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The Soundtrack to your life!

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You may or may not have come accross something like this before... But it's still fun, Ill put a list of events that might happe in your life, and you just write what song followed by the band/composer/singer whatever:hehe: that would suit that situation: peace:


Opening - Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks

Average Day - Razorblade - The Strokes

First Date - Drops on Jupiter - Train

Falling in Love - Always with me, Always with you - Joe Satriani

Love scene - Dreamin of you - The Coral

Fight scene - Club Foot - Kasabian

Breaking up - This Time - Starsailor

Mental Breakdown - The River is Wild - The Killers

Deep Thought - Home - Michael Buble

Walking in the Rain - Hold on Hope - Guided by Voices

Death of a Friend - How to save a life - The Fray

Regreting - Dakota - Stereophonics

Death scene - The most Beautiful things - Jimmy Eat World

Ending Credits - Dreams - Van Halen

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Always with me, Always with you seems to have a major impact on most people who hear it, I don't think any song has changed my tastes in music so drastically.

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Tis a great song:D when have you heard it? I got into Satchy sometime last year and thats gotta be one of my favourite songs by him:wink: its strange, there's no lyircs but the guitar sometimes seems like it can sing: peace: which i think makes him much better than any band, because he's being more creative with a guitar... Steve Vais another great guitarist, but I hvent heard many of his songs... He lost to the Karate Kid in a Guitar Duel:laughing: not really it was all in a movie, crossroads. watch it theyre playing Eugene's Trick Bag:heh:

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Decent thread! I would love to give this loads and loads of thought, but I think I'll gloss over my itunes list for answers...


Opening - Diamond - Klint (or "The Raising Fighting Spirit by Toshiro Masuda ;))

Average Day - Come Together - Beatles

First Date - King Of The Rodeo - Kings of Leon

Falling in Love - For Me This Is Heaven - Jimmy Eat World

Love scene - That Great Love Sound - The Raveonettes

Fight scene - January 1979 - mewithoutYou

Breaking up - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New

Mental Breakdown - Untitled - Brand New (listen and see what I mean!)

Deep Thought - Dub Side of the Moon - Easy Star All Stars

Walking in the Rain - Poetic Tragedy - The Used

Death of a Friend - Road Trippin' - Chili Peppers

Regreting - Drive - Incubus

Death scene - Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

Ending Credits - The Passenger - Iggy Pop


.. You could add anything to that list, like music for when you're washing up, or waking up, or walking to school, or getting drunk, or feeling hyper. Anything.


My list, in general, can be replaced by the entire works of mewithoutYou and Brand New. My 'fight scene' one isn't really accurate - but teh song really gets my adrenaline going :)

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I used to be a big fan of Jimmy eat World, but some of their songs are really depressing:laughing: I didnt like that Clarity Album, except for Blister and Lucky Denver Mint, they were great. I hope their new album is good though... Yeah theyre bringing a new one out sometime this year apparentley: peace:

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To be honest I've slowly drifted away from the more guitar-centric stuff over the last couple of years, though there was a time when I couldn't go five minutes without listening to Passion and Warfare. If G3 do another tour don't pass up the opportunity to see Satch and Vai live, I caught them a couple of years ago when they toured with Robert Fripp and it was incredible.

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Soundtrack to my Live would have to be the Colplay X&Y Album, Swalloed by The Sea could quite possibly be the greatest song of all time in my eyes

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Opening - The House Of The Rising Sun - The Animals

Average Day - The Sky Is A Landfill - Jeff Buckley

First Date - First Date - blink-182

Falling in Love - More Than A Feeling - Boston

Love scene - February Stars - Foo Fighters

Fight scene - Decontrol - Drist

Breaking up - Forget Her - Jeff Buckley

Mental Breakdown - Madhouse - Anthrax

Deep Thought - Still - Foo Fighters

Walking in the Rain - Lover You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley

Death of a Friend - Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley

Regretting - Drive - Incubus

Death scene - Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

Ending Credits - (Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

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Opening - I Turn My Camera On - Spoon

Uptempto (as all openings should be) and sounds happy, but the lyrics have underlying darkness.

Average Day - Louis XIV - Louis XIV

"Me me me me is all I ever want to talk about"

First Date - I Hear The Bells - Mike Doughty

Its uplifiting and optimistic. (And the lines "You're business dress, so business like and I'm tossing the blouse over chair back" is always a winner on the first date)

Falling in Love - Fidelity - Regina Spektor

The lyrics are about not being able to trust people you love. I don't fall in love "properly"

Love scene - Breathe Me - Sia

Beautifully sung and the lyrics again "Be my friend. Hold me, wrap me up. UNFOLD me. I am small, and needy. Warm me up. And breathe me"

Fight scene - Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim

Bumped with adrenaline

Breaking up - Sway - Perishers

"I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to make you sway, like I know I've done before, I will not do it any more"

Mental Breakdown - Cementary Park - Air

Something very unsettling about that song.

Deep Thought - Samba E Amor

Or anything off her album. Perfect relaxing music.

Walking in the Rain - It's Not Over Yet - Klaxons

Upbeat and fun to sing to

Death of a Friend - Fair - Annuals

All about life being unfair

Regreting - Lets Make This Moment A Crime - The Format

Had to include the Format somewhere

Death scene - See My Friends - Gravenhurst

Slow, emotional and saddening

Ending Credits - Time Flies Tomorrow - Paul Westerberg

Just sad and soft. My life story will be moody and angsty.

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1. Just You Wait

My parents decide to have a kid, but because of an accident that wrecked my dad's piss tube as a kid he is stuck assuring my mom he can create life.

2. Gizmo Escapes

I am born. It is bloody.

3. Leaky Faucet

They have to sew my mom back up after I break her cake.

4. Cute

Everyone loves the baby me.

5. Pot Luck

Asterix and me went to check Getafix's hut for some Magic Potion to stop the other kids bullying me. I accidentally fall into the pot and after drinking the contents the potion has a permanent effect on me. My dad beats Getafix to death with the pot.

6. Visitors

Alien phase thanks to the X-Files.

7. Teenage Mutant Gremlins

I have grown up into a nostalgic mess stuck in the past. It is sad for all, especially me.

8. Keep It Quiet

I retreat to the sewers to live out my life in secret.

9. No Rats

I am living in the sewers and contrary to the song's title... there are indeed rats.

10. Gremlin Pudding

What else would one eat in the sewer?

11. New Trends

I emerge only at night garbed in whatever I can salvage from people's refuse, accidentally creating a new trend which causes me great despair as people are now copying my unique, forced style.

12. Gremlin Credits

I die - cold, alone and smelly.




Yeah, I just kinda used the Gremlins 2 soundtrack. Great thread idea.

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After a little thought:


Opening – In My Heart - Moby

Happy, bumbling baby with promise.

Average Day – Albuquerque – Weird’ Al Yankovic

Happy, bumbling college student. No promise.

First Date – Things I’ll never say – Avril Lavigne

Gushing at each other in Pizza Hut.

Falling in Love – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship

Motorcycling out of Pizza Hut. On a Harley. With a side-car.

Love scene – La Femme d’Argent - Air

"Sensual" teen sex that goes on for an unrealistically long time before climax.

Fight scene – Guerrilla Radio – Rage Against The Machine

Baseball bats and strobe lighting involved.

Breaking up – Missing The War – Ben Folds Five

Violent shoe-throwing in bullet time.

Mental Breakdown – Naked – Benjamin Zephaniah

Later found naked attacking the mannequins in Debenhams.

Deep Thought – Close Your Eyes – Chemical Brothers/Magic Numbers

State-sponsored rehab.

Walking in the Rain – In My Place - Coldplay

They needed the extra bed.

Death of a Friend – [untitled – Track 3 from the album ( )] – Sigur Ros

Long, irritating conversation about our love of baseball.

Regretting- Father and Son – Cat Stevens

Settle into bed, only to have long, irritating memories about games of baseball.

Death scene – Do You Realise?? – The Flaming Lips

Finally utterly fed up of baseball, I simply allow myself to starve to death.

Ending Credits – Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Credit sequence bullet pointed by little baseballs.

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Decided to put my media player on random to see what I get for each thing...


Opening - Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen

Average Day - The Strokes - You Only Live Once

First Date - The Beatles - Help!

Falling in Love - Sixpence None The Richer - Don't Dream It's Over

Love scene - Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair

Fight scene - Alisha's Attic - Army Of Fools

Breaking up - Weezer - Beverly Hills

Mental Breakdown - Blur - On Your Own

Deep Thought - David Bowie & Queen - Under Pressure

Walking in the Rain - The Zutons - Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?

Death of a Friend - Alisha's Attic - Going Down

Regreting - The Hives - Outsmarted

Death scene - Coldplay - Amsterdam

Ending Credits - The Knack - My Sherona


A few fitting ones there, the one I got for 'first date' made me laugh.

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Decided to put my media player on random to see what I get for each thing...


First Date - The Beatles - Help!





lol indeed :yay:

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: peace: Thanks to all whove taken part so far. Quite a variety of songs:laughing: lol Btw Shimmin, Coldplay arent all that great. Good not Greet.. Theyre no Joe Satriani:laughing:

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Opening - 2112 - Rush

Average Day - Strolling Down the Highway - Bert Jansch

First Date - Ain't Comin Home - Silvertide

Falling in Love - Enjoy the Silence - Depece Mode

Love scene - Pictures of You - The Cure

Fight scene - Oppression - Ben Harper

Breaking up - Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

Mental Breakdown - Eighteen - ¡Forward, Russia!

Deep Thought - Evergreen - Hyde

Walking in the Rain - Dark Blue - Jacks Mannequin

Death of a Friend - Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan

Regretting - Five Stop Mother Superior Rain - The Flaming Lips

Death scene - Tonight, Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins

Ending Credits - Welcome Home - Coheend & Cambria

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I love these types of threads. :)


Opening - Hello Sunshine - Super Furry Animals

Average Day - Talk Talk Talk - The Ordinary Boys

First Date - Destiny Calling - James

Falling in Love - Oh Yeah - Ash

Love scene - Everlong - Foo Fighters

Fight scene - Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine

Breaking up - Hand On Your Heart- Jose Gonzales/ Better Man - Robbie Williams

Mental Breakdown - Sunday Morning Call - Oasis

Deep Thought - Turn Into - YeahYeahYeahs

Walking in the Rain - Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead/ So Why So Sad - Manic Street Preachers

Death of a Friend - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths

Regreting - Dakota - Stereophonics

Death scene - Yesterday Went Too Soon - Feeder

Ending Credits - So Here We Are - Bloc Party

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haha we put the same song in for Regrets guy above me:yay:


They played the song at the sixth form leaver's ball a few years back. I was never a fan of the song before, but at that moment I had a new found love for it. It just seemed to make sense, if you get me.

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Decided to use only Moby songs. Cause he has so many great ones and they fit for a lot of different moods and all that stuff. =D


Opening - Go

Average Day - Honey

First Date - Flower

Falling in Love - Move (you make me feel so good)

Love scene - Everloving

Fight scene - That's when I reach for my revolver

Breaking up - Porcelain and One of these mornings

Mental Breakdown - When it's cold I'd like to die

Deep Thought - Natural blues

Walking in the Rain - Guitar flute & string

Death of a Friend - Why does my heart feel so bad?

Regretting - Down slow

Death scene - I'm not worried at all

Ending Credits - In my heart


I found that for some parts (like breaking up) I could put down a lot of songs, but I just picked one. Except for the breaking up thing. There's just so many of his songs that could go there. Anyway, I enjoyed doing this, cause it made me listen to a ton of Moby's songs again; dug out the albums I have and stuff. =D

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Opening -Enino Morricone - For A Few Dollars More

The perfect music to play while the opening titles play.


Average Day - Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up

I picked this because its the music for my alarm clock and its a top song.


First Date - Blondie - Call Me

Erm why not?


Falling in Love - Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

Sums it up pretty well.


Love scene - Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

Because its a dirty song, dirty in the good way.


Fight scene - The Dropkick Murphys - Shipping Out To Boston

Its a high tempo song, works really well in The Departed.


Breaking up - Nine Inch Nails - Closer To God]

The energy in this song just screams break up to me, whilst the lyrics might not.


Mental Breakdown - Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Because any metal breakdown I suffer is bound to be drugs related.


Deep Thought - Royksopp - Epple

Wasn't to sure on this one, but I can see it fitting.


Walking in the Rain - Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn

Just because I wanted some Aphex Twin really.


Death of a Friend - Bob Dylan - All Along The Watchtower

I can picture it being played at a funeral.


Regreting - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead - Mistakes

And Regrets

Title says it all really.


Death scene - Johnny Cash - Hurt

Because its an awsomley eiree song that was born for a death scene.


Ending Credits - Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

Because its one of my favourite songs.

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Most of the time, these things are meant to be comedic thingies, and the way you do it is by putting iTunes/WMP etc in to random mode, and whatever song plays, have as the title. Some good stuff comes up that way - sometimes it doesn't make sense though!


Still, this is a good thread.

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Opening -Tears For Fears: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Because at the end of the day, isn't that what everyone wants to do?


Average Day - Oasis: Wonderwall

Because on aan average day, "Today is Gonna Be The Day"


First Date - John Legend: Save Room

Class, Song from a class artist the lyrics suit it perfectly


Falling in Love - She Drives me Crazy: Can't Remember the Singer!

Sums it up pretty well.


Love scene - Daniel Bedingfield: If You're Not The One

Really Weird Song


Fight scene - Robert Tepper: No Easy Way Out

Well Is Their?


Breaking up - Nickleback: Someday

It is a song, that fights back from something Its a very inspirational song


Mental Breakdown -Nickleback: Savin Me

I always listen to it when things are hitting me hard


Deep Thought - The Opening Music to the Original MGS: Opera Singer

Its a really good thought provoking song


Walking in the Rain -The Waterboys: The Whole of the Moon

I sing that on the way to school alot


Death of a Friend - Nickleback: Photograph

I haven't been in the position fortunatly but If that would happen I would think of that song


Regreting - James Blunt: Wise Man

The way the sounds transfer to the listener is ace


Death scene -Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday-Forgot Artist

It's a Smooth Jazz song with a piano interlude, very slow and sung from the heart


Ending: Coldplay: Swalloed By The Sea

Incredibly Powerful song, very little powerful instruments just great lyrics

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Opening - Don't stop me now - Queen


Average Day - Oasis - Wonderwall (It Is Fitting)


First Date - Jump In My Car - David Hasslehoff


Falling in Love - The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra


Love scene - Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye


Fight scene - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - TV Theme.


Breaking up - Cauterize - Choke / It Wasn't Me - Shaggy


Mental Breakdown - Man, I Feel Like a Woman - Shania Twain


Death of a Friend - I Don't Want To Put Myself In That Mind Frame. I'm suprised so many could think of a song.


Deep Thought - Something To Talk About - Badly Drawn Boy


Death scene - Eastenders Theme.


Ending - Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds


I Don't Really Like Music.

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Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'Un Autre Été: L'après Midi


Electrelane - Birds


Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Jeane, If You're Ever In Portland


Les Georges Leningrad - Black Eskimo


Wolf Eyes - Stabbed In The Face


Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot


William Elliot Whitmore & Jenny Hoyston - First Of A Thousand Beasts


Joanna Newsom - En Gallop


Boredems - Circle


Good Shoes - Photo's On My Wall


The Magnetic Fields - Chicken With It's Head Cut Off/ I Don't Wanna Get Over You/ All My Little Words/ Reno Dakota... Damn it, let's just shove the whole of "69 Love Songs" in there.


Lightning Bolt - 2 Towers


Life Without Buildings - New Town


My Bloody Valentine - Soon


Wire - The 15th


The Knife - Heartbeats


Life Without Buildings - Daylighting


Some kind of combination of the above. Somehow.

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