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9 minutes ago, Hero-of-Time said:

Crazy, right? The US version always went for a stupid amount but the PAL release was never this high. I think the US price has inflated the UK one. 

Probably from Americans settling for a PAL copy and getting by with Freeloader/whatever other solution they use.

Still, it's not the rarest GCN game.  That honour goes to the US version of Cubivore; which regularily goes for around £350-450 online (and it's even a case of genuine rarity, as it had an extremely low print run.  It's not even in particularily high demand outside of anyone other than collectors).

Outside of a few particular high ticket games though (Skies of Arcadia, Twilight Princess Gamecube, GB Player disc, FE: POR, the Mario Parties etc), I don't think the GCN market is that expensive really.  Most of the major titles can be had for between £10-35 pretty easily.

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I got Cubivore back in the day from Videogamesplus. Think I paid £40 for it. Bonkers what it goes for now. Even crazier is that to this day I still haven't played it. :D 

Yeah, GameCube isn't that bad. To be fair, a lot of the consoles are like this. There are a few titles that command a high price but the rest of the games are quite reasonable.  It's just that the games that do go for a lot of money are going for stupid amounts now. The likes of Deep Fear and PDS on the Saturn are ludicrous now. Glad I snapped those up a few years back when I did.

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