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The game that even Penguins can play!

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Thats right, according to this website...






Remember a few months(?) back when legendary games designer Yuji Naka announced that he was forming his own "independant" games stuido under the moniker of Prope? Well this is going to be their first game and one thats a collaboration between them and Sega.


It's the titular claim that is so frankly bold and bizarre which is causing intrigue currently as this still yet to be unvieled title is seemingly going to be something completely new and original and may or may not feature penguins!


Exciting stuff I'm sure you'll agree and only 15 days until all is revealed to the world, great news for players of both finger and flipper persuasions then. :heh:


*remade thread here as it seems more likely that this will be a Wii game*

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