)

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Final Fantasy X

(Click the link to go the start of the actual cutscene.)


This scene on my second playthrough of the game made me nearly cry.

She just got done recording her goodbyes to everyone. she's accepted her fate of death, and then she has Tidus come up to her and promise her that he'll take care of her and that everything will be okay and he has no idea what will actually happen.



Super Mario World



I didn't discover Star Road until like three years after getting the game. When I did... oh dear god did I lose myself in the game all over again. That and then when you complete the secret crazy levels in there and how most of the enemy sprites change to weird stuff... it was all just crazy to me and I thought it was super awesome.


Kirby's Adventure



This boss fight was amusing, yes... but what really got to me was that at the end of it... you realize that King Dedede isn't actually a bad guy... he was trying to save dream land from some other evil force.... and so this bad guy that you've been chasing through the whole game just turns out to really be fighting for the same thing as you... and I thought that was really interesting.


Half Life 2



Cutting zombies in half, covering them in paint, setting up and triggering traps for them was just pure awesome. This game is fantastic and I loved every moment of it.


Oh god... so many awesome memories are coming to mind now...


Shooting the lock on the gate in Goldeneye.

Driving the drill vehicle thing around the locked door in Red Faction 1 for the PS2

The warthog run at the end of Halo 1....


I'm gunna just stop typing or else I'll be here forever.

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Area 6 in Lylat Wars! I forgot about that, fantastic level, can't wait to play the game on the 3DS.


Actually it reminded me of the first level in Starfox Assault which was also awesome. The game itself is quite under-rated I reckon. Only thing missing was the epic MISSION ACCOMPLISHED graphic and sound from Lylat wars after every mission :)

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