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We're going to talk about playing today...

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When im driving i get the urge to twiddle the rubber bit on the end of my indicator, and i push the button on my hand brake alot.

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I have a scar where my lip piercing used to be, so i play with that a lot. It's like a small lump on the inside so its great to bite and stuff when i'm thinking hard.


I also do a weird thing where i push my fingers under and over my top lip and give them a sniff. I like the smell of my own saliva or something, i dont know, i dont really get why i do it, but hell, i do and i like it so there you go!


Chewing things is also a favourite.

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oh god this thread made me lol so hard! I am so guilty of so many things already mentioned. I sub-consiously play with just about anything thats nearby, I'm terrible! I'll make a list...


- Clicky pens, or pens that make a click sound when u take the lid on and off.

- Cricket balls, I'll just be reading stuff online constantly chucking a cricket ball up and down

- Rubber bands

- Playing cards, shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle

- blu tac

- scissors (!)

- staplers, i must have wasted thousands upon thousands of staples at work, lol.

- keys with a circular key ring, i'll just twirl it around.

- things with removable battery covers.

- my phone (its a pop-top one, what a mistake that was)

- the scroll wheel on my mouse, i removed its function so i can play with it haha.

- String cords on my shorts.

- Stanley knives, flicking the blade up and down makes the most awesome noise.


Im honestly terrible with this kind of thing, I dont even realise im doing it :S


Also add stubble scratching, and playing with poker chips. I keep some on my desk just to stuff around with. Grrr, this thread is giving away my weaknesses! :P

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