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Football Season 2007/2008


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I just wish the chant was we have the best central midfield in the world, cos even though I still dont think it is true, it wouldnt be as laughable as the other one

'We have amongst the best central midfield options in the world' doesn't have quite the same ring to it though, does it? And you have to admit it's a fucking boss song, check

out. :D


And without wishing to get into another rant about Ing-ger-lund, let me just say I'll be fucking livid if Stevie plays under an injection on saturday :mad:

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Let's try and salvage something from this thread. What do you think would be the best 11 of players from outside the top 4? I'd probably go for something like




Richards Lescott Woodgate Bale


Bentley Arteta Cahill BARRY


Berbatov Anelka


Barry for me instead of barton.

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Your Looking for something that isn't their Max...




Fernando Torres insists he will be fit for international duty this weekend despite a knock sustained in training.

The 23-year-old pulled out of Spain's afternoon session yesterday after a brush with David Albelda but doctors have confirmed it was nothing serious.


Torres says he will be fit for the Euro qualifiers against Iceland and Latvia: "I received a knock [to the knee] from Albelda and at first I did not really give it a second thought.


"I began to notice it more in the afternoon. The doctor told me that it might feel a bit painful but it was nothing serious."


Liverpool's record signing has 41 caps and 14 goals to his name.

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