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Gremlins - Channel 4 @ 4:05pm TODAY (Saturday)


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Reading that post shouldn't have hurt so much...


And no, Gremlins is genuinely my favourite movie. It has everything you could want - cute creatures, nasty creatures - all of whom are puppets, naive youth, a hot bar maid, old angry women dying in a chair lift accident, inventors, a cool-talking black highschool professor, a bizarre concept, Corey Feldman dressed as a Christmas Tree, a cool leader Gremlin with a mohawk, -that- kitchen scene half-responsible for the PG-13 rating in America... GIZMO! I said GIZMO!


I could go on.



PG - 13 wha?! I thought they would of given it R, it's rated 15 here, i'm surprised it was shown in the day, was probably heavily cut.


But the film is legendary, and I'm annoyed that I was working while this was on :weep:

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CGI Gremlins? Maybe it won't be that bad, if they could make it look non-CGI. That's the thing with CGI, it's used because it's easier and cheaper(I imagine), but it can ruin films slightly because it isn't at the point yet where it is realistic enough to be unnoticed as CGI, if that makes sense. They used it in the spiderman films, and possibly the only thing I have issue with in them, you can see the bits with it and they look a bit unrealistic cos of the way he's moving, it's just not quite natural looking.

What time is Gremlins 2 on tomorrow? I'm probably gonna miss it cos I'm at work in the afternoon, but I might be able to slack off and watch TV while I'm there :D

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