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I'm not very happy atm...


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Hey I don't tend to post in the General board, but I stumbled across this and thought I'd put across my 2 pence.


Having been in a similar situation at college with a girl I was friends with and not doing anything about it. In my experience of life, you always regret the things you didnt do, not the things you did.


Talk to her about the way you feel, it's the only way for you to find out if the feelings are returned. Tell her that even if they're not returned that you still want to be friends.


Best case scenario:

She likes you in that way too and you end up going out with each other.


Worst case:

She doesn't feel the same way, and doesn't want to be your friend anymore. Ok that sounds bad, but you'll be able to live the rest of your life not wondering what if.


TBH if she doens't feel the same way, I would try and distance yourself from her regardless of if she still wants to be friends. At least for a little while, otherwise you would end up in a bad place of seeing her with other people. Which wont be good for you and wont be good for her.


If you dont tell her how you feel I would still do this if I was you, at least until you can except that nothing will ever happen and you can get over her.


Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

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I agree with all the agreeing of Dante being awesome.


Actually I just want to know what provoked JonSt's post. (Not that Dante isn't awesome.


Before you love bunnies get your pyjamas in a twist, I've known Dante a lot longer than most of you, the comment comes from the old IRC days.

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My life so far has been kind of disaster to me and I have told a few people on here about my life problems.


Also someone on here said I was literally the friendliest person they had known. :)


it's like the guys said before you are awesome.:)


One of the best memebrs in all ways.. You are nice and know post a LOT about games and stuff. Don't be afriad to talk to me on msn:)

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