The underrated Wii games thread.

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This is an odd topic, as what do these people mean underrated, do they mean critically or commercially?


Going down this list is interesting, a lot of those titles have sold close to or in some cases well over a million units. A lot of them are also critical successes.


I would say that the most shocking is Metroid Prime Trilogy, a massive critical success, but only sold about 300,000 units.


Some though were not such a hot with the critics - Wii Music - but sold well. Wii music sales are at 2.83 million!

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Blast Works

deBlob - of course

Cursed Mountain

Dead Space Extraction - well rated but sold like crap

Deadly Creatures

Death Jr

DK Jet Race - after all the "THEY LOST TEH BOng0O0Z" hate, it was a decent racer

Geometry Wars Galaxies - best in the series IMO



Muramasa Demon Blade

Mushroom Men - has a very N64 platformer feel

Need For Speed Nitro - fun solid arcade racer

Overlord Dark Legend

Spyborgs - best 2p beat-em-up fun in years



@tapedeck: You should update the list in your first post, could eventually turn it into a main article / poll...!

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Definitely Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories, as well as Fragile Dreams - Farewell Ruins of the Moon. They are tied for my favourite Wii games, and extremely overlooked and underrated. I'm still recommending them to anyone wanting to buy Wii games, of course.

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