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Football Season 2007/2008


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Same here man, hopefully there's a good stream about....


btw I got tickets to see Arsenal vs Sparta Prague on the 29th!! Very happy. Will be the 2nd time I have gone to the Emirates!


Might try and get Portsmouth tickets if there are any on sale to red members...I take it you are a silver member??


Nope red. Went on sale today. :)

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ooooooooooooooooops I accidently just dropped a free live football streaming service into this thread.




*Realises it is too late to correct the said accident



Grrr. One of the programs on that site just came up as trojan. PPstream I think it was called. Luckily I installed it on my old pc, that I don't use too often.

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Why do I hear a tennis game yet see the soccer game?


I don't know soz, I got the link of someone else.


It was the best I could do without having to download somthing that could be a virus


Still great game, come on reading 1-0 up!

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immy do you think u cud get a link for the man united game mate?


I don't think so, the guy on gaf originally wanted to watch the man utd game but couldn't so is watching the reading one.


I'v sent him a pm though just in case his worked it out

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