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Say hello to my little friend!


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His name is Thomas, Tommy or Tom.


He's 6 weeks old and the best little thing that i've ever seen!


It feels so much better having a cat in the house again after my old one died early this year :sad:


Here he is :smile:








he is the reason i aint been osting much the past few days!

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Him' date=' [i']Him![/i]


He ran up my leg when i was making a cup of tea today, i love cute little things like that :D


People get the gender og my cats mixed up...I find that there are obvious differences (without looking underneath).

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Yeah, could you not assume I was wondering why? Never mind.


Cute cat anyway, alot of pet love going on at the moment.


Basically they wanted show cats. But things got in the way, so we only attended 4 shows (3 quite sucessful...1 disqualified cos she doesn't like getting handled by strangers).

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