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Poll: Top 50 GC Games

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The GameCube has served us well and in a very real sense it lives on through the backwards compatibility of the Wii. Even so, the old GC turns the grand age of six this May and most definitely has its best days behind it. So we fancy showing it some attention and celebrating its best games by highlighting them in this top 50 chart, as voted for by you.


Basically its simple, just post your top ten GameCube games with number one being your favourite and ten being the least favourite one on your list. Also, if you could take the time to write a paragraph about some of your memories and reasons of why you chose your top 3-5 games then we can make use of that- and maybe even quote you when the top 50 is posted up on the main site!


Voting will remain open until Friday April 25th (which could be subject to change) giving you about a month to think up your top ten and get it posted here.


Finally, if you need ideas or your memory refreshed then check out this thread where many of us posted our top ten games before. Failing that then have a look at the N-Europe games page.


Let's get voting!

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With the amount of games I loved, I think it's only fair that I stick to one game per franchise.


1. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


On the GameCube, Wind Waker stands out much more than Twilight Princess (although I prefer TP if you take the Wii into account). The graphics are still lovely and it's still fun to play. While it's a little short, it's probably the best Zelda for multiple play throughs.

2. F-Zero GX


It looked great, it played great and it has a great difficulty level. All the tracks were fantastic, as well as the custom vehicle option. Wonderful music, too (although the best tracks were the unlockable Big Blue and Mute City tunes). A fantastic racing game.


3. Metroid Prime


This has slipped a bit on my top 10. Unfortunately, playing Metroid Prime now feel cumbersome which detracts somewhat from the overall game. The game itself is still fantastic, the level design is gorgeous and it's fun to play, even if it does feel a little clunky.


4. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

The multiplayer is as fantastic as always and in Future Perfect the single player/co-op is just as great. Future Perfect has great weapons and loads of multiplayer customisation. The mapmaker is genious, too.


5. Pikmin 2


Even without the timer of the first one there's still plenty of pressure from getting something done each day before the night. Enen when time stops in the caves there's still pressure from having only the Pikmin you take in. The puzzles are great and the extra modes (co-op/battle) are a nice edition. There's plenty to find, too.


6. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requeim


The gameplay is repetitive and the graphics weren't too hot, even when it first came out. Even so, this game still grips me. The phycology effects are still brilliant and the story is interesting.


7. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


The great story of the first Metal Gear Solid mixed with the great gameplay of the second. It's great for playing through multiple times (even though it feels stupid doing some of the stuff in the second playthough). The cut-scenes were fantastically done, too.

8. Star Fox Adventures


Rare's only GameCube game was a lot of fun to play. A good sci-fi take on Zelda with known characters. Parts of the graphics (grass, fur) still beat a lot of games even today. It's a love/hate game. And I loved it.


9. Burnout 2: Point of Impact


It took the great formula from the original and expanded on it a lot. The result was an even better racer. Back then the crash mode was fun and felt fresh, and the other extra modes were just as good.

10.Sonic Adventure 2: Battle


There were 4 main parts of the game. The Sonic/Shadow parts which were fast and a lot of fun, the Tails/Robotnik parts which were crude but still enjoyable, the Knuckles/Rouge parts which were slow but also relaxing and the Chao bit which I hardly touched. Overall it made a great platforming game with some decent extra bits strewn into it.

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Sorry, I won't bother spending time writing about them. Shoot me.


Is it PAL only?


1: Tales of Symphonia

2: Baten Kaitos: Origins

3: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

4: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

5: Pikmin 2

6: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

7: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

8: Animal Crossing

9: Metroid Prime

10: Pikmin

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1.zelda wind waker

2.chibi robo

3.metriod prime 1

4.pikmin 2

5.mario sunshine

6.super smash melee

7.luigis mansion

8.animal crossing

9.metriod prime 2

10.mario kart dd




lots more to come, this will be hard to choose from my 80 off games , wow so many amazing games on gamecube :)

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1. Smash Bros Melee

2. Metroid Prime

3. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

4. Resident Evil 4

5. Timesplitters 2

6. F-Zero GX

7. Zelda: The Wind Waker

8. Soul Caliber II

9. Super Mario Sunshine

10. MGS: Twin Snakes


I miss the Gamecube.

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1 - Beyond Good and Evil - The Zelda clone that outdid Wind Waker... perhaps my favorite game ever, full stop. Peyj and Jade were great main characters, and fueled a short but brilliant plot to a game that featured some supurb gameplay, photography, and hovercrafting. I need a sequel!!


2 - Resident Evil 4 - Almost missed out on this but got it just before the wii came out. Incredible game, great bosses, and immensely satisfying, ya know?


3 - Super Smash Bros Melee - Because i played it for years... Especially mutiplayer on Corneria, damn that was good!!


4 - Timesplitters 2 - Also played for years. Immense amount of options and customization, and the map maker was absolutely brilliant; especially making campaign missions for friends to play through. Awesome.


5 - Burnout - First was the best, still looks and plays grand today


6 - Tales of Symphonia - Havn't enjoyed an RPG this much since Golden Sun for the GBA. Great combat, and a massive game, but i have yet to finish it.... one day...


7 - Conflict Desert Storm 2 - One of the few games to offer 4 Player local coop :D!! I spent many an hour playing through with friends.


8 - Metal Arms - One of the most overlooked games of the generation. Great characters, ideas, kick ass multiplayer, and nice original weapons for Glitch.


9 - Zelda WW - Pretty beautiful, and it would be higher but seriously, that triforce quest can fook right off. Never got past it.


10 - Star Wars II - Rogue Squadron - Intense dogfighter, with none of the silly on foot fights of III, it was the first glimpse of what was to come with the Cube


Honorable Mentions - Mario Kart DD, SSX on tour, Monkey Ball, Simpsons Hit and Run


Regretfully never Played - Skies of Arcadia, Eternal Darkness, Viewtiful Joe, Any of the Primes...

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Of the games I own:


1. Metroid Prime


2. Super Smash Bros. Melee


3. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


4. Super Monkey Ball


5. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


6. Second Sight


7. Mario Kart: Double Dash


8. Warioware, Inc.:Mega Party Game$!


9. Worms 3D


10. Prince of Persia The Two Thrones



FZero, mario power tennis and soul calibur are my only other titles. Never owned WW

I have Resi 4 on Wii and TS on playstation. (both better than Cube versions)

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1. Super Smash Brothers Melee

2. F-Zero GX

3. Resident Evil 4

4. Soul Calibur 2

5. Rogue Squadron 2

6. Mario Kart: Double Dash

7. Wave Race: Blue Storm

8. Extreme G 3

9. Zelda: Twilight Princess

10. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

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10-WWE: Day of Reckoning


Yeah, I'm a wrestling fan. This game is pretty good. It has very limited character choices, but that can be corrected in the Create-A-Wrestler mode.

The core gameplay is what makes this game shine. It's pretty fun, and since quite a few of my friends like wrestling video games, too, this made for some fun moments.

What's keeping this from being higher in the list, though, is the errors it still has (ground punches are cheap, characters get instantly up despite being a bloody mess, etc.), otherwise, it could be something else.




This one is fairly new to me, but it's soooo good. The ambience, the relaxing music, the creative designs, the strategy options, the versatility of playthroughs...

It's shortness relegate it to 9th place, though. I should really buy Pikmin 2.


8-Soul Calibur II


Soul Calibur II is an excellent fighting game. Many good times spent with this beauty. If I have a complaint, is the cheapness of Raphael's "Queen's Guard"


7-F-Zero GX


F-Zero GX is nearly perfect. Great graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, difficulty, adrenaline, good character designs...

Too bad about the crappy multiplayer.


6-Skies of Arcadia Legends


Most underrated Gamecube ever. Great RPG with excellent music, compelling world, solid story, numeorus side-quests, etc.

Plus, I'm pretty sure Vyse is inspired by the Portuguese Discoveries.


5-Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


Yes, I know I love Fire Emblem, but the Gamecube has even better games.

Anyway, Fire Emblem has great characters, a great plot, excellent soundtrack...

It's a bit easy, but that doesn't really stop it from being pretty good.


4-Tales of Symphonia


The greatest RPG of this generation, and my favourite RPG of all time. Compelling world, charismatic characters, catchy soundtrack, exciting battle system, huge longevity, endless side-quests...

I can't think of anything bad to say about this game, honestly.


3-Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


Gorgeous. The sailing aspect, the endless side-quests, the exploration... They made The Great Sea feel like a real world. The game felt like a "Pirate" game, and it made me feel like I was one of the brave portuguese explorers of the 15th century.

How many games can make you feel like this?

2-Metroid Prime


One of the greatest games ever. The exploration, the well-crafted world, the ambience, the scans...

My love for the game can be found in this post.


1-Super Smash Bros. Melee


Everyone knows why this game rocks. No comments are needed here. Words cannot do it justice.



For those of you wondering, I also played, for the Cube:


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Legend of Zelda: OoT Master Quest

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Super Mario Sunshine

Mario Party 4

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Baten Kaitos

Wave Race: Blue Storm

Starfox Adventures

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1. Tales of Symphonia

Greatest. Game. Ever. (For GC) Put more time into this game than any other game. Love the story line, love the characters, love the twists, love everything. The huge amount of side quests that ranged from a few minutes to the whole game were absolutely brilliant. Being able to change the way your character looks. The different combinations of unison attacks. Trying to complete the "Collectors Book". Being able to unlock a bunch of cool things at the end always made the game fun and longer lasting. Best game ever for the GC I say.


2. Resident Evil 4

Way better on the Wii. But it was a lot of fun on the GC too. I was a little leniant on pre-ordering it because I had never played a RE game before but this showed me what I was missing out on. This game was absolutely crazy, from battling chainsaw weilding psycho ladies, to huge fish! Even people who weren't gamers liked to play.


3. Super Smash Bros Melee

It's Super Smash Bros, nuff said. Nah even when this game was a few years old it was always fun to whip it out and have a few matches with friends!


4. Animal Crossings

Entertained me for hours upon hours. Trying to get my house paid off, complete the museum, collecting cool things on holidays, decorating my house, trying to get a high score on the arrangement of my house. Loved this game to pieces, but eventually got a little boring.


5. Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition

Includes the greatest game ever, along with 3 other awesome Zelda games. It allowed me to enjoy all 4 Zelda games on my 42" TV in 480p! Would be nice if the Wii could do 1080p..but still its nice to be able to play the 'ol classics on a big TV.


6. Soul Calibur II

Entertained me for a long time, unlocking all the weapons and such! Great game.


7. Mario Golf

I don't know something about this game I find incredibly fun... Usually Mario games don't do it for me, but I played this one the most of all Mario games. Maybe because it's pretty easy as far as golf games go, so I just really enjoyed it. haha


8. Harvest Moon: Magical Melodies

I love Harvest Moon games! With this game allowing the user to buy property wherever you want was like a dream come true! And the game has a long story, with collecting all melodies. However I didn't really like the look of the game compared to previous harvest moons. I really liked how A Wonderful Life looked like, but that game was really weird in every other way imo...


9. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Not even my favorite Zelda game at all, but the game was definitely unique. While playing through the game the sailing, and having to change the winds was always a pain, but now looking back it was a pretty cool feature. Sailing throughout the world finding everything! Pretty cool, and it had some pretty cool weapons.


10. SSX Tricky

I was never very good at it, but it was still an extremely fun game, and the whole setup of it was very nice I think. Fun game, lots of entertainment with going against friends.

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Oh yeah, SSX on Tour would have been in my top ten, cant be assed to change it.

Stupidly I sold that game, it had great tracks.


I don't think any SSX can compare to the very first PS2 outing, the tracks and shortcuts on that baby were sweet.

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10- Soul Calibur 2: Love mashing X and Y with Cervantes.


9- Baten Kaitos: Nice gameplay mechanic. And I love how towns and other areas become more and more weird while progressing through the game.


8- ToS: Playing a good RPG with my brother is priceless.


7- RE4: Detras de ti, imbecil!


6- Zelda WW: Sailing and cel-shading are nice changes in the franchise. And it's Zelda so it must be in this top.


5- Eternal Darkness: I played this game just after discovering and loving H.P. Lovecraft books so it became an instant classic for me. The sanity mechanic is one of the best things in the game, having some creepy effects in the game like bleeding walls but also made me nearly have an heart attack making me believe my save was erased.



4- F-Zero GX: My first F-Zero. At first, the game seemed impossible to handle. So much speed, so easy to explode your vehicle in a wall,… but I progressively got the grip on it and became addicted during few weeks. The difficulty make each little success so rewarding, without pushing you away from the game. I spend hours trying to beat some Story mode chapters, like saving Jody’s ass in very difficult, and, when I finally beat it, I was overwhelmed by intense joy. I also fell in love with the amazingly cheesy characters of the franchise resulting of the unholy union of superhero comics and space opera.


3- Killer 7: Sure this game have defaults. Sure the gameplay can feel archaic. But this game has one thing lacking in many games nowadays: f***ing originality. His weirdness is what makes him so loveable, from the unique cel-shaded graphics to the big bunch of psycho characters. Add to that a complex and clever plot with several possible readings mixed with disturbing violence and you got the U.P.O (Unidentified Playable Object) of the Gamecube.


2- Super Smash Bros Melee: The Smash Bros series is the greatest Nintendo fanboy wet dream. The first N64 one was simple but surprisingly entertaining. Melee expand his predecessor in an impressive way. The number of characters was doubled, modes were added to the classic ones, resulting in a unique, fun, chaotic but deeper than it seems fighting game and making it unavoidable during playtime sessions with friends. Being a collectible whore, the trophy also make me spend hours trying to unlock them all … which I nearly succeed.


1- Metroid Prime: The beginning of a new life for the Metroid franchise and one of the best game ever. Retro Studios succeed in transposing Metroid from 2D side-scrolling to 3D first person. Graphics are so polished and detailed they make the universe lively like never before. Scan mechanic add a lot to the general feeling of life. But the atmosphere of the various areas is what makes me love this game so much: the icy calm of the icy Phendrana Drift, the tropical beauty of Tallon overworld, the sense of emergency of the space station, the glowing weirdness of the deep Phazon mines and the tense of infiltrating space pirates labs and fighting alone mass-destruction mutated creatures.

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1. Resident Evil 4

2. Super Smash Brothers Melee

3. Paper Mario 2 : The Thousand Year Door

4. The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker

5. Burnout 2 : Point of Impact

6. 007 : Everything or Nothing

7. Luigi's Mansion

8. Hitman 2 : Silent Assasin

9. Mario Kart : Double Dash

10. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

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10. Burnout 2


This is one of those games I dreamt of as a kid. All those other games I would play, things like Cruising (Because it's spelt with a G!!!) always seemed tame. Where were the stunned and panicked drivers coming the other way. When this game finally came along it was like "Thank you", because not only did they do it right, they got it near perfect. And a crash mode to boost, a multiplayer to be reckoned with.


9. Skies of Arcadia


I feel a little uneasy about putting a port on here, but by golly if this game didn't deserve it. So much so that I used the phrase "by golly" to describe it, a phrase that itself hasn't been used since the time of ship-faring adventure. And that was what made this game incredible. It was the adventure. It was the sense of exploring, of bravely going where no one else had before (on that particular save file). Few games, in the history of video games, have achieved this so well. If Sega stop making crap for 5 minutes and start making a sequel, no random battles and a massive map, well, i'd have to find myself a towel.


8. F-Zero GX


How do you get a game to look this good? Hey Mario Kart, you looking at this. Yeah, you hang your head in shame. And you see that, that's speed Mo'Fo, try it. Man this game was good, and hard as a rock as well. Customizable crafts, missions, and tons of brilliant tracks make this a hard game to top with a sequel.


7. Viewtiful Joe


Little ashamed i'm putting this on my list even though I haven't completed it. What? It's really hard. Man does this game rub it in as well. 2 hours of unsuccessfully attempting the first level I switch to 'kids' mode. A low point. But it's only teasing you because it knows it can. A homage to 2D beat-em-ups, this game was incredible fun, even when you were getting brutally embarrassed by a cartoon character.


6. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


Love. This game is made of 99% love and 1% naked peach (10% when you factor in the amount of times I loaded up that save point). A gorgeous game with incredible character, something that is lacking in too many of today's games (hey, surprise, a shooting game with a muscular dark-haired caucasian, just what we were short on). Great story and locations make this a very memorable game.



5. Super Smash Bros. Melee


My play time says it all.


4. Killer 7


Ahh my darling. Killer 7 is my own private love. Suda51 takes the overused and tired "save the world alone, against evil" scenario that 90% of games use, kicks it in the balls, smokes it, and then makes this game. Set pieces that will constantly surprise you and a plot that is not only the best one seen in a video game, but up with the best in Hollywood, make this a game that has to be played to be believed.


3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Beauty. This is what beauty looks like. You stand on a beach, staring out at the open sea and the wind blows gently against you. The music was what really got me here. It fitted the game perfectly and carried with it a swell of emotion, and in the case of the opening credits, nostalgia. There was a sense of being in this game. Whereas I felt a little removed in its successor, the Wind Waker brought me into the game and made me feel it.


2. Resident Evil 4


Including the Wii version i'm up to 15 replays now, narrowly beating Metroid Fusion. Why? What is so brilliant about this game. 20 minutes in you get your answer. The adrenaline takes over your body as a village of crazed spaniards do everything in their power to kill you. Then Dr Salvador comes...and the rest is self-explanatory.


1. Metroid Prime


Perfection. Retro, or as they should be referred to, "those with balls", took a game everyone in the industry had wanted for years, and did it their way. The most atmospheric game ever, and one of the best designed. Retro not only created a new genre with Prime, they perfected it. Well done to them.

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1. tloz windwaker

2. metroid prime

3. resident evil 4

4. super smash bros melee

5. mario kart double dash

6. super mario sunshine

7. tales of symphonia

8. paper mario

9. pikmin

10. twilight princess



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1. Resident Evil 4 - Wow. Just wow. Favorite game on the Cube', I just absolutely loved this game, as many others did. Phenomenal graphics, fantastic gameplay and the sound is unforgettable, anyone else remember the heavy breathing of the Regenerators? I certainly do :smile:


2. Super Smash Bros. Melee - Do I really need to say anything?


3. Metroid Prime - This game had so many critics, so many unbelievers before the release of this game. Boy, were they proved wrong. A fantastic re-imagining of a classic series many thought impossible, Retro Studios just seemed to get everything right with this game. Best looking game on the Cube, not just technically but artistically too! Perfection defined.


4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Really goes to show that even now, this game still looks stunning. Classic Zelda, thrown into a big pot of gorgeous and mixed with a hint of water.


5. Metal Arms: Glitch in the System - One the most under-rated and over-looked game on the Cube', if you don't have this game in your collection you should be ashamed. Sublime 3rd person shooter, this melds together exquisite gameplay ,an enjoyable(and very funny!) story and great graphics. Rock hard old-school type of game, this game really is worth hunting down.


6. Tales of Symphonia.

7. Beyond Good and Evil.

8. Timesplitters 2.

9. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

10. Mario Kart: Double Dash.

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SSX sucks...



1. Metroid Prime

Best Gamecube game, and one of the earliest, beats both its successors in overall quality and atmosphere.


2. Wind Waker

Released around the same time as Prime, this is another gem, and VERY underrated.

Maybe I think all this with it being my 1st Zelda game, but I believe OOT & MM are better so...

Overall the game is amazing and really sucks you in. It's biggest let down is boss easyness, and the lack of that dungeon in order to promote exploration, which should have simply been done throughout the game. Better than Twilight Princess, which I felt barely any livelyness and a lack of characterisation in almost everyone but the Gorons....Not that the game was bad by any means.


3. Melee

AWESOME.....But bettered by Brawl if we forget about the worse air dodging and removal of Mewtwo....and that 1/10 Wiis can't read it...Nintendo = "Duh!!"


4. TimeSplitters 2

The 3rd game I ever got addicted to...and overall better than Future Perfect.


5. Mario Sunshine

Very underrated, and a really great game. If people think this doesn't feel like a good transition from 64, they're crazy; Mario can move without stiff limbs now, and the camera's definately better.

In some ways I even prefer Sunshine to Galaxy, in that it feels like a world and not random stages.


6. Pikmin

I prefer this to the 2nd Pikmin, which felt a lot more loose, and sometimes chore -ish when you had to breed 100 Purples and such. The timer also added a good element, and I don't see people's problems with it, it wasn't even difficult to di it in the time limit.


7. F-Zero GX

The best racing game ever? No

Best on GameCube? Yes


8. Mario Kart DD

Another great, fun racer, that's majorly underrated (took me ages to get used to it myself), and after a while I started to enjoy the game. I was too used to small, fast karts, but then it grew on me. Great for casuals and hardcores alike.


9. Resident Evil REmake

I bought this because of RE4 rearing it's head, and thought I should give it a go. I didn't like it at all at 1st, and always felt like I was going to die/run out of ammo/shit myself.

However after a few months of non-play, I went back to it, started again, and started to really enjoy it, because of this, I went on to buy all the other RE main series (inc. CVX) and the DS ver (3 & CV I have yet to complete though).


10. Resident Evil 4

RE4's a bit overrated by many, but it's decent, and definately one of the best GC games. Don't really know what else to say. I much prefer the old RE style, and there are definately better parts than others. "Got some good things on sale stranger"

Looks better on the Cube than Wii too.



That's in order....I think...The 1st 3 are anyway.


Luigi's Mansion & Paper Mario 2 were VERY close to making the list.

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SSX is not crap, you have definetly not played it properly.

Tricky & Blur both bored me, sorry.

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Tricky & Blur both bored me, sorry.

I didn't play those ones, so I can't pass judgement. I know you won't, but it really worth is buying the original SSX or On Tour because they were both great. Original more so.

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1. Super Smash Bros. Melee - The amount of hours me and my friends has clocked into this is astronomical, easily one of my all time favourites!


2. Eternal Darkness - Class game, remember my first time playing it, and seeing that blood dripping down the wall, did give me abit of a scare :heh:


3. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Loved it.... Graphics and all


4. Starfox Adventures - Not everyone's favourite game, but I highly enjoyed it, still rememeber the Christmas I got it.


5. Soul Caliber 2 - Loved the original on my mate's Dreamcast, and with Link added to this I coulden't wait to play it!


6. Resident Remake's - Never did play any of the original one's, Horror type games weren't suited to me back then, but when they were re-released on the Gamecube, I picked them up, and feel in love with them :smile:


7. Luigi's Mansion - First game I got when I picked up my Gamecube at launch, so should be on my top ten :heh:


8. Animal Crossing - Awesome and relaxing game, I made sure to play it atleast once a day when I got it, to try and keep my town in tip-top shape!


9. Baten Kaitos - Highly enjoyed it, hell, I think I might start it again sometime soon, and then purchase the sequal.


10. Sonic Adventure Battle 2 Same reason for Luigi's Mansion!

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1. Zelda: Wind Waker

2. Super Mario Sunshine (I don't know why I love it so much compared to everyone else...)

3. Resident Evil 4

4. Paper Mario: ttyd

5. Soul Calibur 2

6. DK: JB

7. Mario Kart: DD

8. Donkey Konga

9. Billy Hatcher

10. Viewtiful Joe

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1:resident evil 4

2:metroid prime

3:f-zero gx

4:super monkey ball2

5:resident evil remake

6:metroid prime 2

7:super mario sunshine


9:wind waker

10:super smash bros melee

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1. Zelda: Wind Waker

2. Resident Evil 4

3. Mario Kart: DD

4. Soul Calibur 2

5. F-Zero GX

6. Smash Bros Melee

7. Luigis Mansion

8. Burnout 2

9. Viewtiful Joe

10. Animal Crossing

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10. Warioware, Inc.:Mega Party Game$! It hasn't aged well, especially considering the superior (although not in every way) Wii outing but it still remains a cube classic. Purely because I remember so many fun times with this in multiplayer mode. I think I really must have played that turtle game hundreds of times with friends and family. The minigames themselves don't stack up to later outings in the series though. I played this again recently and found myself confused at just what I was meant to do in some of them. Where this really excels is with the extensive multiplayer mode which no other warioware has come close to matching. Bring back the 'proper' multiplayer warioware mini games I say! None of this form baton sharing thanks.


9. Eternal Darkness An early cube classic. The good points were oh so sublime but the bad points were horrendously unforgivable. The sanity effect for one was a touch of genius and I do wonder why we haven't really seen a similar idea used in a game since. The story told over many different ages was interesting but ultimately a little sloppy. The magick system in the game was wonderful and fun to experiment with. The enemy design however left much to the imagination. How many times do I want to kill the same enemies again and again and again?! I think there must have been literally about 3 different main enemy models. I know it's a cliche but the phrase 'flawed genius' must have been created with Eternal Darkness in mind.


8. Mario Kart Double Dash Clearly not as good as the best Mario Kart - MK64 (dons his flame hat) but this deserves eighth place purely for some fantastic, original track design. Waluigi Stadium, DK Mountain, Wario Colosseum and Bowser's Castle were just some of the highlights. As I said before, definitely not the best Mario Kart but certainly the bravest. This version tried lots of new things and I think it at least deserves merit for attempting something a little different.


7. Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door A fantastic RPG like no other before. Witty, original and willing to pick fun at Mario's history. Oh and did I mention that it can be damn hilarious? It's slightly let down by some cheap game lengthening tactics however. I mean, come on, although the part where you enter the wrestling ring was fun, did it really need to go on quite so long? It is still an unbelievable experience that later installments (Super Paper Mario (maybe an unfair comparison)) haven't quite topped.


6. Wind Waker Oh how wrong we were. The majority of people I'd say had doubts about the new style, at least initially, but then Nintendo smacked us in the face with possibly the second best Zelda ever completely justifying the new art style. This beautiful cartoon world brought a new lease of life upon the Zelda series (certainly something that the Twilight Princess didn't achieve) Everything felt so much more alive then it ever did in the more 'realistic' Zelda's. The entire world as a whole was inexplicably more believable in fact. Let down, only slightly by some dodgy tactics in the late game and the non appearance of some beloved zelda species (correct word?) Please Nintendo, make the next home console Zelda in this style again. Just let's have no bloody sailing this time around eh?


5. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Wow! Now this really surprised me. I'm not the type of person to go for high scores but this game had me hooked. I had to replay every single level and see how high I could get (especially that particular level that you can complete with an unbroken combo). Not enough people bought this game. Period. How they made controlling DK with the bongos feel more natural than a controller I will never know. Let down ever so slightly by the short length and some poor water levels, this game was near perfect 2D platforming.


4. Metroid Prime Purely because I don't think I will ever forget the moment when I walked under that waterfall and I saw the drops of water on my visor. Retro did an amazing, no, perfect job re-envisioning this series in the 3d realm. This game is quite simply beautiful and, in way of art direction, has yet to be topped by any other game. The scenery was so well blended into the platforming experience that I'd sometimes miss an obvious solution because my mind had been conditioned to 'pre-metroid-prime-3d-platforming-logic'. It was truly exciting to explore the world as every new area took my breath away just as I thought the previous could never be topped. I'll never forget wandering into Phendrana Drifts for the first time. Some cheap game lengthening tactics in the late game (yet again Nintendo?!) let it down slightly but easily forgiven as the areas are such a pleasure to go through, especially as powered up super Samus! Even later installments of this game never quite achieved the beauty, wonder and completeness of the first.


3. Pikmin I don't think I've ever cared about game characters so much. I never actually bought Pikmin. I never actually completed the first game. But these little creatures will never be forgotten. Even though I didn't have to and there was no reason to, I'd reset and start a day again if I left any Pikmin behind at the end of the day. I didn't mind them getting killed in battle so much but if their death was purely down to the fact that I had forgotton to guide them back to their oniony homes, I couldn't take it. I simply felt too guilty. When a game can make you feel guilt over the future of tiny non-human characters, that's certainly one damn special game.


2. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Umm can I say underrated? Yes I can because not enough of you played this little gem! If you see it in your local second hand video games store then BUY IT. Think zelda but FRESH and NEW. In a new exciting world with brand new characters and new original puzzles using the mummy mechanic, this was a fantastic game. Certainly flawed in some parts, and dare I say a little buggy, but it deserves high praise for its achievements. Probably not a better realised world as its nearest comparison, The Wind Waker but it feels so much more new and original. I urge you to track this game down and play it now. It might be hard though as I'm sure, like me, those that have experienced it won't ever want to let it go.


1. Resident Evil 4 Cliched? Yes. Predictable? Probably. But there has been quite simply nothing like this game. An astounding refresh of an aging series by Capcom, this game is as near to perfect as the great imaginary man in the sky himself. I actually hate myself for making this game my number one. I'd be much happier having something less known like Sphinx as top dog but there is no game on Gamecube as perfect as Resident Evil 4. No arguments! An unforgettable experience and hopefully just the beginning of the future of the series. If you've not played it then track it down now or better get ahold of the Wii version. Personally, there's no way you'd be able to even pry this game from my cold dead hands. Not even for a high price, Stranger.




A few notes....


No Smash Bros? - No. Although I like the game, I never really understood the fuss about it. To me it's a little button bashy.


Beyond Good and Evil - I LOVE this game. Certainly underrated. Possible number two contender in my list. Why is it not included? Because I never came close to completing it. I'm not sure why. I didn't get bored or anything, simply distracted by more modern offerings (I first played it when the Gamecube was long dead) For this reason I decided it was unfair to include it in my list.


Majora's Mask - I notice someone included the Zelda multi pack or whatever it was called in their list. To me, this is a little unfair as it's not -really- a gamecube game. However, if this IS included then Majora's Mask would shoot straight to the number one slot. It's probably my favourite game of all time. Definitely not easily excessible but once you truly 'get' it and its saving system, you'll be hooked. This is how a modern day Zelda sequel is meant to be done.





Wow, this killed some time!!!

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