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Fragile Dreams

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This and HotD are my top awaited games right now. The originality of the design and execution really seem like it's going to have a distinct feel that everyone will remember for a long time. Kind of like how Beyond Good and Evil did.

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Random impressions:


Brian: so the demo was really short and sweet


sp0rsk:how short


Brian: it took place in the "Hotel Where Time Has Stopped" ruins

about 5-10 mins

closer to 5, because i was quick to pick it up


sp0rsk: wow damn that is short


Brian: the demo starts you outside the building. you guide the main character inside, explore for a bit, then face a boss


the game looks really nice, but because a lot of the "wow" depends on the lighting, the indoor locales obviously look a lot better than the outdoor ones, IMO


the camera is handled kind of like metroid prime 3


you have a light source which works as a reticle. you point that at things. unfortunately, though, the only way to turn around is to pan to the edge of the screen which was a bit clunky


sp0rsk: how was the music


could you hear it


Brian: couldn't hear the music


sp0rsk: damn


Brian: but the voice work was great (there wasn't a lot, very immersive so not much text)


i got the impression that there are a lot of ambient SFX going on


sp0rsk: not a lot of text, thats good.


Brian: the mission for the demo revolves around finding out where a mysterious voice is coming from


so i was like "but i don't hear a voice!" and the attendant was like, "yeah, it's too noisy in here"


they talk about sound design a lot on the blog, though, so i get the feeling it's a big factor


generally the visual design stuff was all handled very well, so i expect the same from the sound


what wasn't handled so well was the combat


which was terrible


sp0rsk: really? so how did you find it?


Brian: A button attacks and you basically mash it that was the only move


sp0rsk: ah


Brian: and it doesn't lock onto enemies, so you whiff 80% of the time


sp0rsk: ew, but was there a lot of combat? is it pretty combat heavy?


Brian: not much in the demo


sp0rsk: like around how many?


Brian: an encounter in one of the whole rooms and the boss for me, but there might be more to explore


sp0rsk: did it feel frustrating?


Brian: once i got the hang of it, it was easier but i won't excuse it. the controls need a lot of work


sp0rsk: I see


Brian: there should be a butotn to turn around, too


sp0rsk: did you tell the attendant that


Brian: i asked her if there was a way to do a 180 and she said no, and i gave her a little sniffle


Brian: the exploration parts are fun


sp0rsk: what were they likke


Brian: the whole level is exploration, basically. you can collect items by holding down a button (i think it was B ) to zoom in the reticle on these shiny areas


Brian: sometimes the item will be a mystery item, and the only way to find out what it is is to take it back to these points along the map where you can also equip things, look at the automap, etc


sp0rsk: so is the freelook controlled by the wiimote


Brian: yeah. nunchuk is move, remote is move the flashlight


Brian: the attendant was saying that there are more items which increase your arsenal, and also "memories" which factor into the real gameplay but not the demo


I was intrigued and wished they'd worked that stuff in somehow


because the demo was essentially this awesome wide open level which they ferry you through without letting you do anything cool


sp0rsk: what are these memories


Brian: not sure


considering what the game is about, they're probably just snippets left behind all the humans who are now gone?


maybe it has to do with that contest they held. i have no idea


Hope they sort it out before launch, other than that, looks sweet

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Wow, there are three screenshots of the girl! Where does that fit into the Legend of Zelda timeline?

Can't wait to try this game out, though.

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That purpled hair person is a dude.

Don't worry, I've seen anime too. I was referring to the white haired character with the dark blue dress.

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Your avatar seems so appropriate right now.


LOL It really seems like a loli serial rapist.

The japanese can't make an anime styled RPG without lolis in it. But hey! I surely am not complaining.

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what the hell is that stick he's trying to hit the ghosts with?


a snooker cue?

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new screenshots are out.




Her dress thing looks waaaaaaayy too revealing!

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This is shaping up good.

God damn, giant dogs!


Her dress thing looks waaaaaaayy too revealing!


Shush! It's good as is! Let it be.

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Urgh, i hate hot lolis...


Why don't they make it a HOT WOMAN? WHY A FREAKING LOLI?


But, aside from that, the clothes look very appealing :D

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Old infomation?


Fragile is set in a post-apocalyptic near future world that has lost its light and is covered in a dense fog. Almost all the world's population has vanished, and the cities have been left abandoned.


The game places the player in the shoes of Seto, a young boy.

Seto wanders the world, searching for survivors and the answers behind the disappearance of everyone else. Seto also searches for a mysterious girl named "Heroine". In his quest he must deal with ghosts and demons that lurk within the ruins of the abandoned cities.


Despite this, the producer of the game insists that Fragile is not a survival horror in the same vein as Silent Hill, rather it will focus on "human drama".


The world of Fragile will be filled with objects, sketches and short stories for the player to examine. Each artifact holds the memories of its former owner, and offers back story and hints to the player. A competition will be held where readers of gaming magazines can send in their own sketches and short stories to be included in the game.




Seto: In this ruined and dying planet, a boy, Seto, travels alone in the stillness. He is searching survivors like himself somewhere in the crumbling world.


Ren: A lonely girl sitting on a lurching steel frame, singing beneath the moonlight. Walking in the ruins, playfully drawing large graffiti, looking for treasure, meeting with cats, she is a lonely, young girl.


Sai: The bodiless consciousness of a young girl wandering the ruins.


Crow: An amnesiac boy. However, he refuses to despair, remaining cheerful, mischievous and straightforward. In order to find his birthplace, relying only on a single photo, he continues traveling.


Personal Frame: From his back, the gentle voice of the Personal Frame guides Seto. Having been alone for a long time, waiting for someone to come, it was happy when Seto replied.


Cho: The bodiless consciousness of a small girl.


Item Merchant: A mysterious man who trades for various goods. Always merry, he appears before Seto. He collects lots of sparkling things.




The Wii Remote is used as an aid in exploration. Seto has access to a flashlight, controlled by the Wii Remote, to illuminate his surroundings as well to solve puzzles and interact with the environment. The flashlight is also used to uncover hidden enemies and can act as a weapon against them. Seto also has access to a metal detector that the player can use to find various items hidden on the ground, as well as a microphone that picks up sounds through the mini speaker. Hidden enemies can be detected this way by picking up their sounds.


Some of the objects the player finds can be used as weapons.

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