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So hunters finally got a dps increase today/yesterday, I'm glad, I've not touched my hunter since the new patch and I don't think I will til cata now, it's just all over the place.


Luckily my druid is very close to 80 so I'll keep levelling her for a while.


Oh nice. I only play as hunter and try to do the best i can. I am not happy with the so called 'changes'. Just seems like blizzard did so to have another bullet point. Also alot of people did not choose hunters so they could manage focus. Now hunters are now too similar to the other dps classes.


Right now we still need more buffs according to expert hunters as none of our shots hit hard. They all seem the same. Killshot hits too similar to aimed, arcane and chimera... as an example. The bigger issue is beta players complaining its not fun to play hunter anymore. If thats the case then just revert all the stupid hunter changes.


If you make a minor mistake with mana you would at worst just lose some mana and slight dps. With focus you need to also retime yourself so you are at the right level of regen. Its bullshit layers upon layers.

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