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No More Heroes


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you can't deny the fact that developers are planting the soil on this new platform with unoriginal and entirely boring game concepts."


The Wii is an entirely new device and requires a completely new approach to game design," says Suda. "You can't take your past experiences into a Wii game and pray they work just as well as before."

It's so refreshing to hear a developer talk like this; a developer that actually realises the Wii's potential!
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Guest Jordan

The whole point of Killer 7 was the storyline, there wasn't much gameplay to be had.


Seems the opposite this time.

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i dont get it.. why do they ban manhunt i isn't that violent i played the first one and i have to see mortal kombat is more violent than manhunt haha with al those fatality's ripping apart surroundings and why did't they ban that game? so i think they won't Ban this game ( at least i hope ) becouse this is one game i surely buy

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