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In spite of being at work for 11 hours and them not sending us the box full of stuff we need for today I'm okay. Got Rayman and Mario to look forward to later tonight, and Pushing Daisies and Nip/Tuck.


Oh and got an email from finance office lady and the insurance company is finally going to send out a cheque. £350 cashback!


(now if everyone else wants to pay me back...)

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Pretty good day.

One lesson in the morning, PE, which I found out I got 78% in my progress test- a B. I wouldve got an A if i hadnt missed a question out by mistake!

After that I went to my friends house, because we had to get a CD player and the cakes we made last night for a party we were having at lunch. After the lunchtime partay, we walked to the local theatre to get tickets for a play we wanted to see in a couple of weeks time. It was further than we thought, and we were carrying a stereo and tins of cakes. We then had to walk for like an hour back to her house. We were pretty tired! but we bought this weeks NME with the free Bloc Party CD which rocks :D

Now: stupid homework :(

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Im invited to a party with the theme of Moulin Rouge. Get in :D




if it had been chicago - would have been more jealous!


i slept in

watched charmed

had a shower

watched more charmed

tidued my room while watching charmed

had food

wathced charmed

talked to my flat mates

played solitaire on my ipod

came to the library :D

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