Poll: Top 50 GC Games

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No Smash Bros? - No. Although I like the game, I never really understood the fuss about it. To me it's a little button bashy.

:wtf: WTF:wtf:

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:wtf: WTF:wtf:


Haha I know, I'm sorry! I should have probably donned my flame hat for that too! I did pursue the game to completion though and enjoyed most of it. I just don't really 'get' how everyone adores it quite so much. It's a great game but definitely not in my top ten. Although, I'm sure the reason I find it a little button bashy is just because I am not l337 enough at it!

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Ordering these will be really, really hard...


I'll tell you what, I'll type 'em out here, and order them when I have several hours for deep meditation free. :smile:


Resident Evil 4

There is nothing more satisfying and relieving in video games than jamming you last remaining shotgun shell into the breach, leveling it, and pulling the trigger at the final moment before irate man with a bag over his head separates your head from your body with a chainsaw.


Timesplitters Future Perfect

This only beats 2 for a slot as it has a more expansive and flexible mapmaker. A truly awesome game, as mulitplayer shooters go it makes the Halo series look like Doom in terms of sheer customisability. Oh, and it's bloody good fun, too. :smile:


Metroid Prime

I still fine myself humming that main menu music to this day, it's so haunting and mysterious. I still think the rain-on-visor effect is great, as is the drip-fed plot. It's the only game in recent years to be able to get away with having "generically themed" environments, as they're done so wonderfully. Phendrana Drifts, especially - The first open area, with the lovely music, the elegant frozen waterfalls, the semi-frozen lake, and the gently falling snow. It was so...so...*sob*... beautiful...



The original and the best! I haven't played 2, so it may be better, but the origin of the series massively excels the EA-produced sequels. Back in the day, it wasn't about "take-downs" or causing as much destruction as possible, it was about getting through dense traffic on roads through rather nice scenery at several times the speed limit.


Super Smash Bros. Melee

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, me and two/three of my friends have double free's at college at the same time, so we walk along to my house, and, along with Call of Duty 4 on the 360, we play this. This factoid alone shows it's lasting appeal, which is almost entirely down to it's near-perfect gameplay. It's lack of the combatants being "locked together", as in other fighting games, and combos require skill and judgment, not just button-memorising, makes this stand out from the crowd. That said, being able to take a baseball bat to Pikachu *may* have something to do with it's appeal... :indeed:


Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

I chose this over the Rogue Leader for two reasons - the more obvious is that almost all of the prequel is not only included, but is available as a co-op game, allowing the line from Episode V to be finally realised: "two fighters against a Star Destroyer?" The A-wing/B-wind combo allowed me and my friend to set a record of - if memory serves - 14 seconds on the Razor Rendevouz mission. The second reason is also fairly obvious - the Endor missions! Not only do you get to stop your way through the woods in an AT-ST, you also get to zip in and out of trees at ludicrous speeds on those nifty hover bikes.


The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The graphics and the music, especially that on the outside Dragon Roost Island, give this a place in my top 10. I would normally say something about the plot, gameplay, characters, and general awesomeness in the face of massive criticism, but if I start, I can't guarantee I'll stop... Given a choice between the last ever copy of this in the world or a limb (preferably a leg, so I could play this), it would require some serious meditation.



Wipeout and F-Zero are for wimps. If you want a racer that not only say it's fast, but actually feels that it is, this is where you want to be. If you're more of an F-Zero fan, go with no firepower enabled. If you're more of a Wipeout player, feel free to wreak orbital laser-based destruction upon your rivals. Pacifist and warmongers alike will love this. Buy it on the cheap. You owe it to yourself if you have any interest in speed, or, for that matter, fun.


Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Oddly, I enjoyed this game more than the likes of Sonic Rush, and I still can't see where all the 3d-haters (when it comes to Sonic) are coming from. Three different gameplay styles kept it fresh at all times, the expansive multiplayer is still missed to this day (I traded it in several years ago), and Shadow was actually a good character in this installment. The very beginning, sticks in my mind, but what do you expect - you break out a helicopter mid-flight, and, upon landing, "snowboard" down San Francisco streets part of the chopper's door.


As it's 2 in the morning, I can't be bothered to work out which will be my 10th game, but it's somewhere among the following "honourable mentions":


Honourable Mentions


Super Mario Sunshine

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Mario Kart Double Dash!!

Battalion Wars

Timesplitters 2

Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II

007 Nightfire

Starfox Adventures


Super Monkey Ball


Viewtiful Joe

Soul Caliber 2

Medal Of Honour: European Assault (bet you didn't see that coming, eh?)


This has made my not only very nostalgic, but has reminded me to get round to picking up some classics I missed, such as Paper Mario: TTYD, F-Zero GX, BG&E, Luigi's Mansion, Burnout 2, Pikmin 2, REmake, Eternal Darkness, Metal Arms: GITS (lol), Wave Race Blue Storm, MGS:TTS, the PoPs, Hitman 2, Chibi Robo and Conflict Desert Storm/2, all of which are from the previous posts. There are, no doubt, many others, but it's too late at night to think.


If you want me, I'll be on eBay... :wink:

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1. Skies of Arcadia Legends

I adored this game on the Dreamcast. But I had to buy it for the GC, the added content was just a bonus for me while I played this marvellous game again without fear of the console resetting itself. :indeed:


2. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Both Single-Player and Multiplayer modes were so much fun. I should play it again for nostalgia's sake.


3. TimeSplitters 2

I hadn't enjoyed a shoot-'em-up like this since Perfect Dark. This game was so addictive, it was wrong.


4. Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron II

I spent the entire summer of 2002 endlessly replaying the Battle of Endor level. So many enemies, it was breathtaking...


5. Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur I was a masterpiece of a game on the Dreamcast. And adding Link into the formula means the formula is made of win.


6. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

The only difference between this and the Resi remake was that I had played the original MGS. I enjoyed the original, and I was sure as heck going to enjoy it again with nicer graphics.


7. Animal Crossing

I absolutely adored this game when I bought it. I was addicted.


8. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

We all remember the uproar when this was announced, but how many of those haters became lovers? I loved the graphics, and I loved the game.


9. Resident Evil Remake

A superb game. I was never that big on the series at first, but I enjoyed this game a heck of a lot.


10. Luigi's Mansion

Whenever I play this game, I am transported back to Friday 3rd May 2002: The day the GameCube came out. I have such vivid memories of setting the little purple box up, putting this game in and being blown away by the amazing graphics that the then-current generation could do.



Honourable Mentions


Resident Evil 4

Yes, I did enjoy this game. But in truth, I've played the Wii Edition longer than the GC version.


Zelda: Twilight Princess

I decided not to put this one in my top ten, mainly because of it also being on the Wii.


Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

I really liked this game, but when I got stuck. I never tried hard enough to progress. Can you hear that? That's the sound of me kicking myself.

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10. Timesplitters- Future Pefect. I'd never played another Timesplitters game before, and seeing as I couldn't track 2 down, I bought this. The multiplayer is fantastic. The single player leaves a lot to be desired, mind.


9. Super Mario Sunshine. Even though it can't really rival Mario greats, Galaxy being the best currently, Sunshine did what it did superbly. A tricky platformer. A great platformer, but only a good Mario game.


8. Burnout. The best realistic racer on Gamecube. The sequel ruined the formula. Best of all, I recieved it free.


7. Simpsons Hit and Run. This should set the rule-book for every Simpsons game. Unfortunately, no other Simpsons game has ever compared. The single player was great, and there are more laughs in there than a whole episode.


6. Mario Kart:Double Dash!!- This is by no means the strongest game in the series. However, the 2 character per kart innovation satisfied myself, even if the courses were just plain crap.


5. Pokemon Colessuem. However cheesy it sounds, many hours of my life were lost to this truly great (and onlt good Pokemon) 3D RPG.


4. Soul Calibur 2. A true fighting game on the gamecube. Nuff said.


3. Metroid Prime. Added atmospheric, beautiful worlds to the innovative FPS gameplay. The weapons were big, the visors were new, the bosses were the best in any game bearing the 'Metroid' logo. Forget about about this being the Prime, this is the metroid.


2. The Wind Waker. For the music alone it was worth your notes, but the massive, newly sea-filled Hyrule, and a vast array of new characters and enemies made this essential. The story was fantastic, too.


1. Super Smash Bros Melee. Brawl may be big, but if it ain't broken, don't fix it. My first gamecube experience has never been bettered. This game is the reason I'm a gamer today. If Nintendo re-realesed this with Wii graphics and online play, I, for one, would be completely satisfied. Brawl has one hell of a job if it expects to beat Melee.

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1. Resi 4

2. Metroid Prime

3. LOZ: Wind Waker

4. POP: the two thrones

5. Soul Calibre

6. Super Smash Bros Melee

7. F-Zero

8. Metroid Prime 2

9. Beyond Good & Evil

10. Pikmin

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#1 Super Smash Bros. Melee


The most fun I've ever had with a game since I first got Goldeneye.


#2 Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron II


When I first got the Gamecube I booted up this game and I was forever changed. Still looks better than most Wii games, it pushed the Gamecube to a point that was very rarely seen and proved it was capable of some spectacular visuals.


#3 Metriod Prime


A total reinvention of the franchise and brilliantly executed. The game world felt vast and lush and it kept me coming back.


#4 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


It came under alot of criticism when it was released but the cell shaded graphics worked perfectly with the style and theme. It continued the call to adventure for Link and did so wonderfully. Although I would swap it's place for Twilight Princess, I never did play it for the Gamecube.


#5 Ikaruga


Just an excellent, retro game that stole my life for an extended period of time.


#6 Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


With a lack of RPG's on the 'Cube Fire Emblem was one of the best. Failing in transferring the GBA's versions unique cartoon style it did get gameplay and story perfect and gave endless hours of strategic fun.


#7 Super Mario Sunshine


Some people hated it. I still loved it. It had the characters, colours and the gameplay to make it an excellent game, even if it wasn't another Super Mario 64.


#8 F-Zero GX


Another game that well being excellent, loses something from it's N64 counterpart. In this case the excellent Death Match style race that's been removed and included mid race spawning. That said it's still one of the best racers on the 'Cube with an intense sense of speed you can't find anywhere else.


#9 Resident Evil


Even though the forth one is good I still believe nothing in the series defeats the atmosphere and story of the original B-movie horror game. And with graphics that have been vamped to a point you have to keep checking you're playing a gamecube, it certainly does look the part.


#10 Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean


Another excellent RPG out of the 'cubes very few selections. It had an excellent and unique battling system using cards that you had collected. As a result you get one of the most addictive experiences ever trying to collect each and every one of these cards to use in battle.



Notable Mentions(Really are games I struggled not to put into my top 10)


Timesplitters 2/Future Perfect

Resident Evil 4

Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike

Burnout 2

Lost Kingdoms

Luigi's Mansion

Super Monkey Ball

Tales of Symphonia

Eternal Darkness

Mario Kart DD

Killer 7

Viewtiful Joe


Soul Calibur 2

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1. Resi 4

2. Wind Waker

3. Metroid Prime

4. Rogue Squadron

5. Sunshine

6. Double Dash

7, Super Monkey ball

8. Burnout

9. Twilight princess

10.Eternal darkness


Honourable Mentions:-

beyond good & evil

Second sight

Pikmin 2

Viewtiful joe

F-Zero GX

Burnout 2

Soul Calibre

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1. Tales of Symphonia


No, I am not citing this to try and look niche and cool: this game is abolutely my favourite home console game ever. I can't put my finger on what makes it so special to me, but then again, I could name so many awesome things about it. The battle system, the story, the characters, the awesome over-the-top combos, great art direction. My playing through this was some of the best 60 hours of my life. Period.


2. Super Smash Bros. Melee


The game that made me want a Gamecube. Quite simply, I anticipated this game more than any other I've anticipated to this day - that includes Brawl. Some people say RPGs get the most play-time. Well my 120 hours clocked up on this begs to differ.


3. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


I wasn't arsed about this when my friend reccomended it. Let me put the situation into context: I'd never played a Zelda game before and I wasn't around the industry at the time of the graphics furore. But after playing a demo, I decided I needed something on my birthday list. As soon as I switched it on, I was engrossed untill I ended it.


4. Metroid Prime


Some games you onlt appreciate months, sometimes years after you play it. To my shame, I was vastly underwhelmed when I first bought Metroid Prime. I had forty quid to get rid of in Toys R Us, and I remebered reading about this Metroid thingy in NOM. What an utter waste, I thought. I didn't "get it", and it wasn't untill two years and a sequel later untill I would.


5. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader


I remember this one fondly. This will probably always be the only game to ever make me physically duck and dodge whuile paying it. Factor 5 have that influence. I play it today, see that it was a GCN launch title, and then cry at the state of 3rd party Wii titiles...


6. Metroid Prime 2


It was a humid day - late afternoon I imagine. Peeling away the hours playing through some Prime 2; a game I recieved the Chirstmas it was out. I didn't ask for it, in fact, I seem to remember hinting to my dear sweet mother beforehand that I didn't want it. Anyway, I digress. I was just playing it when I stopped. I looked through Samus' visor and wondered what she would think, and I knew instantly. She would think "what a beautiful planet" and instantaneously, I simultaneously thought "what a beautiful game". It was a true epiphany. I actually understood the Prime games for the first time ever. When I looked at that flora gently swaying in the Aether breeze, I said to myself "The Prime games are... stunning". I still feel a deep anger when I read the words "weak" and "Metroid Prime 2" in the same sentence.


7. Resident Evil 4


I ain't afraid of saying that I think this game is over-rated. I just really don't think it deserves it's perfect reputation. Maybe I'm not really a fan of that type of action game, but right here, right now: I'm glad I bought it. I may not like the way people seem to worship its every moment, but when it comes to the techicalities, Resident Evil 4 IS the perfect game. It may lack charm, but when you disect it, every aspect excels over any other game on the shelved today.


8. Batallion Wars


Ahhh Batallion Wars. I am disappointed in your short length, lack of multiplayer and infuriating AI, but I love you. Don't ever change... Oh.


9. Viewtiful Joe


The industry needs more games like this. It has so much balls. The visual style is enough to make any ill-informed gamer sick, but Joe isn't aimed at those *****. This game is so slick, so fun, and most impotantly, SO BLOODY DIFFICULT!


10. Pikmin


Among SSB:M as my first Gamecube game, I can now see how I could have done a lot worse when I had my games bought for me as gifts. As is the case with Rogue Leader, my jaw drops when I remember that this was a GCN launch game. Unfortunately, I never picked up Pikmin 3, but whenever I play this little gem now, I really do think "I hope Reggie is talking about Pikmin 3".

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Here we go:


1- Skies of Arcadia: Legends

So what if its a game that was ported to the Cube? That doesn't stop it being the most memorable and charming game I played on it. There were times when the amount of random battles really bogged me down, but when you got through a difficult section it was all worth it. There is a genuine sense of discovery and achievement in this game that sets it apart from everything else.


2- F-Zero GX

I've been a huge F-Zero fan from when I first played it on the Snes. GX is the definitive entry in the series so far- great tracks, great characters, story mode, create a machine... but horrendous difficulty. This one sorts the men from the boys with master mode being only for the F-Zero masters.


3- Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

PoR came towards the end of the GC's lifespan and so it quickly became a rare find. Anyone who did get their hands on it couldn't fail to become addicted. Fantastic FMV and tactical battles where dead characters would never be revived were the order of the day. Your band of mercenaries get involved with battling the Daien empire and in the process you unite the surrounding countries as they overcome their racial and political hatred for each other before ultimately overthrowing the empire. Its a lengthy game and experience you won't soon forget.


4- Tales of Symphonia

It was quality over quantity as far as GameCube RPGs went. Tales of Symphonia is an outstanding game with a memorable cast of characters, locations and a plot driven by politics, human rights and racism. Real time battling, cel shading and animé cutscenes only added to everything and helped complete the package.


5- Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

GameCube was kiddy? Well there are exceptions to all rules and ED is one of them. Its dark, engaging and will mess with your head- why are the walls bleeding? Why do you hear people moaning but see no-one? Why did your head just drop off for no reason? You might be prepared for the insanity effects and become used to alot of them, but there will always be something that will get you that you weren't expecting.


6- Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

7- Super Mario Sunshine

8- Starfox Adventures

9- Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

10- Splinter Cell


There are alot of honourable mentions that I could list (SSX3, Baten Kaitos, Beyond Good and Evil to name a few) and on another day they would probably have got into the top 10. Theres so little to pick between the best games on the GC. Zelda: Twilight Princess would probably have topped it if I hadn't played it on Wii!

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1. Resident Evil 4

2. Smash Bros Melee

3. Metroid Prime

4. Tales of Symphonia

5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

6. The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker

7. Mario Kart: Double Dash

8. Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

9. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

10. Wave Race Blue Storm

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1. Metroid Prime

2. Resident Evil 4

3. Pikmin

4. Zelda: Wind Waker

5. Luigi's Mansion

6. Star Wars Rogue Leader

7. Paper Mario TTYD

8. Mario Kart: Double Dash

9. Resident Evil REmake

10. Viewtiful Joe

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1. Resident Evil 4

2. Metroid Prime

3. Tales of Symphonia

4. Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

5. Super Smash Brothers: Melee

6. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

7. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

8. Skies of Arcadia: Legends

9. Super Monkey Ball 2

10. Burnout II

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(digs out collection - oh yeah!)


1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

It's going to sound astonishing, but this isn't just my favourite GameCube game, or even my favourite Zelda game (which it is, and that's staggering enough to most people), but it's my favourite console game of all time.


Yes, I know it's easier than most (if not all) of the other Zelda games. But that just makes it more fun to play and less annoying.

The storyline dispenses with Hyrule and Epona. It's also the most original Zelda story, and arguably the darkest. The kingdom you've saved countless times was taken over by Ganon and then obliterated!

The graphics aren't realistic or gritty. But they also won't age, ever. This game will still be a looker years from now, and Twilight Princess will look as good as Ocarina of Time now does.

Using the King of Red Lions boat isn't as fun as horseback. It's also so incredibly relaxing! Until a gigantic Kraken suddenly appears out of the sea!

And the music... no, I can't find a single fault with the music. It contains all the cool old Zelda tunes and brings a load of brilliant ones in as well. Who can forget Dragon Roost Island?


I have played Wind Waker to FULL completion twice, all statuettes, all hearts. I've barely completed the storyline with all the other major Zeldas once. I love Twilight Princess, and will play it again. But Wind Waker just holds more originality and sheer joy for me.


2. Super Smash Bros. Melee

My most played game of all time. I hope to one day find a group as dedicated to Smash Bros as my University housemates again. Good times. And I was the ONLY one of us to get the Final Destination level.


3. Resident Evil 4

It's simply astonishing how good this game is, and that it stays that good until the very end. It is a gigantic game. You can play for hours and hours and hours and not reach the end of Disc 1. Whoever says that shorter games means better quality obviously hasn't played Resident Evil 4.


4. Metroid Prime

The greatest comeback ever. If Metroid Prime 3 hadn't buggered up by introducing those stupid "find the Power Cell" missions I would've said that was the best game in the series - instead that honour remains with the first Prime. One shall stand, one shall fall!


5. Super Mario Sunshine

Yes yes yes, not as good as we'd hoped. But goddammit, it's still a damn fine and incredibly enjoyable game, packed with imagination. The GameCube was a fine example of Nintendo's desire to go somewhere new with its franchises. Fans just complained, so they went somewhere new with the hardware instead. You idiots.


6. Eternal Darkness

This game still terrifies me. I love the sanity effects, but I stay for the excellent and superbly-acted storyline. And you can't go wrong when the main bad guy is Skeletor. He's got the staff and everything!


7. Star Wars - Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II

The best arcadey Star Wars flyie game ever. The only time the series (or Factor 5) made a game that was just perfect. No matter how irritating.


8. Luigi's Mansion

Yes, short, barely more than a tech demo, but I love it so. When Bowser turned up... and the Boos... wow!


9. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Sorry F-Zero and Mario Kart, the last two slots are remakes. And although Sonic Adventure is the superior 3D Sonic game, the GameCube DX: Director's Cut was hashed up so badly the crown goes to the launch game. This game got me back into Sonic after about seven years of hedgehog-less gaming. And - whisper it - was the game that nudged me into buying the GameCube on launch day for.


10. Resident Evil

Three words: Crimson Head Zombies. If you don't bring these back in a proper Resident Evil game ever again Capcom I will very annoyed. They were genius. And ****ed me up BAD.

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Here's my list:




1:Zelda: TP


OK, so I havent played the GC version, but we're still talking about a great game. This is what Wind Waker should have been. This is what I'd been waiting for for eight long years.


2:Metroid Prime


I didn't play MP2, and sometimes it was unclear what you were supposed to do, but other then that, this is a brilliant game.


3:Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes


Finally we Nintendofans got an MGS game. And what a game it was. The classic first MGS game, with the modified MGS2 controll scheme, and updated graphics. Yeah, some of the cutscenes were a bit too similar to the Matrix, but TS was an overall improvement. The character models and the overall graphical style was fantastic. Sure, the surroundings could've used a bit more polish, but like I previously stated: this is amazing.


4:Resident Evil 4


This game was a bit of the Cube's last cry. OK, so Zelda:TP was the last cry for real. But this reignition in the RE series made quite an impact. Incredibly rare on the cube, the game was split into two discs to fit everything. RE4 was action from beginning till end, and unlocking everything took ages. The game looses lots of kudos in my eyes, since it got ported and IMPROVED for the PS2, and the fact that it was delayed so incredibly much. The game, along with 4 other games were supposed to make an upswing in sales for the GC. It resulted in this incredibly delayed game, that was too late to make much of a difference, and was later ported anyways, PN03 which didn't reach expectations by far, Dead Phoenix which was canned, Viewtiful Joe which actually did something before it got ported, and a lightgame for a console with no lightgun, which later was ported, Killer 7. All in all, great game, but buy the Wii version instead.


5:Hitman: Silent Assasin


Even though there's only a fairly short singleplayer campaign, this game has had me hooked. I haven't played a singleplayer map over this many times since Perfect Dark. Great graphics, great contolls, intelligent missions and tons of replay value. Too bad the sequels didn't make it for the format.


6:Timesplitters: Future Perfect


The game had good controlls, and everything was improved over TS2. I wish that the singleplayer mode had gotten a better polish and a longer lifespan, but otherwise an excellent game.


7:Super Smash Bros Melee


This is just amazing in multiplayer. Can you imagine 8 soldiers sitting in a barrack during lunch, taking turns on playing a multiplayer Gamecube game? To be walked in on by a Lieutenant, who only joins in to get his ass whupped? This is what happened to me when I brought my Cube. This is the game that no Sony fanboy can refuse to play. This is the game that isn't too kiddy even for a soldier. The singleplayer's a bit on the short side though.


8:Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2


This game brought visual fireworks that put the PS2 and even the Xbox to shame. This game portrayed the Star Wars universe in greater detail than any other game. Even the stormtroopers on the ground were more detailed than any random SW FPS before it. And it wasn't just the graphics. The ammount of secrets to unlock was ginormous, and the difficulty was much more ballanced than in the first N64 game.


9:Need for Speed: Underground


After the dire attempt to bring the old NFS to a new audience, EA felt inspired by The Fast and the Furious, and decided to make a game circling around customisable, affordable cars in urban, neon covered surroundings. The ammount of cars was pretty vast for a person who had used the N64 all of the previous generation, and everything just klicked. From the soundtrack, to the cars, to the brilliantly fun tracks.




1:Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2


OK, so it's a fun game, and the visuals are decent. But that's it. The singleplayer campaign is booring, so it's unlikely you'll finish it, since you don't have to to unlock all the cars. The damage models are of very varying levels, where the BMW can be fairly deformed, and drive around with it's doors a bit open, while the Ferrari F50 only can get a small dent on the spoiler, and finally the Lamborghini Murcielago can get dents in its taillights (!!!). Then we have the framerate issues. No other GC game that I know of gets rips in the middle of the screen.


2:Need for Speed: Carbon

There's a lot of NFS games on this list. It's a series with lots of up and downs. Here however it reaches the dire bottom. So the cop chases are back, and it's actually fun that they have a forrest to drive through, and some off road sections. So what? The game lacks replays, the tuning elements have been nearly completely removed, the boss fights just feel idiotic, and the game has got to have the officially worst graphics in any GC game. To fit the open world, and the unnecessary FMV onto the 1,5GB with minimal work, EA decided to skip the more detailed textures, and just let do with the low detailed ones, that are far away in the PS2 version. This means that the surroundings look like they belong on the N64. If they'd just swap to another fileformat, which other developers do, they'd fit far more detailed ones, and if they wouldn't do that, they could just have shrinked the resolution of the FMV. Then we have the slow-motion thing, which enables you to take corners tighter than a virgins c**t, removing all the challenge. The game in fact looks so bad, that no screens of the version were given to the magazines.


3: Doshin the Giant

A game that'll boor you after 5 minutes. It may have similarities to Black & White, but the fun bits have been removed, and the graphics are on N64-level. Because this game IS an N64 port.

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1. Resident Evil 4

2. Metroid Prime

3. Super Smash Bros Melee

4. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

5. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Limited Edition of course)

6. F-Zero GX

7. Timesplitters 2

8. Tales of Symphonia

9. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

10. Super Monkey Ball 2


*Subject to change; I still need to play Killer7, Chibi Robo and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

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1. Resident Evil 4

2. Zelda - Wind Waker

3. Mario Kart: Double Dash

4. Super Smash Bros - Melee

5. Resident Evil - REmake

6. Super Mario Sunshine

7. Viewtiful joe

8. Soul Calibur 2

9. Burnout 2

10.Eternal darkness

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10. Baten Katios -

I very much liked this game for some reason I cannot quite place. It has considerable faults, no question. Terrible voice acting with clichés all over the place. However I think it had a very good battle system, interesting story line, nice variation in characters and a fantastic visual style. I don't usually like RPGs all that much but I enjoyed this alot in the end.


9. Wario Ware inc -

Purely in here for the laughter it has caused on occasion and for the originality of it. I also think it is a game which time will not harm. At its worst, mildly entertaining and at its best, unrelentingly fun.


8. F Zero GX

Entertaining, rewarding and lots of depth. Very easy to learn but near impossible to master, a game which never gets old. Excellent graphics and a nice variety of ships and courses. Even had a good multi player, especially if two similarly skilled people were playing.


7. Super Monkey Ball

A very fun and accessible game. Easy enough in parts for a 3 year old and difficult enough to seriously challenge the most skilled gamer in others. The childish presentation sometimes irritates but it is still very fun and has an excellent multi player.


6. Hitman 2: Silent Assasin

A personal favourite of mine. As games go, it's story and presentation were very well done i thought. But the gameplay is where it is at. Every level is never quite the same each time you play it and figuring out the best way to kill someone has an unsettling charm about it. It has not aged greatly and the controls can be clunky, but one of the most replayable single player games I have played.


5. Super Smash Bros Melee

An outrageously fun fighting game and an encyclopedic-like presentation of Nintendo. Huge amounts of depth, decent graphics and sound and an fun yet unpredictable multi player make this game fantastic.


4- Metroid Prime

Fantastic visuals and audio for the time, good controls and explorative gameplay make this game great. But there are other things that make it truly magnificent. Original, fun weapons. Awesome enemy and boss design. Thoroughly imaginative, refined locations and a great sense of alienation that takes the game to a higher level. Yet still more than the sum of its parts. A true adventure game.


3. - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Quite possibly the most addictive gamecube game I have played, in single player at least. Original, rewarding, quirky and full of character. Very stylish with a great battle system and a storyline which is both interesting and humorous.


2.- Resident Evil 4

Phenomenally good. I could say more but do I really need to?


1. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Oooo controversial =P The game is certainly not without faults, the sailing sections aren't great and more dungeons would have been nice. But it had more highlights for me than any other game on the list. In parts, it far exceeds any other game I have played. A refreshing visual style helps the game along and it often feels truly unique. This is my favourite gamecube game.

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7. Star Wars - Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II

The best arcadey Star Wars flyie game ever. The only time the series (or Factor 5) made a game that was just perfect. No matter how irritating.


Irritating? It's not irritating, you've just gotta buy more time! :indeed:


That level in the co-op mode in the sequel was immense.

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1. Super Smash Bros. Melee


This is pretty self explanitory. It had the longest life span of any game on the entire system.


2. Metroid Prime


I reviewed it for Cube-Europe:



3. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


I was skeptical at first when this was changed to cel-shading, but it just enhanced all of the emotions and settings in the game. I thought it was a tad bit too easy, but everything else was superb.


4. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem


Great story and great gameplay. And the sanity effects where just astounding.


5. Skies of Arcadia Legends


I just happened to stumble upon this game while at EB and had no expectations whatsoever. The story and characters pulled me in and I loved it. Well, I loved it up to the point that my disc stopped working.


6. F-Zero GX


A damn good racer with break-neck speeds and awesome visuals.


7. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


I started playing this game at my friend's house last summer and let me say, its completely addicting and very clever.


8. Killer 7


This opinion is mainly based on the the story and style, because the gameplay was a bit lacking. All I have to say is that Suda is an amazing story teller.


9. Metal Arms: Glitch in the System


I thought this was a sleeper hit. Glitch had so many weapons and so many ways to kill the bad guys.


10. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour


I reviewed this too:


^I hyped it up way too much though, should be a high 8

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Irritating? It's not irritating, you've just gotta buy more time! :indeed:


That level in the co-op mode in the sequel was immense.


I broke that game's box chucking it at my wall in anger. Luckily the game wasn't in the box at the time. I think it was either Battle of Endor or Cloud City...

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Ooo ok....


10. Killer 7- This project sports one of the most unnerving and climactic storylines ive seen in a videogame. The archaic on-rails gameplay actually seems to work in the games favor


9. Fire Emblem- it was between this and Tales of Symphonia and i chose Fire Emblem for its replay value and less convulted story.


8. Skies of Arcadia I hesitated to put this here since its a Dreamcast port. But this port happens to be the best RPG on the GC so why not


7. Mario Sunshine I loathed MS for introducing the Piantas and for asserting that cleaning up mud is a fun activity. Once you get past those hurdles, its a damn fine platformer


6. Beach Spikers Hear me out! Before Wii Sports, this was casual gaming at its finest. I probably spent more hours on this in drunken multiplayer than any other game on the list


5. Eternal Darkness Nintendo's first and last attempt at publishing an adult-themed game. I was so proud of them. And no, Conker's Bad-Fur Day doesnt count.


4. Luigi's Mansion I wanted to rate this game higher, but the rest of the list is AAA material. Although too short, Luigi's Mansion is loaded with charm, genuinely fun gameplay and oddly some of the best graphics seen in the GC's lifespan


3. Wind Waker-take my comments about Luigi's Mansion and multiply it by 5 or so and you get Wind Waker.


2. Metroid Prime not everyones cup of tea, but anyone who played Super Metroid prior to MP realizes just how much of an amazing job Retro did bring Metroid into



1. Resident Evil 4 Yep a 3rd party game takes the top spot here. Its exactly what i want from a videogame. Cheesy story, heavy action, huge bosses and short skirts. It even has the obligatory ''jet ski and/or snowmobile'' sequence for good measure. It also goes toe to toe with Wind Waker as the best looking game of last generation.

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1: Tales Of Symphonia

Could there be any other game to be my number 1 Cube title. I don't think I need to explain this further, if you've listened to the N-E Podcast chances are you've heard me verbally masturbating over this game. Or just go to the ToS threads on this forum, won't take you long to find me. In short, great story, great characters, great gameplay, lots of playtime, great game.


2: Resident Evil 4


3: Metriod Prime


4: Super Smash Bros. Melee


5: Eternal Darkness


6: Killer 7


7: Redident Evil REmake


8: 1080: Avalanche


9: Beyond Good and Evil


10: Viewtiful Joe

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My Top 10 in descending order


10 - F-Zero GX


This was graphically one of the best looking racers to grace the GC, and also one of my favorite racing series. The only thing that let it down was how frustratingly hard it was, which in some ways improved the game quality and made it last longer.


9 - Super Mario Sunshine


The water-based Mario platformer reaches 9 in my list. It was a good game to play, and had some ingenious level and sprite locations. Some good moments i had included watering Petey Piranha and using the rocket nozzle.


8 - Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones


The third and final installment of the Sands of Time Trilogy, and personally the best of all three. Beautiful level designs and views, the stealth kill addition was brilliant and it added a challenge to acquiring level-ups easier from the sand gates.


7 - Soul Calibur II


This is the only one of the series i played, and it looked amazing. The addition of Link to the GC version was brilliant and he suited the game unlike Sony's and Microsoft's additional characters. Hours were spent on this game to get everything.


6 - The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition


The game disk that just about everyone wanted as it contained 4 of the finest Zelda games in existence minus A Link to the Past. A brilliant free-bee from Nintendo this was, and i could finally complete Majoras Mask 100% which i never did on the N64


5 - Metroid Prime


Just one word can describe this game, amazing. Never had i seen Metroid look so good in 3D and i was glad that Ninty and Retro canned Raven Blade otherwise this probably wouldn't have been as good as it was.


4 - The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker


The game that shook everyone into a frenzy of rage and turned out to be a brilliant game that had everything Zelda fans loved and more. Countless hours were spent sailing over the ocean visiting islanders, collecting maps and items.


3 - Super Smash Brothers Melee


The game that made me buy a GC in the first place, many hours were spent with me and my mates trying to find who was the best fighter. Had many laughs as well.


2 - Metal Gear Solid - The Twin Snakes


Who would have predicted seeing Snake on a Nintendo console in the game that started the franchise. Brilliant game, brilliant graphics and all over excellent. Still remember my console crashing every time i spent more than 30 minutes on the game, and getting frustrated all the time as well.


1 - The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess


My number one game, it was destined for the GC and i waited and waited then it came out and it was and is the best game for the GC, even though it was the last game as well. Like that song goes, save the best til last.

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1. Super Smash Bros Melee

Certainly one of the most awesome games. Simple to learn yet hard to master controls with lots of different but well balanced characters and for the less serious players the items could bring in some comic relief making it the perfect game to play when friends come over.


2. Metroid Prime

I actually went into the store to get Zelda Wind Waker but it wasn't available so I went home with a copy of MP instead. And man was I wowed. Not only were the visuals brilliant but also the control system was truly exceptional.


3. Resident Evil 4

So far I hated the RE series for the controls. I couldn't get into ReMake but still bought this on day one without any information and I don't regret it one bit. Capcom really pushed the GC to the edge with this one graphically. But also storyline and character development as well as level design, weapons and controls are all top-notch.


4. Zelda Wind Waker

A very cheerful adventure unlike most of what we've seen of Link so far but still exactly this makes it so very charming. I still remember the feeling I had when the boat decended to Hyrule. It was like coming home and I actually didn't want to leave but at the same time I was so enraged about Ganondorf destroying it that there was only one way this would end...


5. Killer 7

I feel like Suda51 tried to make the wierdest game ever and I think he succeeded. I couldn't even play the game for long because it drained my real life sanity meter too quickly yet I always came back to it because it's uniqueness and ultra-cool style and characters left me wanting for more.


6. Paper Mario TYD

A really fun RPG with lots of colourful places and characters. Only downside was the last boss which still asks for some beating. Yes I have to finish that game at one point.


7. Geist

One of the most overlooked games imo. Surely the shooter controls have some flaws but the whole concept is really fresh and a lot of fun, although the ghost part plays more like a 3D point and click, instead of try out everything, this linearity only adds to the fun. The cool storyline does the rest.


8. Star Wars Rogue Leader

Arcadely flying and and the attack on the Death Star that looked so real at that time gave me a fond memory of GC launch day.


9. SpyHunter

Yes that's not a typo. I truly love this game. It has virtually no storyline and a more arcade-like driving is hardly possible but it is so much fun. A car that can transform. Check. Things to blow up. Check. All your favorite James Bond like car gadgets. Check. A Peter Gunn Theme by Saliva. Check. Pure and simple fun, the only thing missing were the women :D


10. Batallion Wars

A complex combat system hidden under a simple looking surface and cute graphics. Still the game felt very awesome.

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