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Football Season 2007/2008


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Terry is the best (in the premiership), imo.

Ferdinand is good to, but I can't stand vidic! I think hes useless.

Carragher is a good player but Terry and Ferdinand are much better, imo :D


Who the hell is dawson?


oh yeah, carragher! Great defender, unbeatable resolve and spirit. Hes one of them who you want when the going gets tough.

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Gutted about Rooney. Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery. Massive blow for England and I was looking forward to seeing him back in action at wembley next wednesday against Germany.


Carragher was all set to be in the England Squad v France in '04 some Paper churns up the idea that Ledley King should start and look what happens?


And I don't hate England for being in London or hate it for Wembley being don't be so ignorant...



King deserved his spot if you ask me. Was playing extremely well back then and was picked for that reason. Shame he keeps getting bloody injured as he is a great asset to England.


It is a shame Carragher didn't get more of a chance but I do think he has only come good the past few seasons and players were picked ahead of him rightly so.


But if I were to pick the defence for England TODAY I would still have Rio and Terry in there no doubt. But Carragher would easily be the next in line ahead of the rest.


And Wembley is not in London it's in Middlesex.

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lol No suprise at Ants list not containing any United players.


Why the fuck is the United V Portsmouth game not on the TV? Before you all start hissy fitting and saying Sky isnt just about United, let me finish. Over the years that fixture has been brilliant and Pompey have caused some upsets, I would sooner that was televised then the Reading game that was on the opening day tbh. Instead we have Boro V Wigan :(


Go the game.....


*Ducks for Cover*





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"Go the game"


how does that sentence make any sense in context to what I said before it? If you meant to say "Go to the game", like I partly thought - I actually had the opportunity too, but I would be sitting in TY End with Pompey fans and I could not put up with that. Bein a One United member and gettin tickets for away games with the away fans is virtually impossible.


I shouldn't imagine there would be any trouble if you sat with the Pompey fans, afterall alot Manchester United's supporters come from outside Manchester and for them to see a Man Utd fan with them should cause no alarm...

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Arsenal vs Pompey tickets go Red tomorrow (Yay!). I think most of this months wages has or will go towards Arsenal tickets.


Most of mine have gone on England tickets.


Germany, Israel, Russia and Estonia all at £50 a pop and buying 3-4 at a time :blank:

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Its not about trouble, its about me not being able to stand it. Hearing pompey chants, not being able to show my support to united, not being able to wear my united top and having agressive lookin chavs all around me. Fratton Park is rougher then ya think, Ive seen first hand.

I understand what you're saying. If I was sat near that dickhead with the bell it would do my fucking head in! :mad:

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Top signature there by the way Anthony. Not sure what Stevie is doing though?


Cheers I have a matching avatar but it isn't uploading...


Anyway Stevie G is....Kissing his European Cup Winning Medal You Know the One we have won 5 times...


By the way what do you think of this...


Got it today


Euoprean Cup 1984 Winning Shirt



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